Ruth Drown: Vril Radio Vision

I was feeling averse to trying to do this writing and especially to try to understand a Vril Compendium and Ruth Drown which is sitting on the top of the pile of books on my desk demanding to be heard. From experience I know if there is resistance to jump right into the weirdness and I grabbed the text and opened the page at random.

This was on March 20th, 2024.

“The January 1902 St Louis Post story created more interest in Stubblefield’s inventions. Two months later, he traveled to Washington D.C. for another public demonstration. On March 20th, 1902, aboard the steamer Bartholdi, of the Virgina bank of the Potomac, opposite Georgetown, Stubblefield sent wireless messages to receivers on shore.”

Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi was a French sculptor and painter. He is best known for designing Liberty Enlightening the World, commonly known as the Statue of Liberty.

After days of struggle with Vril 7 I turned to the introduction to see what Gerry had to say and to try to get him to show me how to get the message.

“The conformity of any system with Vril energy determines the system’s success, Vril eidetic experience threads through material configurations. Vril threads self-articulate in the ground. Vril thread self-articulations represent mysterious Vril expressions with especial regard to place, position,m alignment,height, depth, and structure. Vril continuity is distal experience. Vril threads transact eidetic experiences, Vril threads are eidetic projections of eidetic worlds.”

“Vril energy is first detected through visceral responses (Galvani, Mesmer, Starr-White, Abrams), It is magnified in some instances by appropriate tuning mechanisms to yield its eidetic content (R.Drown).”

“Vril projections release Vril LIght into the inertial space. Vril  Light is pure Light. Galvanic metallo-configurations are mineral configurations of Vril Light. Special materials are Vril Light Stones. Vril Light is pure light. Vril Light does not require frictive actions to produce light.”

Vril Compendium Volume 7 Vril Dendric Ground Systems, 1992
Gerry Vassilatos

They say a picture is worth a thousand worlds. This image from Healing Triangle of Light has been sitting on my desk for days and days. I have spent  a good deal of time doing research on the properties of the inverse square but have found nothing constructive to say about it.

I am just going to let the last paragraph from Gerry really make this a confused point.

The inverse square seems to be related to the first law of thermodynamic energy and I have been struggling to demonstrate how on the Borderland of Science we somehow violate that first law on a regular basis. Is Vril Light subject to the idea that light varies as the inverse square of the distance?

Speaking of “Galvanic metallo-configurations” to “yield its eidetic content,“ Ruth Drown is eager to connect with Gerry Vassilatos. She presents us the rubbing plate!

In getting our reaction the timing must be right and not too fast, or the electrons ‘bunch up’. Giving a continuous reaction. When energy passes through condenser to upper plate, its polarity is changed and it meets flow of electrons being stimulated by finger, with finger stall, and the two short; even as the positive and negative energy in a light bulb come together and short, forming a lite.”

“We build up electrons of atoms in the cell and health ensues. Disease is the lack of, or too many electrons in the atoms of the cell, our instrument normalizes it. “

I am preserving the odd sentence structure from the original document although it seems like a typo.

I am not sure what Ruth Drown is trying to tell us with the example of the light bulb and the short circuit. I think there are some problems with the “copy” of this document but I am not sure what the problem is or when it happened. There is a clear error describing the light bulb and the short circuit but if we are talking about short circuits creating “light” we can see a ready example in the Tesla coil spark gap.

“…in the typical circuit, the spark gap’s short circuiting action prevents high-frequency oscillations from ‘backing up’ into the supply transformer.”

“A short circuit may lead to formation of an electric arc. The arc, a channel of hot ionized plasma, is highly conductive and can persist even after significant amounts of original material from the conductors has evaporated.”

I am the first to admit that I am nearly illiterate when it comes to electrical engineering but the use of similar language between Drown saying ‘bunch up’ and Wiki saying ‘backing up’ to describe this activity we assume we are observing is interesting. Does it mean anything? I will leave that up to you. It would not be the first time you quit the newsletter in disgust.

So…here we go, perhaps, the rubbing plate on a Ruth Drown device is like a spark gap. There will be a short circuit between the finger and the upper plate. Perhaps a form of “Vril Arc” is created in the dielectric space between the rubber and the conductor on the rubbing plate. Cool and non-frictive discharge?

Gerry has pointed out that..,

Galvanic metallo-configurations are mineral configurations of Vril Light.

Vril Light does not require frictive actions to produce light.

Dr. Mahlon Loomis has been brooding around here the entire time. I have never met a contact who was so unhelpful. We will let him take the stage…

“July 30, 1872”

“Be it known that I, Mahlon Loomis, dentist, of Washington, District of Columbia, have invested or discovered a new and improved mode of telegraphing and generating light, heat, and motive power.”

