The Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator Handbook

BSRF Archival Collection

Multiple Wave Oscillator
Original Multiple Wave Oscillator research from Borderland Sciences.

In the early 20th century Georges Lakhovsky described researches in Bio-Electricity indicating that living cells can be regenerated by applying energy fields of multiple wavelengths. The Multiple Wave Oscillator Handbook is chock full of schematics, diagrams, research notes, patents, pictures, ideas and suggestions for advancement and refinement of the art. This is the only source which contains the many diverse opinions as to the actual construction details of Lakhovsky’s original MWOs, and this edition contains many new and updated circuit diagrams and includes pictures taken at Lakhovsky’s home in Paris! You may have heard of different types of devices — this book shows you how to build them all, with reports from researchers who have. From simple experiments with copper coils stimulating the growth of plants to different types of electrical circuits and antenna patterns used in cellular regeneration research, this is THE MWO BOOK for experimenters and researchers. Even Tesla Coil builders can benefit greatly from this handbook.

Please note that the remaining print copies have some stains from long storage.

Paperback: 160 pp
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