Medical Electricity

Essentials of Medical Electricity
by E. Reginald Morton, M.D. (Author)

This fully illustrated manual gets into precise details about the nature of electricity in the human body, the various types of electricity useful in treatments, and a variety of treatment techniques themselves. Circuitry, schematics, devices, and demonstrations pepper this 1916 treasure, making it a project guide of infinite proportion for the electrical experimenter.

Stapled: 303 pp
Language: English
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Handbook of Medical Electricity
by Herbert Tibbits (Author)

This in-depth treatise covers the medical uses of electricity. Once considered a major impulse into medicine, this aspect is only beginning to come back into research. Includes 64 illustrations.

Stapled: 204 pp
Language: English
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Medical Electricity
by R. Bartholow (Author)

Subtitle: A practical treatise on the applications of electricity to medicine and surgery.

That there are excellent works on medical electricity is undeniable; but some of them are too voluminous, others too scientific, and not a few wanting both in fullness and in accuracy. I have attempted in the preparation of this work to avoid these errors; to prepare one so simple in statement, that a student without previous acquaintance with the subject may readily master the essentials; so complete as to embrace the whole subject of medical electricity, and so condensed as to be contained in a moderate compass.

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A Case for Electro-Therapy
by Peter Lindemann (Editor)

Subtitle: Selected U.S. Patents
Compiled by Peter Lindemann

This book contains 20 of the most significant US Patents granted concerning the use of electricity and electro-magnetism in the treatment of infectious diseases and cancer. It includes sections on the direct application of electricity to kill or neutralize micro-organisms in liquids like water, milk and blood. It reviews clinical studies that show the efficacy of simple electronic devices for treating viruses. It includes patents that address the use of magnetic pulses for food sterilization, diesel fuel sterilization, and the prevention of contamination in beer production. Doctors in the USA may not think that electricity is useful to kill germs in blood, but it works just fine in water, milk, beer and gasoline! If you have ever wondered whether electricity had legitimate, and well documented, therapeutic uses, this book is for you. A fantastic reference document for serious researchers and Healthcare Providers!

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