The Cosmic Engineer

The Cosmic Pulse of Life was inspired directly by the idea that “the development of spiritual selfhood is essential if humans are to understand what is really behind UFO’s – the whole fabric of new scientific principles embodied in their technology.” Trevor J. Constable embraces Rudolf Steiner’s fundamental teaching that the ordinary human senses can be evolved, can be trained to perceive the levels of reality that he termed the Etheric.

Trevor is a practical Etheric Engineer who appeals to practical thinking people. We have a whole host of problems that we wrestle with and to this end the etheric is not just an idle curiosity. Trevor states, “The choice for man is not between finding a new way or hanging on to the old, but one of how to the way in full health and clarity of mind.”

Tactical information readily presented itself to Trevor J. Constable as he gathered evidence and a startling strategy of an invisible enemy was exposed as well:

“The most important new aspect to the development of radar-from the point of view of understanding UFOs- was that this radar energy pulsed, chopped into hundreds of short bursts each second. […] sudden widespread pulsed-wave activity that commenced with wartime radar did not take place in a vacuum, but in the ether.”

His findings were shunned by both universities and the Ufology community alike. It was clear that as he said, “Human beings seeking to find a healthy pathway to the spirit, and determined to undertake the methodical, systematic steps on that pathway are anathema to the Ahrimanic powers.”

Something alien was engineering the earth of an etheric level… something sinister that Cosmic Pulse describes in the following way:

“Inner space, and not outer space, in the invasion route chosen by the Ahrimanic powers.”

“The Ahrimanic powers aim at the enslavement of mankind and make evolution wholly Ahrimanic. That is their nature, and their function in the cosmic scheme of things. Man’s future will not be salvaged for him gaggles of golden-haired spacemen disgorging from space ships in rescue squads. Man will win or lose the battle for earth himself, for he is at once the goal of the battle and the battleground.”

The Cosmic Pulse of Life embraces Rudolf Steiner’s fundamental teaching that the ordinary human senses can be evolved, can be trained to perceive the levels of reality that he termed the Etheric. Steiner developed Goethe’s conception of the etheric earth breathing process. The major etheric force involved in the breathing of the earth as a living organism is the chemical ether.

Borderland Sciences Research Foundation was doing research on Ether Physics since the late 1940’s and provided a physical model for perceiving the invisible etheric realms. Carl F. Krafft has many volumes available on his distinctly geometric models of the atomic structure of the etheric realm: “Physicists like the late Carl F. Krafft, who saw the ether dynamically have been denied recognition.”

“Science proceeding in this way must open higher consciousness in the long run, complete with new modes of mentation. If not interfered with politically of psychically, or both, true scientific inquiry will ultimately break the Ahrimanic lock on scientific cognition. There is therefore impedance everywhere in science in areas where evidence of the ethers bursts through or is likely to do so.”

This is as true today as it was in 1975 when Cosmic Pulse of Life was first published. By the middle of the decade following the millennium the word “ether” was as little understood as it was in the 1940’s Etheric Physics, Rudolf Steiner’s Four Ethers, or even Ruth Drown or Wilhelm Reich. For us today who are building a new world and engineering the etheric it is helpful to see what exactly the obstacles might be. “Human beings must at all costs — in the eyes of the Ahrimanic powers — be prevented from re-establishing the lawful connections between themselves and the cosmos of which they are both part and product.”

It has been the advance in gadgetry that has really triumphed for the etheric engineer. From the black boxes of Radionics to Reich’s Cloud-Busters the hands on physical technology has driven the direct experience of the etheric realms.

“The instruments fashioned by his own cleverness had led him to an impasse from which only a new mode of thinking would provide release.”

“The stratagem of pigeonholing such unwelcome, unwanted and mechanistically incomprehensible evidence, has failed.”

“Devices, knowledge and thought leading to the spirit are subject to constant opposition. Ruth Drown is legally murdered. Wilhelm Reich dies in prison. Rudolf Steiner’s books strangely disappear from public libraries. U.S. Government officials cannot find any money for UFO investigation, or to investigate the energy of life, but they have at least $300 billion available for destructive devices and applications, every year. The medical profession pours millions of tons of chemicals into the national bloodstream so that half the population is almost perpetually deadened or spiritually unintegrated.”

There is no other choice than to seize control of ourselves and create a community of individuals who have forged in the ether a fundamental shift in consciousness towards the higher.

“In this battle, we are called to redeem the earth through the creation of a new humanity-a humanity that will arise only if we can restrain ourselves from shaping the new children to the patterns of the past.”

“The choice for man is not between finding a new way or hanging on to the old, but one of how to the way in full health and clarity of mind.”

“Man requires for the period of human development now opening a mode of mentation that will permit his thinking to follow, with ease and in total harmony with his cosmic origin. Transitions of substance from one level of tangibility to another.”

There is resistance to these ideas and to the formation of this community because our fellow man is not even equipped to deal psychologically with the intensity of the emergent energy. Those of us who have been able to harness this force are called on to move the entire human race forward with practical etheric engineering. Understanding the human body’s physical reactions to Orgone Energy is essential to etheric engineering because it this energy has powerful reactions that must be directed properly.

“Mankind in the mass, and the overwhelming majority of individuals, cannot at the present time tolerate the orgasmic movement of biological energy.”

“UFOs as a cosmic manifestation are already cracking up armor, and with it the mass neurosis and all its retardative social manifestations.”

“Man must therefore face himself before he can face intelligently the cosmic beings upon whose dimensions he has begun to impinge technically with ever-increasing intensity.”

“Man’s armoring against life, and against the movement of his own life energy, is responsible for the process of evasion that has characterized official science in its attitudes to UFOs.”

Confronted with Irrationalism on all sides it is a functional approach to the UFO mystery at the core of Trevor Constable’s research and his direct experience with the dynamic tensions of the etheric that have enabled him to share with us means of exploring this frontier whether in photographing the life-forms of the chemical ether or grasping the etheric to create millions of gallons of rain to pour from the atmosphere at will.

“To Wilhelm Reich we owe the elucidation of all this irrationalism. Understanding his discovery of the orgone energy brings automatic understanding that one may follow UFOs only functionally, that is, in accordance with living processes and their continual dynamic transitions.”

“Functional thinking and functional methodology are required before we can begin to understand UFOs”

“Common sense suggests a possible beginning in offbeat, borderland areas of investigation and though where human beings of a novel bent have always labored outside and usually beyond official science. The mavericks of this borderland include many qualified scientists who explore the field avocationally. These scientists tackle phenomena that do not square with mechanistic concepts and methods, or which seemingly spill over into the methodologically forbidden realm…”

The Cosmic Pulse of Life: The Revolutionary Biological Power behind UFOs

The Cosmic Pulse of Life

Awesome scientific discoveries that have been suppressed, an advanced technology for the future: radionics, etheric forces, orgone energy, and the history of spiritual science. Etheric Forces…. Cosmic Energies which regulate and shape life on earth. Discover how to tap into this universal stream. Orgone Energy…. A mass-free, all pervading energy, one aspect of the Etheric Forces. Free energy awaiting humanity’s enlightened advancements. Cosmic Electronics…. Simple geometric arrangements of materials which can detect and distribute living energies anywhere in the universe — without any physical connection!! Living UFOs…. Plasmatic inhabitants of our atmosphere… hidden from ordinary view but visible to anyone using the simple photographic techniques described in this book! A real cult classic. Includes 40 pages of illustrations!

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