Odic Force

The Od Force

by Baron Karl von Reichenbach

Newly Discovered Power in Nature, and its Relation to Magnetism, Electricity, Heat and Light. Contents: Sensitive Persons; Od-Crystals-The Dark Room; Animal Magnetism; Bearer of Od; Mesmerism-The Magnetic Pass and Magnetic Doctors; Chemism; Sound – Friction – Springs; Heat – Electricity – The Material World; Loading and Conduction of Od; The Polar-Light of our Globe; Odics of our Globe; Velocity of Conduction; Radiation; Odoscope; Etymology of the word “Od”.

Stapled: 144 pp
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The Dynamics of Vital Force

by Baron Karl von Reichenbach

This scientific tome is full of the observations and experiments performed by the Baron. It is divided into eight treatise’s: The Magnetic Light, Crystals, Certain Physical and Physiological Laws of the Organic Force, The Rays of the Sun and Moon, Chemism, Matter in General, Dualism in the Odic Phenomena, Luminous Phenomena. Over 400 pages of small print, this book is a gold mine of technical descriptions of the Dynamics of Vital Force.

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Reichenbach’s Letters on Od and Magnetism

by F.D. O’Byrne

This is a must have for every Borderland Scientist investigating Vital Force. The introduction is very informative about the history and controversy surrounding the discovery of Od and the attempts to discredit Reichenbach in the press. These letters were printed as a defense in the Allegemeine Zeitung a German Political newspaper and are the most readable descriptions of the experiments with Odic Forces. This marvelous book concludes with three supplemental chapters: Odic Force as Explanation of Clairvoyance, Differences Between Od and Heat, Electricity, and Magnetism Respectively, Suggestions for Experiments to Bring the Effect of Odic Force within the Ken of Non-sensitives.

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