Phosphorus, The Liver and Thought Forms

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October newsletter seems to have an interesting Halloween flavor so let’s get into it!

MIra Louise catches my immediate attention when she mentions one of my favorite observations from Dr. George Crile.

“The brain,” says Dr. Crile, “is the positive electrical pole of the human organism and the liver is the negative electrical pole. It follows that there cannot be disease or impairment of the liver without the brain being affected; and similarly, the liver must suffer from trouble in the brain.”

Mira then points out,:

“Mental Health, like any other kind of health, has its roots in Natural Law and Cosmic Order and not in the test tubes of the researchers nor on the most luxuriant couches in the psychiatric department.”

In Search of New Horizons of Colour, Art, and Song by Mira Louise

Oddly enough the next document in the pile of “books that have jumped off the shelf” today is The Secret of the Cavern World where we get a glimpse of Riley Crabb sharing with us the, possibly disturbing to “Mental Health”, reports from Richard Shaver. 

We might take the suggestion from Mira and look to where Richard Shavers reports coincide with Natural Law and Cosmic Order?

“The degenerates who inhabit the Caverns are not building Saucers. They are just operating  ancient flyers originally built and left there by the Elder race, and still in good flying condition. These self-appointed guardians of the treasures of the Caverns lie in wait for the space pirates, or the visitors, and come flashing in hot pursuit, thus cousin aerial battles sometimes witnessed in uncomprehended awe by ordinary mortals crawling around on the surface below. Once in a while some of us get killed.”

“Richard Shaver says that on the star-maps of the Visitors who come from elsewhere in the universe the planet Earth is labeled as “The Great Tomb”. The earth beneath our feet is the “limbo of forgotten things”, a vast storehouse of the relics of bygone days. It is interest that most primitive peoples think of the interior of the earth in this way, the limbo of forgotten things”

The Secret of the Cavern World, Riley H. Crabb

Crabb does not miss a beat when we open up Psychic Self-Defense Part III. It is like the Yada is telling us exactly how to access the “limbo of forgotten things” or of the dangers of mixing with the space pirates.

“Beyond Our Fondest Dreams’

“As long as we are quoting various instructors in occult science. I should include an appropriate quote from one of my own Teachers, the Yada di Shi’ite, talking through telegnostic Mark Probert in San Diego, California in 1952.”

“You are living in consciousness and so am I. It is a creation of One World, a manifestation of It; and many things come to take place in its endless phenomena. By that I mean to say a medium or a sensitive can cause himself or herself to become in rapport with a thought-form created by another, or created by himself or herself. 

“And a certain part of your mind, your thinking mind, will close off, and not tell you that this thought-form is your own creation. This creation can attack you!”

“You can create a thought-form so solid you can make a servant out of it; or you can turn it into what you call a devil and it will attack you. (And the seven can become a devil! Refer back to the story of the Golem in Lesson 16, Psychic self-Defense Part II, pages 48-49, The Jewish Cabalists of 16th Century Poland knew this only too well!)”

“You may not possibly say the inner truths of this to the general masses, for they would abuse them. The power of man, or woman, as a creator is beyond your present fondest dreams. You can contact and converse with the dreams of the so-called dead; for there are no dead except those who refuse to learn.”

“You go into a sleep state– your sleeping body can communicate with beings in my world – in the highest realms. They can move or go also into a form of sleep, and go into your world and communicate with you; and they can do it consciously; or you can do it consciously. It is better that you all do it consciously…”

Psychic Self-Defence Part III, Riley Hansard Crabb

Guenther Wachsmuth has entered and has sat with me for a few days patiently pressing me to make this excerpt.

I had to do outside research to remind myself of phosphorus and try to understand the scientific context of Guenther’s language. He is so much better educated than I am. I asked him about the phosphates in hot dogs and he just looked blankly at me and moved on…

I think the main point going in, is that he is describing how light is modified by the etheric formative forces from a hostile, destructive force to a useful, creative one. 

