Flying Roll

The short-lived quarterly companion to the Round Robin, "somewhat more technical in subject matter".

AlphaI1946Outrider (The purposes, ideals and objective of Flying Roll. The kind of material which FR desires to publish. The need for education in psychic and occult facts. The attitude of FR toward spiritism.) • Drugs and Supernormal States, by Vincent Gaddis • The Deros and VAU Communications (The six alleged sources of dangers to human life on earth. The Shaver-Dero Problem and lore of the underground peoples.) • Considering Enochian (our present knowledge of Enochian. Regardie and the Golden Dawn system. VAU Communicators on Enochian. Helleric Language. Enochian alphabet.) • Vitic Experiment, by Hayes, physicist (and his negative result, with suggestions for experimental work) • Text and Pretext (summary of contemporary knowledge of supernormal psychology, the problem of apparitions, the psychological impasse and the importance of clearing it) • Fudosi, Universal Federation of Esoteric Orders • Variorum: Huna - Thunderclap - Instrumental communication with the dead - Ritualistic murders - Further notes from the VAU - Retro Me, Sathanas (attempt at obsession) • Congressus Subtilis (sex relations in dream or in astral and etheric bodies - and other items)
BetaI1946Cover Design - the Winged Caduceus . . . Concerning the Flying Roll • The Thrice-Coiled Serpent (Shall we pool our sex knowledge in relation to occultism?), by Max Freedom Long, F.H.F. (unique personal account of the effects of sex abstinence in occult disciplines) • The Diagnosis of Pathological Psychism (the use of psychometry in dealing with cases of psychic attack) • Variorum: Bush Magic - photographic phenomena - Etidorpha experiment - the Meru Case (artificial elemental) - Stim machines (artificial prolongation of the sex orgasm) - Doreal Booklets - other items • Magic of the Grass Huts (basic concepts of Huna Magic) • Of the Res Clandestine (incubi, larvae, actus amoris fictus) • Eve and the Serpent (from Compte de Gabalis) • In Terms of the Chakras -- Fire Immunity -- Mirror Visions • Request to Subscribers. Announcement of a work on Geomancy. Other items.
BetaIII1948For What We May Pray, by Max Freedom Long, F.H.F. • Inedia, or Psychic Fasting (with extracts from Dr. Philip Haley's account in "Modern Loaves and Fishes") • The Morley-Martin Experiments (14 pp.) with reference also to the related experiments of Dr. Littlefield, described in FR Alpha III • Radiation, and the Radiation of the Brain (extracts from lectures of Dr. Otto Brunler, radiesthesia) • The Australian Pointing Stick (from "Deadly Magic" by Col. F.J. Hayter) • San Diego to London (attempts at psychic communication, through hypnotic and mediumistic trance)