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Legacy of Contact: 70 years on the Borderland of Science

Explore in this set of historical documents the Flying Saucer research of Meade Layne and Riley Crabb.


Eight Flying Saucer Lectures for $49.95

“Flying Saucers and the New Consciousness” (1958, 1973)


Ralph “Rolf Telano” Holland made such an attempt in 1952, after he had received and transmitted to Meade Layne the material on the etheric Viknors. He sat in a darkened room at his typewriter, writing out his questions, and the replies, as they were telepathically received. Being thoroughly familiar with the Richard Shaver Cavern world material he tried for a Cavern world contact.

“Can you tell me anything about the flying disks and other strange objects in the sky?”

“Yes, if it is lawful to tell, and you have the ability to understand.”

“Meade Layne says that they are Etherians. Some say that they come from other planets. Others that they are from our own earth. Which one is right?”

“All of them are right. There are different objects which people are able to see at times. They come from different places, other planets, other planes, and other places on this planet, or co existent with it.”

“Then there are Etherians?”


“Are they human beings?”

“Is steam water? Is a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen water?

“Not exactly”

“Yet, they can be produced from water, and converted into water.”

“I see”

“I doubt it.”

“Can you communicate with these Etherians at will?”

“Yes, if we have any reason for doing so. We do not waste our time or anyone else’s communication merely for amusement, or to satisfy idle curiosity.

“How is this accomplished?”

“Exactly the same as I am now communicating with you. The principle involved is very simple. It is merely a matter of converting or translating vibrational frequencies to establish rapport between two intelligences. It is not necessary that these intelligences be embodied in corporeal flesh. On the contrary, this is often a hindrance. You must understand that the real being of any intelligence is not what you see. This real being clothes itself with corporeal flesh which vary, just as the corporeal body, in turn, clothes itself with material things.”

“Flying Saucers and the Coming Space Probes” (1958)


“One thing I can prophesy for certain is that as scientists continue experimenting with matter in its fourth state, and go on to matter in its fifth state — or the third etheric level as I’ve shown on the chart on the preceding page pp they will find their experiments being affected by their own thoughts, by their own emotions! That is what lies ahead for the earnest researcher, when he discovers that his experiments are being affected by his own thoughts and feelings, and by the thoughts and feelings of his fellow workers in the laboratory, he will no longer be a scientist, he will be a magician! That is where the search for pure energy leads, to the discovery that mind controls matter.

“It was this understanding which led Sir James Jeans to write: “We discover that the universe shows evidence of a designing or controlling power that has something in common with our own individual minds … ”

And another earnest researcher, Sir Arthur Eddington ”Modern physics has eliminated the notion of substance … Mind is the first and most direct thing in our experience … I regard matter as derivative from Consciousness … the old atheism is gone …”

“Here is an apt observation from another scientist, J.B.S. Haldane: “The only real world is the Spiritual world … The truth is that not Matter, not Force, not any physical thing, but Mind, personality, is the central fact of the Universe … ”


I can see some of you, who find these metaphysical ideas utterly distasteful, turning back to points 3 and 4 of the BSRA brochure of Jan.1 1956, where the Yada and other members of the Inner Circle are quoted as saying: No Earthian can make an interplanetary flight while in his normal body unless that body is reconditioned prior to entering the aeroform”, and this reconditioning “would consist of time-measured dosages of high frequencies produced by small electronic devices.”

When I first read this three years ago it occurred to me that from the technical point of view meditation would also produce “time-measured frequencies” from the Individuality to the personality.

Obviously, some Mystery school teachings, such as those of the Chaldean-Egyptian Kabala and of Raja Yoga, have very elaborate techniques for conditioning the personality for space travel. Naturally, the material-minded Westerner world prefers to use an electronic gadget to produce the same results. I’m sure the space medicine research of the U.S. Air force is headed in that direction now. It could come about through the endless testing of Air Force personnel for space travel qualifications. Once the physical pattern is established then research would be directed toward developing electronic devices, and finding drugs, which would help condition the would-be traveler for his trip.

“Flying Saucers and America’s Destiny”



This is confirmed by the contactees. Many of them claim to have received messages from the Space Visitors, indication some of the UFO’s are here to observe and to take technical data on the physical changes and others here on the planet–as we learned earlier from the Yada di Shi’ite. An interesting chart of the cosmic system and out present place in its was received by George Van Tassel, of Giant Rock, California. He published it in his “Proceedings” of the College of Universal Wisdom for February 1955.

The “Vela Sector System” which Van Tassel received from his instructors seems to indicate that space is marked off into very definite zones or sectors, each appropriately named, each with its governor or overlord along with his retinue of minor officials or gods. When a planet such as ours, with its cargo of trouble, enters into their zone of influence and responsibility, it is understandable that they will look us over with some misgivings. But, dedicated to the Service of Light, they take us on for the next cycle, laying out a plan of action best suited to carry out the archetypal ideal of evolution held in the Mind of the Creator.

