VITIC – Magnetic Vitality

A compilation of BSRF documents relating to the Vitic Research Project, providing many angles on the use and effects of carbon force, with and without an accompanying magnetic field, as well as complementary data on the use of magnetic fields by themselves. Includes ideas on various magnetic arrangements used in research, including plans.

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“Vitic or Magnetic Vitality” is one of Borderland Sciences oldest research files. The preservation of the typewritten font makes this book a perfect example of why our print media, our xerographic reprints, preserve some sort of energy signature from the time they were imprinted, some of the unwritten intent is perhaps embedded. It is not the easiest to read and the challenge to read creates states of concentration that are rare to our streamline touchscreen senses.

The story of vitic is a multilayered revelation that spans over seven decades.

Meade Layne’s first article in Vol 1 No. 2 reviews a book called “Dynamic Power of the Inner Mind” (Doubleday, Page & Co., 1924) which includes information from “Origin and Problem of Life” by A.E. (Professor) Baines, (Dutton & Co.). In 1949, during a psychic investigation associate Foster asks Yada about the Vitic force. This takes place in July 24th, 1949. Their dreams of having discovered a healing force did not pan out and things went quiet for a few decades until Riley Crabb started to be informed of a 1960 Anton Mesmer contact in Pomona. Crabb built this new version of the vitic circuit and took it on tour with him. In 1965 the Caucasian Yoga book is provided by Associate Margaret Meehan at the Science Fair at the Harmony Grove Labor Day Convention in response to the vitic circuit. The fruit of these events has yet to have fully ripen.

When I first came into the Borderland’s office as a volunteer we still had the Crabb Vitic device. It was a huge beast with the two giant horseshoe magnets and protruding iron rod. An old carbon rod lay in the set and one could not help getting in circuit with the thing. It always gave me a dusty old haunted feeling as much of the hardware that was around in the office in those times. Saturated with Deadly Orgone Radiation but I digress.

In the late 1990’s Borderland’s started to manufacture a form of vitic rods. These were iron rods with rare earth magnets set into ends that were drilled out. They were discontinued when it cost more to have the bag sown than we could charge for the rods. The old Crabb vitic device was shipped off along with most of the radionics equipment when times started to get hard.

Over time Borderland Sciences had gathered several different kinds of carbon rods, the stainless steel rods, and cow magnets. When I held the wires to the carbon rod and the iron rods by pressing them with my fingers I was able to notice a deflection in the needle of a galvanometer we had n the lab at the time.

There were different readings for the different materials and different reading for the various times of the day. Apparently air pressure of the day effects the resistance of electrical flow in the body.

One day there was a snail curled in its shell. I placed it on the iron rod and it did not move but did attach. I then held the carbon rod. Almost instantly the snail came to life and began to attempt to get off of the iron rod. Not only did I realize that it was obviously uncomfortable for the snail and removed it, I also felt that maybe I was running the vital/galvanic current through its body and mine exchanging electrons. It was at that time I noticed certain changes, but that is another story (it’s a joke, Lovecraft humor? geeze).

In 2004 The Journal of Borderland Research published an experiment with the vitic rods demonstrating the galvanic deflections of the vitic rods.

This vitic research project remains open and I find that there is cautious wisdom in Yada’s words of discretion.

Irene Probert asks, “Is there anyway of determining whether they will be good or not?”

To which the Yada replies, “Only by the reactions of the individual. Some find it highly poisonous to the system; to others it is rejuvenating.”