Psychic Self Defense (Part III)

Lesson 17 in the Invisible Reality Behind Appearances.

Psychic Self-Defense, The Dweller on the Threshold, Part III

  1. Victims of Bio-Feedback Courses
  2. The Horrid Things of the Darkness
  3. Creation of an Artificial Elemental
  4. The Occult Science of Dr. Carl Jung
  5. “We Need Our Troubles”
  6. The Collective Human Primordial
  7. Why Psychoanalysis Doesn’t Succeed

The Shadow or Dweller Motif in Abraham Lincoln

  1. Another Point of View, From the 4th Dimension
  2. One’s creations Go On, And On, And On
  3. Dracula meets Wolfman
  4. Thoughts Are Things
  5. Beyond Hope of Redemption
  6. Kaiser Wilhem of Germany
  7. His Commands Are Only Echoes
  8. Endless In Its Wickedness
  9. The High Priestess of Thebes
  10. Immortal In Evil
  11. A Eunuch From Birth—Hitler
  12. Haunted By Their Past
  13. My Devil Has Come For Me
  14. The Fourth Crusade, Against the True Christ
  15. The Dweller of Innocent III Speaks
  16. The True Scriptures of Apollonius of Tyana

24.The Shadow or Dweller Objectified

“The Work of the Invisible Helpers”

  1. The Hideous Dweller of the High Priest
  2. Fire, the Purifier
  3. Djwal Kuhl’s Observation on the Dweller
  4. Which do you worship? Sun or Moon?

The Unredeemed Evils of the Past

  1. The Present Cause of Evil and Crime
  2. Oh Sleepers Awake!
  3. The Hanged Man (or Woman)
  4. Wild Eyes Gleaming in the Night
  5. The Dependent Child of Mind Must Not Become Independent
  6. A Trap For the Unwary
  7. Beyond Our Fondest Dreams
  8. “Mary Ure Death Laid to Suffocation”
  9. Let Us Examine For Unconscious Motivation

Where Did It All Begin? With Zeus!

  1. The Incestuous Desire of Zeus
  2. How To Make A Servant or Mistress
  3. The Dweller Takes Over Quickly
  4. “To Know Good and Evil”

What Say the Mahatmas of the Himalayas?

  1. “This Piece of Creative Bungling”
  2. New and Powerful Agents are Needed
  3. Unexploded “Ordinance” from the Past
  4. Confronting the Dweller Ends One Cycle
  5. The Way of the Cross
  6. A Faultless New Zealander
  7. Have No Fear of the Crossing
  8. The Lion Suddenly Confronts Dante
  9. Number Eight, the Crossing Point of the Narrow Gate

Help, I’m under attack!

  1. Destroy the Connections
  2. God, Protect me from This Friend!
  3. Draculette Reveals Herself
  4. Change From Theory to Practice
  5. The Lues of Hecate
  6. A Study In Dual Consciousness
  7. What Are Your Intentions?
  8. The Creation of a Familiar, Madame David-Neel
  9. The Solution of the Problem of Evil
  10. Visualizing and Animating a Tulpa
  11. The Life and Death Struggle Begins
  12. Into the Body of God’s Minister, the Inquisitor!
  13. What are your Intentions? A Dweller of Dark or a Body of Light?
  14. Addendum: The Work of an Invisible Helper
  15. Bibliography

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