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Water Research

Victor Schauberger was an Austrian naturalist, philosopher, and inventor who dedicated his life to studying the properties of water and its implications for engineering and technology. His work spanned a wide range of fields, including water engineering, forestry, agriculture, and energy.

One of Schauberger’s most notable contributions was his research on log flumes. He observed that logs naturally rotate as they move through water, and he developed a system of water flumes that utilized this rotation to create a more efficient and enjoyable ride experience. Schauberger’s log rides were not only more thrilling, but they also required less energy to operate than traditional rides.

Victor Schauberger also conducted extensive research on living water, water that has been naturally energized and structured. He believed that water in its natural state is a living substance with its own unique energy field. He observed that water in mountain streams and waterfalls is much more vital and energetic than water that has been treated or stored in artificial containers. 

Victor Schauberger understood from direct experience that water has a natural energy that can be harnessed for various purposes. Implosion was revealed to him by the natural flow of water in rivers and streams to create a vortex motion that generates energy. He also discovered that this vortex motion could be harnessed to create a new type of engine. Schauberger developed a number of devices that utilized the energy of implosion, including water turbines, pumps, and flying saucers.

IMPLOSION – The Secret of Viktor Schauberger

IMPLOSION - The Secret of Viktor Schauberger

An introduction to the work of “Water Wizard” Viktor Schauberger.

Contents: The Natural Solution to the Energy Problem Through Diamagnetism & Etheric Forces; Centripetal Forces overcome Gravity; How To Generate Diamagnetic Forces; Levitation of Charged Water; Quantitative & Qualitative Charged Water; Regeneration of Diseased Water; Implosion Motor, Suction Turbine, Home Power Plant & Flying Discs & more.

Spiral Bound: 130 pp
Language: English
Product Code: B0047

Price: $24.95

Secret of the Schauberger Saucers

Schauberger Flying Saucer

An in depth consideration of the secret of implosion power as applied to Flying Saucer research in the 1940s. Jorge provides some excellent research leads into levitational power sources based on egg-shaped implosion turbines. Includes a discussion of the electrical potential in water and how to demonstrate it using Lord Kelvin’s Water Thread Experiment.

Stapled: 29 pp
Language: English
Product Code: B0107

Price: $12.95

Johann Grander’s Water Activation: Information, Philosophy, & Technical Reports

Johann Grander's Water Activation

Edited by Joseph Lancaster

Dr. Lancaster, a leading authority on Grander water systems, provides us with a thorough investigation into the theories and concepts which have led to the recent explosion of “living water” technology. This informative publication includes a discussion of Shauberger’s “Implosion” theory, Johann Grander’s ideas of “Wasserbelebung” or water activation, and the current developments in the area of water revitalization. Also included is technical information describing the design and construction of water activation systems as well as the results of numerous studies which show the effectiveness of these systems.

Spiral Bound: 108 pp
Language: English
Product Code: B0372

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New Water for a Thirsty World

by Michael H. Salzman

New Water for a Thirsty World

Originally published in 1960, this rare treatise is a fantastic addition to the emerging living water technology. Not only an excellent introduction into water science, this book also offers rare information into the concept of “primary” or “new” water, that is, water which occurs naturally and contains concentrations of the primary minerals. A tremendous body of geologic and other evidence supports the theory that the waters on the surface of the earth have come from the interior of the earth throughout geologic time, and that this process continues today.

Spiral Bound: 211 pp
Language: English
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Price: $24.95