"The Mystery of Mt. Shasta"03071947September & October
Report by Edward Lenser, with commentary by Meade Layne
"My Visit to Mt. Shasta"03081947November & December
Report by Major H.A.G., with commentary by BSRA H.B. Williams and Meade Layne
"Probing the Mystery of Mt. Shasta"18021962March
Letter from Emma Martinelli to Ray Palmer, with comment by Riley Crabb
CQ&C: Atlantean Relics at Mt. Shasta19041963June
CQ&C: Report on Mt. Shasta19051963July & August
"My Trip to Mt. Shasta"24021968March & April
Re-issue of "My Visit to Mt. Shasta" with added comment by Riley Crabb
"Mt. Shasta: Home of the Ancients"510419954th Quarter
1995 Expedition Report by Michael P. Elsey