Psychic Self-Defense Part 1

Pre-Conditions For Attack

By Riley Hansard Crabb

1. The Cabalistic Cross

2. The Invocation of the Flame

3. The Middle Pillar Exercise

4. Is There Any Defense? Yes!

5. The Three Basic Drives of Life

6. When Adaptation Fails

7. The Obvious Neurosis, Cancer

8. Der Feuhrer

9. No Cure from Psychotherapy

10. The Reincarnated Torturers

11. A More Comprehensive Chart of the Tree Needed

12. The Lures of Hecate

13. The Open Door

14. He Backster Effect

15. Recycling the Horrors of War

16. Poisioned Blood Produces Neurosis

17. The All-Important Monsters, the Qliphoth

18. The Holy War in Vietnam

19. The Habitations of Hell

20. The Inverse Tree

21. “What Do You Do To Protect Yourself?”

22. The Results of Daily Rituals. The Cabala or Yoga of One-Pointedness

23. Psychic Attack From a Guru or Teacher

24. Redirect The Attack to Garbage

25. The Changing Of the Occult Tides

26. Characteristics Of The Vampire Teacher Burning Up The Fire Of Flagellation

27. The Simple Rituals For Beginners

28. The Animal Forms Of The Egyptian Mysteries

29. The Demon-Ridden Neurotic

30. No Remission Of Sin

31. It’s A Question of  Efficiency

32. A Heart-Breaking Love Affair With A Black Magician

33. Dion Fortune

      Divide and Conquer

34. Aleister Crowley

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