Principles & Practice of Radiesthesia

Principles & Practice of Radiesthesia

by Abbé Alexis Mermet (author), Mark Clement (translator)
B0410 Principles & Practice of Radiesthesia

Principles & Practice of Radiesthesia is a vital background resource for students and practitioners of radionics, earth energy, dowsing and physical radiesthesia.

Mark Clement’s English translation of this 1935 French work is a classic.

This is the essential theory on the nature of dowsing and the role of pendulum. For example, Mermet expertly shows the role of practitioner and psyche.

Moreover, Mermet has packed this text with experimental information and illustrations to demonstrate the practical uses of radiesthesia, rays, and emanations. The illustrations are priceless aids to training the nervous system to detect with precision the ocean of energy that surrounds us.

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excerpt from “Principles & Practice of Radiesthesia” :

The Role of Bodies in General

2 Radiesthetic Field

To express the idea that all bodies, far beyond their material surface, influence other bodies by forces emanating from their own substance, it is customary in physics to say that they are surrounded by a field. Nothing is more familiar to us. If a candle is lit, it is surrounded by a luminous field perceived by the eyes and by a calorific field felt by the hands. If a note is struck on the piano, a musical field is created and the corresponding string of a violin nearby vibrates.

But there exists a far greater number of fields than we have senses for. An X-ray tube produces and invisible field enabling us to perceive our bones and other opaque bodies on a special screen. The Eiffel Tower gives off a field of Hertzian waves, not visible, warm or audible by themselves, but which, with an adequate apparatus, can be transformed into harmonious sounds.

The radiesthetic field is not perceptible to our senses. In order to be manifest to us it requires a specific intermediary: the apparatus of the radiesthetist.

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