The Evolution of Matter
The Evolution of Forces

Two texts by Gustave Le Bon
Reviewed by Gerry Vassilatos

The work of Dr. Thomas Moray has been so thrilling to most of us over the years, and it is not without some sense of frustration that we often find ourselves grasping for straws in the face of our own ignorance as concerns his basic premises. In his writings and biographies we often hear the name Gustave Le Bon mentioned with some great degree of importance -as if to give us strong direction in our quest at reproducing his designs. Studying the writings of Dr. Moray, one does indeed find clues of every possible kind, and these are often multiple in meaning. I would like to point the serious student of radio electric phenomena into the purchase of Prof. Gustave Le Bon’s two texts: The Evolution of Matter and The Evolution of Forces, now made available to us by Borderland Sciences through the very gracious donation of photocopies obtained and safely kept by Mr. Dan Winter. Mr. Winter has been an invaluable friend and source of vital information concerning the Moray Devices, because of his own deep researches and contacts. As well, he has been a very good friend – although we have never met in persona! My sincere hopes lean that way, however, and we thank you again Mr. Winter for your gift of these two vital copies.

The two texts were, at one time impossible to obtain, and even supposedly illegal to possess. In fact, Dr. Moray, on several occasions encountered great difficulty in obtaining ordinary library copies of the books – during the war. This indicates, as I indeed found, that Dr. Le Bon’s texts contain secrets – very deep secrets as concerns radioactivity and the various means of releasing the intra-atomic energy of which he is the true discoverer. As has been validated, Dr. Moray often would study these texts of Le Bon in order to further pursue his various directions in the field of materials science and of vibratory dynamics. Presumably, these topics were advanced far beyond what we have been told, although we see very clear indications that Dr. Moray was learning the exact modes of applying techniques which Dr. Le Bon had begun to utilize in his Belgian laboratory.

There is, as we have subsequently been informed, a third text – virtually impossible to obtain, which Dr. Le Bon had printed and published privately. Le Bon’s ideas were not received at all by the majority of his own contemporaries. Because of these pressures he had been forced to quit the publishing of his groundbreaking discoveries, resorting to the underground network of questors. This last text is in possession of another researcher, and we have been given permission by him to generate copies for the public. The text is printed under an assumed name, and deals with some of his more outlandish assumptions with proof: This text is entitled The Evolution of Matter And Energy released under the name of “Girard Le Beau” – this done under great personal pressure. All records of Professor Le Bon have been stricken from the various bastions of our academic monuments. It is as if these persons, pathologically affected by any mention of presence of Life, instinctively purge out the Living Either they are acting on their own, or they are being used by others who possess the truth and who make use of the pathological fears of the academicians against them. So close to the flame, yet unable to feel the warmth! Who to pity most, I do not know.

Both these books deal with Dr. Le Bon’s own realizations and excellent experiments (described for all to reproduce) on the energy of the “intra-atomic” structure in matter. Both his basic premise and subsequent experimental evidences in the 1890′s make. him one of the planet’s greatest minds. He encountered no end of difficulty in convincing others of his own ranks that intra-atomic energy was the future course of humankind, but to no avail. These very academicians, once having rid themselves of Le Bon, then went about reproducing the experiments in a perverted manner – limiting the research to uranium and the uranium series of metals in obtaining freed energy. While Le Bon spoke of these radioactive materials as intense evidences of universal radioactivity, he did not limit his discussion to them.

Le Bon makes strong, repeated statements concerning the truly universal nature of material dissociation into etheric fragments; this was his assertion before Becquerel and the Curies. What he maintained was that matter, ordinarily and naturally, spontaneously dissociated into etheric fragments. Some of the more energetic dissociations were termed “radioactive” by those researchers who had not taken sufficient time to notice the various means of which other materials were, in fact, dissociating. The majority of substances, he claimed, were equally “radioactive” – and this he both measured and proved in a marvelous series of demonstrations. What Le Bon managed to do was to bridge the ground between the radionics researchers and the inert sciences which have taken the lead in obtaining support of institutions and general acceptance. By stating that all materials are radioactive, and with such clear demonstrations, he showed the continuity along the line of thought which stems from the pre-1880′s science. If inert science, with all its financial resources and rapping demands of respect and devotion, could ever bring the great fruitfulness which the early etheric sciences of the 1800′s had given us, then we would have all been members of the club. What Le Bon’s texts represent to us is but another basketful of light from that once openly accepted etheric science; one which [16] gave us such astounding discoveries that we have hardly begun to assimilate the implications of it.