Wachsmuth shows how cosmic forces are reflected in man, he gives us a close look at the “roots of Natural Law and Cosmic Order”:

“In this fact we have one among the reasons why the light-ether sphere is thus designated, since it is in this sphere of the earth organism that the macroscopic etheric forces streaming from without are reduced to such less powerful forces as convey the perception of the “light” phenomena to the human physical sense organs.

“The earth organism is constituted with wonderful wisdom. By forming a layer of ozone in the outermost atmosphere, it protects man, who lives within the earth organism, is the lower atmosphere, from the too intensive, destructive rays of the sun, and by means of this veil of ozone reduces the intensity of the sun’s rays in such a way that can can perceive the reduced light which penetrates downward. This is a fact of fundamental importance for all phenomena of life on the solid earth.

“Besides coming in from without as a cosmic in-streaming into the earth organism, pure light appears also within the organism of the earth itself, though, of course, to a very limited extent: that is, in the light phenomena of phosphorescence.

“Research into organisms will now gain glimpses of many profound truths if it directs its look, not only to phosphorus as a substance, but much more to that action of forces in phosphorus which are manifested, not only in the formation of ozone but also in the genesis of pure light. For in this lies the vital truth that for the science of organisms, phosphorus is of decisive importance, more merely as a substance but chiefly through its radiation of force, as this has been systematically explained in connection with the laws of the earth organism.

“Ancient wisdom schools of the Orient and the Occident spoke of Lucifer- “Phosphorus” who brought the heavenly light down to the earth and gave it to man in a debased form.

“Phosphorus is so fundamental an element of the organic, the living, that its most important qualities can only be mentioned here, and must await a separate future discussion.

“We must, however, refer at this point to a phenomenon of phosphorus which stands outside the general laws of the earth, and absolutely contradicts our hitherto systematized conceptions of “combustion”: that is, the flame of phosphorus is cold. We are face to face in this with a unique phenomenon of profound significance, the full interpretation of which is impossible in our day.

“We shall formulate this somewhat differently according to the theory of ether as already stated: The phosphorus shows all the characteristics of pure light.

“It is a primal phenomenon in the cosmos, earth and man. 

“If I here refer to the inter-relationship of such manifestations with the view to the ether here set forth, the reader will please bear in mind that I do not conceive of the ether formative forces as merely automatic mechanism, as would be the case under the ether theory of physics, but that I conceive them as bound up with a whole array of qualitative and spiritual attributes and causes.

“In connection with phosphorus a mass of material may be observed helpful for an understanding of the action of the etheric formative forces, though at this point we can refer only to certain of the most essential details.

Etheric Formative Forces, Guenther Wachsmuth

Chapter VII Fundamental Phenomena for New Theory of Light, Terrestrial “Pure Light”, pg.128 

George Crile and Guenther Wachsmuth insist that we review a sentence that was omitted in the above excerpt…

“For the science of organisms, which must in the future occupy itself in the most through-going manner with ozone, emphasis must be placed upon the importance which phosphorus has for the organic world in that it not only occurs in the bones and teeth of men and animals, but is an important ingredient in the compounds of albumen (lecitin) and exerts great influence particularly upon the human liver (see Chapter XII)”

Phosphorus, the liver and the negative electric pole? 

Yada said, “And a certain part of your mind, your thinking mind, will close off, and not tell you that this thought-form is your own creation. This creation can attack you!”

Yada seems to imply based on the above conversation, that it is the phosphorus action in the “liver” that is associated with the part of the mind that “closes off” and does not “tell you that the thought-form is your own creation”. Conversely, a healthy level/action of phosphorus in the liver will enable you to maintain awareness that thought-forms are your own creation.

Guenther seems to say that it is the liver that grounds the etheric force into the human organism, its radiation of force a “a cosmic in-streaming into the earth organism.”

MIra Louise seems to realize that if there is a healthy supply/activity of phosphorus in the liver will support communication with the highest realms and “to become in rapport with a thought-form created by another, or created by himself or herself.”

 Riley Crabb insists the importance is to understand the Natural Law and Cosmic Order as the basis of health and that is the only way to be effective when confronting the space pirates and the debased light of Lucifer.

Of course everyone sort of talks over each other like always but to sort out the confusion seems worth the effort, maybe.