Rev. Milton Nothdurft, B.D., S.T.M.

The existence of these craft in our skies, and the fact that they have landed and had communication with earth people, is taken for granted in this article. To those who still have doubts about this, one can only say that this is due either to ignorance or lack of interest. Plenty of material has been made available to the public in the last five years to substantiate this. Part of our trouble lies in the spirit of man who disbelieves his fellow man, if the new truth does not coincide with his preconceived notions. - So, we go on to the moral and spiritual implications of these facts to us Earthians.

1. Scientifically, they are centuries ahead of us, for they have been visiting earth that long -- and we are only now coming to think of space flight as a practical realization. All phases of their science are perhaps correspondingly ahead of ours. We could learn much from them -- if it were not for our pride.

2. Pride stands in our way. Psychologically, a person with an inferiority complex often boasts, and thereby retards his own progress by an unwillingness to learn that which is beyond his present knowledge. As a race of inferior Earthians, we show the same signs. We are so busy boasting about the superiority of democracy or communism, about our atomic stockpiles and our plans to reach the moon, that we are unwilling to accept the fact that another race is way ahead of us -- and we thereby retard our own progress. In all phases of knowledge the intelligentsia would 'lose face' by an admission of the superior knowledge of others. And they are not spiritually up to such an attitude of humility. The protection of position is more important to them than the advancement of the race.

3. Social revolution. These visiting craft are fused by a method not known on earth (according to analysis at several reputable universities). This means a new chemistry. They do not need to carry fuel. Think of the revolution in the oil industry. They are made of metals or alloys lighter than aluminum, and they have braved all the meteoritic storms we fear. This means a revolution in the steel industry -- and coal and electricity. With this revolution in industries, think what will happen to international banking and money-lenders. One can think of plenty of reasons for attempting to keep space craft information secret.

It would be better to have this revolution come slowly, so that not too many things would be upset. But we have precipitated the crisis ourselves. We have become such a cosmic nuisance with our electronics, atomic explosions and supersonic aircraft, that the revolution cannot [2] wait. The whole of our solar system, perhaps other systems as well, is at stake. "They" will see to it that the revolution comes - unless we change morally and spiritually, which would be a revolution in itself.

4. Brotherhood. The white man prates about brotherhood, but has hardly the faintest conception of how to practise it. These new visitors have not shown signs of violence except when attacked by our own belligerent militarists. If they had intended to invade for purposes of conquest, they could have done so long ago. They are evidently more benevolent than we are, probably watching over us like a guardian over little children. But the tables will soon be turned. Whites who cannot eat at a table with a negro or a chinese, will soon have to include in their thinking another race even less well-known to them. Only this time, they are the superiors, while the inferiors are ourselves.

5. Concept of Deity. The fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man are terms understood in relation to each other. The higher the concept of one, the better will be the practical application of the other. A more mature application of "brotherhood" would seem to imply a superior knowledge of the Supreme Being.

Religious leaders are reminded that two world wars were fought largely by "Christian" nations, one of which took the moral initiative in exploding over civilian territory the first atomic bomb, which is new stirring up a cosmic reaction.

There are some 200 denominations of Protestantism, all based upon the same book, not to mention the proud Greek and Roman branches of the Church and the several other world religions. If more mature applications of brotherhood stem from a proper concept of Deity, it would seem we could learn much from a race that is trying to help rather than to conquer.

This is not to say that religion has failed. Who knows what this earth would be like without the Christ consciousness that has been revealed from time to time. It does mean, however, that religion is due for as great a change as science - a fact not realized by religious leaders who as yet are scarcely aware of the existence of space craft it our skies.


We are happy to report that in the past year, with the aid of many members, there has been built for us a nation-wide amateur radio Disaster Net. It still needs to be enlarged and strengthened and new members are welcome.

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