"Vitality Globules, or Spiritons"01011945February
Meade Layne's initial overview of the subject, offering theories as to their nature and starting points for further research.
"Vitality Globules Again"01021945March
Follow-up notes on how to see the spiritons and suggestions for experimentation.
Reader notes on their efforts to see the spiritons, and an overview of the Round Robin's views on their nature.
"V-G DEPARTMENT - or WHAT ARE THEY?"01061945July
Continuing reader notes on the appearance of the spiritons and other considerations.
"V-G's and Various"01071945August
Reader notes from Krieger, Graham, Hayes, and others.
"V-G's AGAIN"01091945October
Meade Layne cites Hamid Del Bey on "life force", offers further notes on the advancement of the research.
"Spiritons and Spiroculons in the Light of Psychic Monism" (Part I)02021946February
Dr. Philip S. Haley on the subject, citing Fechner and Geley, and his own psychic research efforts into the matter.
"Spiritons and Spiroculons in the Light of Psychic Monism" (Part II)02031946March
Dr. Haley concludes his article with thoughts on "soul travel" (astral) and Geley's "superior dynamism".
"Spiritons and Spiroculons" (A Response to Dr. Haley)02061946June
Walter Gordon replies the previous articles of Dr. Haley, offering his own spiritualist perspective.