There are several marvelous discoveries which Prof. Le Bon advances to us – demonstrations which totally alter what we have been told to believe about radiation, radioactivity, and related phenomena. The cardinal tenets of inert science as concerns radioactivity give us to accept the notion that not all substances are so energetic, radioactive materials are not capable of being neutralized or of being weakened. Le Bon shows how matter passes through a series of harmonic transformations, ultimately leading us into the very pure ether itself. His claim is this: that ether and matter, matter and ether are interchangeable by nature. He states clearly and emphatically that these transformations are spontaneous and normal for all material universally.

Dr. Le Bon tells of the similarity of the emanations from X-Ray tubes and radium alike. The analogy, he says, is too much more than coincidental. The prevalent belief of such notables as Nikola Tesla and Le Bon concerning the cause of radioactivity was due to the mysterious bombardment of certain nuclei by an effluvium-etheric – a particle bombardment so very fine as to be intercepted by certain dense nuclei with greater statistic cross-section than others. Thus, uranium with its dense nuclear structure, could intercept more of these mystery particles. The successful interception of these would, in fact, cause the explosion of the nuclei in question. The less dense a nucleus, the less frequently it would intercept such a particle, and thus exhibit radioactivity of such energetic levels as radium. An alternative school of thought, which included Wilhelm Reich much later, held that materials are generated “ex nihilo” and maintained by a natural sequence of transformations. In this process, certain fractions of the evolving material might spontaneously dissociate as evidence of the process itself (being due to instabilities within the core of activity). Both views are marvelous and thrilling in their transportative ability of placing us in higher mental frames.

Le Bon found that heating radium to red hot was sufficient to depress its radioactivity for a week. Thereafter, the activity began in a very feeble way to assert itself. He discovered that a mysterious effluvium -”emanation” he called it – was responsible for most of the radiation of any energetic material. He was able to artificially generate radium-like materials by simply allowing the proper frequency of ultraviolet light to fall on certain materials. This last fact paved the road to true atomic science, for here was the very means of releasing vast amounts of reservoirs of power (directly as electrical effluves) by simple solar ultra violet focusing. This fact makes the uranium investors very nervous, very anxious indeed! For here is a means of achieving resonant nuclear disintegration by fine tuned rays. This eliminated the fission market entirely. The waste from Le Bon’s atomic is nil. The process is clean, cost efficient, and plentiful in abundance. It would clearly spell the defeat of all the energy barons, and requires extensive research and development. This we mention, not because the effect is questionable or dangerous, but because we need to learn the specifics of the reaction series and the subtleties thereof. Le Bon made the claim that such a reaction had, time after time, produced far more energy than was involved in triggering the dissociation. This vast reservoir of energy was held in the intra-atomic structure of the material used as fuel. These assertions brought Dr. Le Bon into a great deal of harassment by the “scientismic” community who were spellbound in asserting their pitiful dogmas of thermodynamics. The energy of intra-atomic structure is vast, yet requires but a small key to release it.

Dr. Le Bon investigated a phenomenon which had eluded many of his own contemporaries, and one which he classified along with radioactivity. The phosphorescence of materials under invisible light, lying in the infrared frequencies, made possible his assertions concerning a kind of radar which was surprising in its scope. This lightform, he discovered, was everywhere to be seen by the proper detectors, for this energy was capable of penetrating all materials, with relatively few (metals of a certain group and carbon) exceptions. In fact, this energy so saturated all things, that it was possible to take photographs of objects while inside a darkened room. While we suspected that the energy he discovered was not at all common infrared light (for a number of reasons had in studying these passages) we do believe strongly that he had again seen another bridge in the gap between the purely inert energies studied by accepted scientism and the living energies which we pursue.

