My Search for Radionic Truths

My Search for Radionic Truths: With Possibilities of Acceptance by Science & Medicine

My Search for Radionic Truth

by R. Murray Denning

While only a young man, the author was told by doctors in England he had an ‘incurable’ disease. But he confounded the doctors after meeting healers who practiced the art of radionics and he not only lived to a ripe old age but became a healer himself. The enthralling story of Murray’s 25 year search is a wonderful introduction into the subtle energy world of radionics. Here you will meet some of the most famous pioneers in this field, doctors such as Albert Abrams, Ruth Drown, Dinshah Ghadiali, who dared to innovate — and cure — much to the displeasure of the medical establishment. Other eminent scholars ‘overlooked’ by the medical and scientific community, such as Mary M. Leigh, Georges Lakhovsky, Darrell Butcher, George Crile, S.W. Tromp also make their appearance. Includes photos and descriptions of rare and unique equipment. Also a very useful synthesis of related fields such as dowsing, color therapy, numerology, yoga and alchemy. Excellent for beginner or advanced researcher alike.

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