Van Tassel’s teachers speak of these different regions I terms of density, “the levels through which creation progresses.”

“The Third Density,” George writes, “where (trouble) could exist in the triangle of confusion, is all but finished. Humans on earth are going to have to conform to the requirements of the Fourth Density, or take the grade over again. The requirement to pass — is to live the Golden Rule. Not to profess it, or to expect others to live it, but to live it individually. You are the only one responsible for yourself.”

Each Density is a vortex of space matter or energy, call it Etheric. The even numbered vortexes are of positive polarity. The uneven are of negative polarity — the Inbreathings and Outbreathings of Brahm? Each density is composed of many galaxies, nebula, and solar systems.

“The solar system that we are in.” writes Van Tassel, “it’s now in the arc between the Third and Fourth Densities. For the planet earth and this solar system — this is the time of times. The earth is culminating a minor cycle, a major cycle and a master cycle all at the same time. This will bring about a rebalancing of the planet on new poles. When this occurs, sometime between the years 1958 and 1980, the great earthquake of Revelations, in the Bible, will take place.”

“Flying Saucers on the Moon: the Sixth Lecture in a Series” (1960)


Such a violent change — as space travel — in life’s basic values means violent changes in the personality. If the Astronauts practice self-hypnosis and use it to adjust themselves to space, they will become Yogins. When John Glenn and Scott Carpenter were here in San Diego recently, they said the space race would bring knowledge and progress undreamed of at the present time. I wonder if either is really aware at this time in mid-1962 of how radical a departure he has made from normal life? I doubt it.

What will be the state of mind of these gentlemen when they find themselves consciously out of their bodies? That is the $64 question. Let us suppose there is a successful take off from Cape Canaveral. The rocket lifts up and over into orbital flight. The third stage parts successfully and the Astronaut is on his way. Everything is go. He puts the spacecraft on automatic pilot, suggests himself into a trance and becomes rigid.

There is a snap and suddenly he is aware of his own body in its pressure suit there in the contour chair. Wow, what a new thrill! Boy would he like to share this experience with someone, his wife, back in their motel at Coco Beach. Just as suddenly he is standing beside her. He reaches out to embrace her and goes right through her! Kind of disconcerting to be without a body, isn’t it?

We can laugh about this: but this is just what is going to happen; and when it does the space scientist is going to have to admit to the reality of this invisible, Etheric realm around us, interpenetrating ours, and yet distinctly separate. This is one aspect of the revolution in consciousness being forced on us by the space age.


This is the Moon Initiation toward which mankind is headed and America is leading the way. This is the 32nd Path on the Tree of Life of the Western Mystery Tradition. Actually this is the first Path which lies ahead of anyone who signs up for a course of instruction from a Mystery School and prepared for initiation. This Path takes one from Malkuth to Yesod on the Tree of Life. Malkuth is the earth; Yesod is the moon. Formerly this path was taken only by individuals. Now the space race is taking mankind on this Path! The whole earth is going through this initiation. That is the significance of what is happening today.

“Flying Saucers Uncensored” (1965)


Gray Barker received a tip from California, and published it in his “Saucerian” magazine, that scientists and heads of certain industries here on the coast has been invited under rigid security to the Hotel Statler in New York for a secret meeting, the code name for which was “Aircraft Engine Power”. “But they weren’t there to discuss anything so common as jet planes. It involved a fantastic new source of power, utilizing neutronic energy in a highly advanced nature, which could be expelled from the aircraft to give it a rocket like thrust. It was hinted the secret had been learned from taking apart an interplanetary Saucer.”


Human: But there must be some among us worthy of contact?

Entity: What leads you to believe such contacts have not been made?

Human: I — uh — I just couldn’t believe it —those that I had read. Could you tell us how they go? They don’t seem to have engines like our planes or our rockets.

Entity: Your engineers would not recognize it if they saw it. It is out of the range of their thinking at present. The Disks are powered with pure energy flows which permeate all space and all planets. You know something about the results of these flows — electricity, light, heat, gravitation, and so on — but you know nothing about the source of these, the primary flows of energy in their pure form. I cannot explain it to you.

Human: Why not?

Entity: Could you explain algebra or calculus to a three year old?

Yet this is what BSRA has been trying to do since Meade Layne founded in in 1946 in San Diego


Flying Saucers emerge onto our plane of perception from a different space-frame. This is done by a conversion of energy — as was suggested by the Cavern Dweller in the above conversation. Or let us say that the UFO moves into our perception by a change of vibration, as was demonstrated to the scientists at Muroc in 1954.

