Flying Saucers and Other Sky Phenomena

By Ramon Natalli, and received clairaudiently by Mark Probert *

Ramon Natalli, or Ramond Natalli, as painted by Mark Probert.

Portrait of Ramon Natalli,
as painted by Mark Probert.

(Editor's Note: Ramon Natalli was an astronomer of the 16th century. He has long been a prominent member of the "Inner Circle" of Controls of Mark Probert, the well-known deep-trance medium. During more than six years past we have found them to be honorable and highly informed personages. Obscurities of expression are largely due to the fact that the medium, Mark Probert, is without scientific training and lacks an adequate technical vocabulary - a fact which naturally impedes good clairaudient reception in subject matter of this type. ML.)

In all the numerous investigations of the sky phenomena now taking place in your world, no one except yourselves has mentioned the possibility that these occurrences originate in other dimensions of space-time, out of which they manifest or 'materialize'.

I realize that it is useless to expect the average layman to understand our discussion of this subject - or, for that matter, the average educated mind which has been trained in the traditional patterns of academic instruction. Yet so far, and in your own country at least, the worst which society can do to you, if you dare to think independently, is to label you a crack-pot or a Godless person. Make use, therefore, of such freedom as you have. Uphold the truth and spread it abroad among mankind.

LIGHT: As you doubtless know, light is subject to the pressure of gravity. But what is light but the atoms of chemical substances whose rate of motion has been raised to higher levels of kinetic energy escape? And how does such an escape take place if it is not because the gravitational pressure on the atom has been reduced? This reduction can be brought about by varying degrees of heat, which cause the electronic field of the atom to expand. It expands according to the degree of heat absorbed by the nucleus. The nuclear body consists of a proton and a neutron. These are constantly in process of exchanging their energies. To cause them to artificially absorb heat is to step up their oscillation. The stepped-up vibratory action is brought about by these two bodies attempting to balance the newly injected unit of heat between them, thereby balancing the pressure.

This higher vibratory motion, however, between neutron and proton expands their field of operation, and to compensate the electronic field expands also, to the degree the nucleus has expanded. This in turn brings about a lift of gravitational pressure, due to the fact that the atom now has less mass density - which means a lesser surface for gravity to play upon. The expansion of the electronic field is brought about by the nucleus discharging more rapid quanta of heat, [2] which causes the electronic bodies to step up their speed. The new speed causes them to discharge the unit of heat received from the nucleus. It is this we sometimes call a photon, which due to its extreme vibratory motion may be classified as a wave.

We can picture, as others have done, your solar system as a cosmic atom, with the sun as a nucleus and the planetary bodies as the electronic field. The sun, like the nucleus of the atom, consists of positive and negative forces working against each other. These are helium breaking down into hydrogen, which action of course creates other elements.

The suns are being fed by bursts of solar debris, which they immediately turn into more or less pure energy of Alpha, Beta, and Gamma radiation, or cosmic rays. Some of these radiations come into contact with elements existing in the outer layers of the earth's atmosphere, and create an ionized belt around your earth. At the same time they so excite the electronic fields of the various atoms they come in contact with, as to cause them to discharge light radiation in different wave lengths. The combining of these photons or light waves produces what you see as white light.

Now as all known chemicals exist in the ethers, and indeed are structural units that go to make up the ethers in an infinity of densities, and as time can only be measured by the law of motion, and as the endless densities of "matter" vibrate or oscillate according to the laws of motion that govern their particular realm, we have named these fields or realms Dimensions in Time.

Irrespective of what may be said about your world of matter, it could not have come into being did not its basic units already exist in other dimensions of what you call space-time, and your forms are but holes in the ethers. If we will but consider all that has been said up to this point, we shall see more clearly the possibility of other intelligent beings existing in other dimensions of space-time - and that these beings can by will and design gather the necessary chemicals, and by mental effort alone create any form needed for any purpose.

All this may seem fantastic to you, and it is well that it does, for if you know not the true nature of your space-true dimension, how can you expect to comprehend other dimensions? Some of you may get greater understanding through higher mathematics, but even then all you have is a group of symbols on paper. The only way these dimensions can be truly grasped is by coming into mental rapport with them - since one and all are but states of consciousness.

This last statement will prove tasteless to most scientific as well as lay minds - since the former thinks in weights and measures and the latter thinks not at all. But let us address those of scientific minds. If the space ships or "saucers" come into your world from the closest planet, Venus, they have to span at least some 26 million miles. This appears as a great obstacle, but it is not really so. If an object is once outside of the gravitational pressures natural to your earth (due to mass weight and orbital speed) it can be moved at any rate desired - because it will be moving in a field of matter that will offer its surface no resistance.


Your greatest difficulties will arise from cosmic radiations.** Some of these have such high velocity that probably no metal apart from lead will act as a shield - and you would need 20 to 30 feet of it to line your ship sufficiently throughout. The only alternative is to find some way of rearranging the atomic pattern of one of your lighter metals. This could be done by extreme pressures, not on the atoms but on the molecules - the idea being to drive the electronic field of the atoms closer together, so that the field between the nucleus and the electronic bodies would have greater resistant to particles trying to penetrate it. Though such a mutation can be brought about in a molecule, it cannot be made a stable condition in a singular atom. The pressure on the molecule would have to be of instant duration and of absolute uniformity; otherwise the force may tear an electron out of its field, or cause so much heat as to expand the electronic fields in the molecules.

Now whether we like to accept the fact or not, the chemical substance used in most of the saucers are of such soft metals that you would consider them impossible to use. They consist mostly of aluminum, copper, and magnesium, with plenty of room for expansion left over in their electronic fields for heat created in them when they come into your atmosphere.

The balls or discs of light, sometimes only a few inches in diameter consist of 99% aluminum, with 1% of copper in very ionized form. These are used as a rule as photo plates, that televise their pictures back to the mother ship that gave them birth, and are later destroyed or disintegrated. The large green fireballs are ionized copper, and are exploded in your atmosphere to absorb the radiations created by your atomic bombs. These radiations drift toward the earth's north magnetic pole, and most of the green fireballs originate in the northern skies.

We say to you that the phenomena you are now witnessing have their life and being in other space-time dimensions. On certain occasions their field of motion is brought down to correspond with yours. This thought is so unconventional to you that you call it fantastic. Yet your earth and all the untold universes with endless billions of bodies came out of other space-time states. They appeared first in your dimension as a point, then as a series of points making a line, then as a series of lines making a surface. Due to the new form of motion they appeared first as heat energy. This is the way the things you call Discs or saucers first enter your three-dimensional state. That is why they are often seen as balls of pure white light, often running through the entire color prism. Later as they slow up their motion they become as solids to your world; but the alignment of their molecular structure makes them electro-magnetic, and subject to the magnetic poles of the earth - which are controlled by the electromagnetic flow from the sun.

All for now. Yours in friendship -- Ramon Natalli

** NOTE: Dr. Hermann J. Schaefer, U.S. Naval School of Aviation Medicine recently stated that "cosmic radiation hazards to human beings in outer space are prohibitively great." His statement was made in an address to the Astronautical Conference at Stuttgart, Sept. 5, '52 - about 200 scientists from 12 countries. An interesting agreement with Natalli's opinion. (ml)