Ruth Drown Theory

“Does Ruth Drown’s Cancer Theory Hold Up in the 21st Century ?”

Ruth Drown’s Cancer Theory is stated thus:

“Not enough Life Force to a part of the body causes congestion of electrons which forms a tumor.”

The Drown Radio Vision, Part C, Page 84. Journal of Borderland Research. Sept-Oct 1951 

A google search on the terms “congestion of electrons which forms a tumor” produced the following to articles from which we will draw our comparison and speculation:

Oxygen plays a key role in accepting free

electrons at the end of oxidative phosphorylation

that produces the energy molecule, adenosine

triphosphate (ATP), forming water. This prevents

congestion of electrons in the associated electron

chain complexes (I to V) on the inner mitochondrial

membrane. However, in some instances when

oxygen is reduced it can be converted to

superoxide, rather than water. Superoxide will then

be converted to hydrogen peroxide that is secreted

into the cell leading to damage.

Published: September 30, 2022

Citation: Walker MOM, Hall

KH, et al., 2022. The

significance of oxidative stress in

the pathophysiology of Long

COVID and Myalgic


Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS),

Medical Research Archives,

[online] 10(9).


In 1957, Peter Siekevitz branded the mitochondrion the “powerhouse” of the cell [1]. Less than a decade later came the first reports that the organelle generated reactive oxygen species (ROS) as a byproduct of cellular respiration [2]. Since then, it has become apparent that mitochondria are highly dynamic organelles that contribute to cellular homeostasis not only through maintaining adenosine triphosphate (ATP) levels, but also through the generation of low levels of ROS for cell signaling, and that dysfunction in either of these processes can propagate pathology. 

Despite this variation between cell types, mitochondrial ATP generation and ROS production are intimately linked through function of the electron transport chain (ETC), and thus efficient measurement of ETC function can provide insight into mechanisms of physiology and disease pathogenesis.

Redox Biol. 2020 Oct; 37: 101674.

Published online 2020 Aug 6. doi: 10.1016/j.redox.2020.101674

PMCID: PMC7767752

PMID: 32811789

Mitochondrial electron transport chain: Oxidative phosphorylation, oxidant production, and methods of measurement

Deirdre Nolfi-Donegan,a,b,1 Andrea Braganza,a,1 and Sruti Shivaa,c,∗

One of the biggest challenges with researching Borderland Sciences is that there can be so much information to evaluate that one becomes overwhelmed.

I find medical Radionics to be the most frustrating. I don’t feel confident that I have a reasonable grasp of the mainstream 21st century medical language, much less language that reflects advanced intuitive thinking of the early 20th century.

I feel sorry for the healers because they are among the most hated people by the system. Ruth Drown would be in prison again in the 21st century. I find it almost unfortunate that Radionics is associated with disease. Far more interesting to me is what it teaches us about the true nature of our body-mind complex and how it reveals a living dynamic energetic universe that is used as much for evolution as it is for healing the sick.

This makes these medical speculations less fun but we are confident that the synchronicity is goaded by Dr. Ruth Drown so we slog forward. I really don’t know how I expect you to read this, I just hope you are particularly bored and particularly interested in Radionics.

So for grins and giggles I googled the language Ruth Drown used in Part C of Radio-Vision: “congestion of electrons which forms a tumor”

I was skeptical that I would find any “Congestion of electrons” but indeed it was associated with the oxygen function of mitochondrial membrane.

I was interested to learn that Oxygen played  a key role in accepting free

electrons at the end of oxidative phosphorylation that produces the energy molecule, (ATP), forming water which prevented “congestion of electrons” in the associated electron chain complexes on the inner mitochondrial

membrane.  And that the mitochondria are  the “powerhouse” of the cell and that efficient measurement of ETC function can provide insight into mechanisms of physiology and disease pathogenesis. 

When we look at Ruth Drown’s Cancer Theory that “Not enough Life Force to a part of the body causes congestion of electrons” we can ask the question:

Is Drown describing the role of the Oxygen in accepting free electrons when she refers to Life Force?

Because Oxygen and Life Force have a very interesting relationship, namely the traditional observation that Prana is said to reside in the breath, can we say the Life Force resides with Oxygen in a similar way?

Prana is also described with electric-like properties of polarity. 

What role does Prana or Life Force have to do with oxidative phosphorylation of the associated electron chain complexes on the inner mitochondrial Membrane?

We can speculate that Oxygen fully charged with Vital Force will cause the cells to “accept the free electrons” and thus produce the maximum vitality. 

If there is a depletion in Vital Force the oxygen will not accept the free electrons and the disabled ETC function creates disease pathogenesis and cell damage, that no doubt result in “tumors”.

We can intuit that the Drown’s Radionic technique allowed the Life Force to equilibrate any imbalance in the associated electron chain complexes on the inner mitochondrial Membrane of the disease site?

What role does Life Force or Prana, as understood by the breath, play in a galvanic circuit grounded to the earth?

We can speculate that the galvanic circuit has the ability, like the Prana on breath, to carry along a charge of vital force necessary to assist the oxygen accepting the free electron near the mitochondrial membrane, thus increasing vitality.  

I probably am using the language wrong but I think we have been able to find that Ruth Drown’s basic observation and intuition about the “Congestion of electrons” is a valid observation in the 21st century if we are willing to see open ourselves to the role Life Force plays in the electric function of oxygen.

