The Structure of the Atom

by Carl Frederick Krafft

Here is the theory, based on observation and astute insight, that the atom is a vortexian structure, rather than the “swarm of flies” type of atom conceived through high energy electrical experiments. Also included is an Alternative Explanation for the Red Shift, and the Constitution of the Sun and Stars.

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The nuclear theory starts out with protons, electrons and neutrons — a complex array of point like particles which the nuclear theory just takes for granted as being “given”, although these particles are the very things that call for explanation. These elementary particles form the atomic oscillators which enable the atoms to absorb and emit energy at definite frequencies, and an oscillator must always have a rigid structural framework which cannot be formed of point like particles that are themselves devoid of structure. As long as we deal with these particles as structureless points in space, we cannot hope to arrive at the true structures of the atom because the structure of the atom must depend on the structure of its parts.”

-The Structure of the Atom, Carl Frederick Krafft, 1963