What becomes fascinatingly apparent to us as we study these texts is the clear message that all materials are radioactive. Matter is becoming pure ether over varying time periods, after undergoing successive levels of natural dissociation into observable particles and energies. Also, we see clear indications that no separations existed in Dr. Le Bon’s mind concerning phosphorescence and radioactivity. In fact, the actions of Crooke’s tubes, Tesla coils, Oudin coils, and Roentgen tubes were all taken as equivalent actions with naturally occurring radium. To him they were all accomplishing the same results in dissociating matter into progressively finer particles until pure ether was reached.

Many of his noted experiments were made in order to determine just what materials would dissociate freely into specific particles. He performed and described many reproducible experiments whose aim was the triggered release of intra-atomic energy via high frequency bombardment. Thus several experiments pre-date Moray’s transmutation experiments, and show us arrangements whereby points of specific materials are made to forcibly disintegrate into particles. In one such arrangement, particles were actually made to project through several “solid” screens of mica, ebonite, etc.. These experiments I found most instructive, as they reported so many dishonored and suppressed facts, that it was difficult at first to assimilate the new knowledge. Further reading cleared up the difficulties. It became obvious that a group consensus had been arrived at in those early days of research, and the more competitive person jammed all the free channels of discourse, arriving at hasty group conclusions. Most of these are replete with errors and half-truths concerning natural actions and phenomena. It is a wonder that we had not rebelled against their edicts much longer ago.


Le Bon managed to prove that transmutations can be made to improve materials by successive stages and suitable energies available. He particularly was making valid points as to the design and operation of atomic furnaces. The true atomic energy he was working with dealt with the dematerialization of fuel into pure ether, not the mere fission of uranium atoms with its hideous waste products. Had Le Bon persevered the cause beyond the laboratory, he would have rivaled all his competitors. Such beautiful visions summon all the older views of the Victorian Era in its quest for atomic energy sources. Theirs was the more idealistic and truer view which found its reply in Le Bon’s real research findings. As is often the case in history, the desire anticipates the truth. The darker side of this fact is the fierce competition which clouds the truth and its reply to our heartfelt desires; and which floods our world over with false campaigns and false technologies based, not upon the vision-ideal, but upon the inert scientisms of a group consensus.

Whenever frustration is met with arrogance both often give way to any expedient which seems to work. Such strategies are never designed along visionary lines. The accumulation of these actions, over the last several centuries, has led us progressively into the ignorance of the inert worlds with their degenerated technologies. We must and will persevere against these powers with patience and vision. We must learn to wait for answers rather than implementing the vagaries of electrodynamics and thermodynamics as the power-elite would have us do. These has been left us such a plethora of wonders, not only reported but real – real in every aspect and awaiting implementation. Such an army of products would conquer the existing technology if sold at the grassroots level without benefit of patronship. Dr. Le Bon fought this fight all his life, and was at last utterly rejected by his associates. His name has been stricken from the record, his books removed from all worthy libraries.

A scientist who discovered the means of altering the half-life of radium and measurably proved it should never have seen so vilely treated; unless what he had to say and prove were so threatening that the pathologic academia was repelled. What he had found so altered their fixed dogmatic notions that they were helpless before his assertions. Le Bon claimed that to remove “emanation” – a radioactive substance he had isolated – from radium, was to deplete its store of radiance almost to zero! What this represented was the true core of etheric interaction within any energetic material. Le Bon envisioned a world which would utilize Tesla coil-like engines, whose minor electrical bombardments would easily release more energy than that used in the trigger process. Intraatomic energy results in the dissociation of materials into ether, with the subsequent release of huge amounts of stored energy. Neither would this energy be lost, claimed Le Bon, for the natural process which formed the condensed ether (matter) would again recreate and regenerate the released ether, man would simply harness the transformational stages on earth in the proper furnaces.

For those who are truly interested in discovering the sourcebooks of Moray and many others, we here present these valuable texts for the general fund of knowledge. We believe more good will come out of their release that the keeping of them among ourselves. Experimenters will love these texts, since they are filled with reproducible experiments of every kind, and which contain some generally unknown marvels which should have been shouted aloud from the rooftops. In truth, these facts together form the foundations of a new and better world. We should take, their good advice and uncover their true implications.

Le Bon, Gustave. Evolution of Matter.

Le Bon, Gustave. Evolution of Forces.