The Theory and Technique of the Drown H.V.R. and Radio Vision Instruments by Ruth Drown

Theory and Technique of the Drown Homo-Vibra Ray

Theory and Technique of the Drown Homo-Vibra Ray

by Ruth B. Drown

For those interested in a deeper exploration of Dr. Drown’s radionic work, here is a reprint of her book originally published in 1939 by Hatchard & Co., London. Includes Radio-Vision photographs.

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Lecture by David R. Pearl, Westwood Village, Los Angeles 1938

“Yet many of us will not turn on the dial of Life whereby we may become in tune with our Creator. There is some of the Creator in each of us. It is to be seen in everything that lives and grows; it is the activating Force which makes things that they are.

“It is that Force with which we are dealing in this therapy. We must tune into it and work with it, in order to get into the right tune or harmony.

“The second requisite is to know the instruments themselves- to understand them, what can be done with them, and how they operate. With a machine, one turns a dial or presses a button, and electricity does the rest. On the Drown Instruments we are tuning into a vital force, therefore we must handle them carefully and accurately in order to use them to the best advantage. They are delicate, and must be worked with accordingly. If we can do that, and see why we are doing it, good results will follow. But if we are merely carrying out routine procedure, not thinking right, not knowing why we are taking a certain course, we will not get as good effects as if we understand the philosophy and theory back of this work.

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