There is a spectrum of tangibility, just as there is a spectrum of sound and light. At its normal rate of vibration Etheric matter passes easily through earth or physical matter, and is much more controlled by thought. The great adjustment we and our scientists have to make in our understanding is that any mental form can be brought into physical existence. This is done by mental action and controlled by mental action. In their own world, Etheric objects are as real as earth objects.



“The distinguishing characteristic of all elementary particles of matter is their localized persistence of individuality, ad this is also the distinguishing characteristic of vortex motion. Wave motion is not localized like the elementary particles of matter, nor does it have individuality within the full meaning of that term … if a vortex ring is distorted from the circular into the elliptical form, it will spontaneously revert into the original circular form. The vortex ring therefore does have persistence of individuality and memory of its original form. The resiliency of a vortex ring does not depend on the nature of its material u is an inherent characteristic of the form of the motion itself.”

“Another effect of such viscidity is to cause adjacent vortex rings to exert a coordinating effect upon each other so as to bring them into axial alignment and rolling contact whenever possible, which Kelvin’s nineteenth century vortex rings in a non-viscid ether would not do. If we assume that face-to-face rolling contact is a necessary and sufficient condition for structural stability, then with two vortex rings it will be possible to produce two different stable structures as shown in Fig. 2, with the adjacent sides of the two rings moving either inwardly or outwardly, but not in opposite directions. This immediately suggests a much-needed structural basis for protons and electron and for the electric fields associated therewith.”

“So our Ether must be turbulent, rhythmical, dynamic and not quiet or static. Somebody is doing something to matter and the medium through which it is doe is the all-pervading ethers, “a sea of energy in which the earth floats”, and in which each atom floats!”

“Flying Saucers at Edwards Air Force Base, 1954”

PERSONAL BULLETIN No. 4 April 16, 1954

Dear Associates,

The following news is authentic. It is a personal first hand report from one of our best-known Associates — whose name will be given within a few days. This Associate has spent two days at the Edwards Air Force Base.

At this Base five types of aeroform are under top-level inspection, with the permission and help of the Etherians. The process of Mat and Demat have been demonstrated. There is consternation, confusion, and collapse among scientist, technicians, and governmental authorities.

Your BSR Director has had an interview of about an hour with Controls Ramon Natalli and the Yada di Shi’ite, relative to the news here summarized.

In this connection we point out (since it’s all in the family, so to speak, and no axe to grind) that all basic information concerning the areoforms give to us by the MP Controls in 1946, has been and is now being verified — their own origin and purpose, their etheric nature, their operation by etheric or space people, much of the super-physics involved and which now is so devastating to the text book science of the experts assembled at the EF Base. The tide had been turning in our favor for some time — and it now reaches its flood stage in a great historical event. Quite seriously, the destiny of our race and planet hangs in delicate balance — but the issue is in our own hands and Mankind can and will win through into a better world

M. Layne

“Flying Saucers & Harmony with Nature”


“Now a word about the Bad Guys, the Men in Black, who are most appropriately called the Lunar Mafia because that appears to be their home base — as well as the interior of the Earth. We are told their major exit and entry point in at the South Pole, in Flying Saucers which can travel as fast as 3,000 miles per hour, we are told. They have a way of appearing to contactees and scaring the hell out of them, or anyone who has a fragment of a Flying Saucer or a good picture of one.


“The consensus among the hundreds of persons who viewed the object, including those who saw it actually crash, was that ‘the artifact was intelligently commanded towards the base of El Taire’. The observers believed the accident was not casual but intentional … An interesting sidelight to the explosion is that long with the silvery projective a second body, noticeably smaller, closely followed the cylinder. After the crash, the smaller partner was seen to fly away from the scene!”

“Evidence of patrol activity by someone obviously. I say the Guardians of our planet. An Invader from outer space, perhaps from outside the Solar System, hunted down and forced to self-destruct against a remote mountainside. This aspect of the Flying Saucer phenomenon has always been ignored or covered over by Air Force propagandists — such as J. Allen Hynek: but this was one of the major points put forward to the Secretary General of the United Nations in the 1960’s, U Thant, by Colman Von Kevivzky: there are both Good Guys and Bad Guys I outer space, and the Bad Guys represent a threat to our civilization.”

Eye into the Ethers


The following selection is excerpted from “The Cosmic Pulse of Life: The Revolutionary Biological Power Behind UFOs” by Trevor James Constable, a true borderland researcher. The book was originally published by Merlin Press in 1976, and republished in 1990 as a revised edition by Borderland Sciences, now available while supplies last. An important addition to any UFO and weird science library. 40 pages of illustrations. Paperback, 473pp. $16.95 + shipping.

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