“The nature of my discovery consists in general terms of utilizing natural electricity and establishing a natural electric current or circuit for telegraphic and other purposes without the aid of wires, artificial batteries or cables to form such electrical circuits; and yet communicate from one continent of the globe to another. “

“To enable others skilled in electrical science to make use of my discovery. I will describe the arrangements and mode of operation. As in dispensing with the double wire (which was first used in telegraphing) and making use of one, substituting the earth instead of a wire to form one-half the circuit and the continuous electrical element far above the earth’s surface for the other part of the circuit. I also dispense with all artificial batteries, but use the free electricity of the atmosphere, co operating with that of the earth, to supply the electrical dynamic force or current for telegraphing and other useful purposes, such as light, heat, and motive power.”

-Vril Compendium, Volume 7 Vril Dendric Ground Systems, 1992 Vassilatos

To be honest I have never seen Ruth Drown so willing to discuss the inner workings of Radio Vision nor has it made as much sense in light of what Gerry and Loomis have shared with us so far. The schematics from Ruth Drown clearly show that she is using “Galvanic metallo-configurations” and “natural electricity” to obtain a form of photographic image. If you have ever seen the images they are slightly disappointing and abstract, but they certainly are what they purport to be, an image on the photographic material…it’s not like it’s an x-ray which is what I think I would first assume.

“In pursuance of the foregoing and according to my present invention a method of obtaining photographic images of living and other objects and more particularly human beings consists in subjecting a highly sensitized photographic plate or film to an electromotive force so as to produce a field thereon and providing means susceptible to the influence of invisible energy rays or electrons of the atoms of the object to be photographed to produce a change in voltage drop across an electrical circuit to correspondingly influence said field.”

“In practice the subject to be photographed is placed close to the photo-electric cell and it is found that the radiant energy of the subject impinges on the cathode of the tube resulting in an increasingly higher resistance placed across the cell. Such increase will cause an exceedingly minute change of the current in the anode circuit, in turn producing a change in the voltage drop across the circuit, such voltage drop or change in position being led through the selection and tuning section constituted by the rheostat.”

-Drown Radio Vision and Homo-Vibra Ray Instruments and their uses, 1951 Ruth Drown

“Vril projections release Vril LIght into the inertial space. Vril Light is Pure Light. Galvanic metallo-configurations are Vril transactors. Vril Light appears in specific metal and mineral configurations (ground and apparatus). Devices may entune the manifestation of Vril LIght. Vril Light does not require frictive actions to “produce light”

“Vril Light is organismically vitalizing. Vril light is formative radiance. Vril light does not destroy its conductors. Vril light is phosphorescent in densified inertio-detrital spaces. Certain defractors arrange Vril phosphorescence (Plucker, Crookes, Tesla, Mac Farland-Moore)”

“The enhosting of pure mobile forms experienced in Vril eidetic worlds provides true motance, The enhosting of the pure light seen in Vril eidetic worlds provides prie Vril light.”

“Vril conduction leaves specific crystallizations in minerals and metals. Peering into these patterns transacts sudden understandings to recipients. Vril thread passage through such  Vril crystallizations with especial clarities of insight resulting in sensitives, Vril LIght is formative radiance, Vril Light gives eidetic translation among and through Vril Templates.”

-Vril Compendium, Volume 7 Vril Dendric Ground Systems, 1992 Vassilatos

“Therefore it is that positive energy of the operator emanating from the tips of the fingers, coming in contact with the detector which causes a definite short in the passage of the disease energy or vibrations from any localized tissue, organ or gland of the body.”

“It has been difficult for the average physician to recognize the great vital life force which flow through everything in the universe, giving it its own rate of vibration. When that rate of vibration changes, the substance recognized as a definite thing ceases to be that thing and becomes something else without ceasing to be a substance. Were commercial electricity used with this instrument, we could defeat our own purpose to the degree that we would waste that electrical energy, for it would not find its own rate of vibration in the human body, and we would also obscure the flow of human energy…”

Both Loomis and Drown make a clear distinction between commercial electricity, natural electricity and the electricity emanating from the operator.

We had a hero give us a monthly donation of fifty bucks just hit yesterday. Oh Geeze, it really means so much! Harder than ever to find Liberty and I am super enthused by the support of Our Lamp!

Ruth wanted to end the newsletter on a high note and wish everyone Love!

“Our mental action, functioning in the feeling world, which is called “love,” is magnetism. Magnetism is harmony according to its action The temperature changes in our mental and feeling world, and ultimately it outpictures in our bodies, because they are the outpicturing of our own individual mentalities.”

“Magnetism, as the field of force acting between two elements out of which energy, electricity and light are made manifest, comes from the earth side of life. It is that energy or quality called force, feeling , or emotional energy. It is that electronic substance which is known as the soul or covering of the spirit, itself being covered by the physical body.”

“Here again we have the spirit, soul and body; nucleus, mode and free electrons of the atom, or the Trinity- Wisdom (nucleus); Love (magnetism); Power (electron).”

“No thought pattern can manifest unless filled with magnetism (heat) or feeling!”

The Science and Philosophy of the Drown RadioTherapy, Ruth Drown