In working up the newsletter I am using a set of Drown books that have been in a storage box.

I find that this copy of Theory and Technique of the Drown HVR has a copy of The Hendershot Mystery accidentally bound with it.

I am sure that this makes this YOUR copy, meant just for YOU…so I will put this up on the eBay so you can acquire it.

I think this excerpt of The Hendershot Mystery ties in best to the discussion at hand.

For those interested in my Father’s analysis of how this generator worked, the following are his theories on the subject.

“The field of magnetism surrounding the earth is similar to the field of magnetism in a man made generator.”

“The rotor of a generator is revolved by some means of power, cutting the lines of magnetism, creating electric power. The earth is turning inside of a field of magnetism. That, no one contradicts, yet it is claimed there is no power to be derived from it.”

“Let’s say we have a mechanism that will collect, polarize and create a positive and negative connection to this tremendous power that is ever-present on the earth.”

“As long as the earth rotates around the sun, it will create electric power which some scientists claim does not exist. Yet, we dig into the mountain for material that costs unbelievable sums, to create the same power.”

“Magnetism must be cut. The lines of force circling the earth are constant and if this force is broken up, and polarized, you have the equivalent of uranium broken up, which creates heat and power.”

“A very small unit comprised of wire, a magnet, several special designed coils, condensers, collector units, and a few other minor items, will cut this force. Another especially designed mechanism will polarize it, giving it a positive and a negative connection to any resistance and the result is the generation of electricity.”

The Hendershot Mystery, Appendix C

Two excerpts that do not require explanation but fit in with the sort of context with the questions raised…

The Theory and Technique of the Drown H.V.R. and Radio-Vision Instruments

By Ruth Drown,1939
  Chapter VI  Radio-Vision and its Theory

“In the Drown Method we attempt to improve the tie between the material and the so-called unseen Energy which animates all life. It has been difficult for the average physician to recognize this vital Life Force which flows through everything in the Universe, giving to it its own rate of vibration. If that rate of vibration changes, the substance changes, the substance, hitherto regarded as a certain type of element, ceases to be that type and becomes something else without ceasing to be a substance.”

“This invisible line is therefore the Life Force of the body. It also takes the form of liquid and gases when the electron flow is speeded up fast enough to produce heat.. When the body ceases to be animated by this Life Force–in other words, when death comes–we cannot tune into it with our instruments. The Life Force, or “radio beams” has been withdrawn.”

Chapter VIII Questions and Answers

Q. Dr. H., Texas. How does the H.V.R. treat the patient?

A.– The blood and nerves carry electro-magnetic energy. During treatment on the H.V.R.Instrument the foot-plates act as the cathode, and the electrode on the body acts as the anode. The energy carries the radio-active rate of vibration to the organs, glands and tissues of the body in a way similar to that in which the electrical equipped radio carries the voice or sound. Thus we have the direct energy passing through the instrument and back through the patient, conducting the rate of vibration as designated by the instrument. All energy returns to its source.

Q. – Dr. Y., California. What do you think forms a tumor in the body?

A.– All these conditions seem to be a matter of conjecture and theory. It is our theory that the anabolic function of the body is the positive energy belonging to the nucleus of the nerve cells, and thence over the nerves to the various organs and tissues of the body. The catabolic energy passes through the nerve as the bloodstream. Any impingement of the catabolic function would inhibit the natural flow of the bloodstream through the nerve to the tissue supported by this nerve. There would thus be a lack of balance between the  catabolic and anabolic functions. However, the anabolic function would continue in a true, steady manner, but the impingement of the catabolic function would inhibit the carrying away of old cells. Therefore we would have a new cell built in on the old cell, producing an abnormal condition or growth.

To me so much more important for the Borderland Scientist is the far reaching implications of personal development rather than the sort of short sighted curing of disease.

I think Ruth Drown who went down that path and tried to really think in medical terms showed us the perils of that path.

She was no short sighted materialist though and at the heart of her philosophy is the clear underlying intention of profound personal realization and “in so doing raise his consciousness to where, at last, he knows he is the ruler of his own particular little world, with power to command it”

Science and Philosophy of The Drown Radio Therapy
By Ruth Drown
All things are under the command of this Great Intelligence, as it is the source of the magnetic energy of Light brought down into substance.  Magnetism holds the form, sound and substance of all things even having been, or ever being, on this plane. It is elastic, it attracts, holds, repels and shapes all things. We could liken it to the soap bubble, upon which other soap bubbles are formed. The force causing the formation is unseen, be we call it air, gas or energy.

The cells of the physical body are likewise under the command of this Great Intelligence. They are created by an unseen energy which passes through the particular pattern designated, and takes the changes of formation from the gaseous through the liquid, the gelatinous, the calcificied. Often a part of the cell formation is seen under the microscope, but the acting energy is invisible.

Every cell in our body represents its own complete body, and takes its place in the world as an individual conscious unit. Yet we, with all the millions of cells in our bodies, constitute only ONE CELL in the great body of humanity. Our earth is the smallest in this particular chain of planets, in galaxy upon galaxy of other chains.

It is impossible to conceive of the immensity of life. However, everyone must and can learn only from his own little point in the scheme of things, and in so doing raise his consciousness to where, at last, he knows he is the ruler of his own particular little world, with power to command it when he has won through to self-command.

And so we come back, inevitably, to the fact that we must begin with ourselves.

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