Eeman Biocircuits

L. E. Eeman Screens

British airman and inventor L.E. [Leon Ernst] Eeman, R.F., (May 15, 1889 – December, 1958) was the creator of the Eeman screens and proponent of his theory of the X Force, which he discovered after being disabled during the First World War (during which he served as an RAF officer, 2nd Lieut.) and sought to treat himself “by making unconscious processes conscious.”

His Eeman biocircuits (or Eeman relaxation circuits, Eeman screens — pictured right) are formed using insulated copper wires, sometimes attached to copper mesh screens, that reportedly allow human bio-magnetic energy to be connected in such a way as to promote heightened states of relaxation, healing, and general healthfulness.

The L.E. Eeman Report: The Pioneering Years of Biocircuitry

Here is a simple but profound description of energy flow in the human body. Eeman discovered that by connecting the polarities of the body with copper wires he could balance the body and heal many diseases! Learn to build your own circuits, experiment with substance circuits, and experience heightened states of awareness — without electricity!

Stapled: 106 pp
Language: English
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Cooperative Healing: The Curative Properties of Human Radiations

by L. E. Eeman

“Eeman’s chosen task is to relieve pain, organic maladjustments and functional disorders of many kinds. He uses a particular bio-electric technique which is fully described in this book.”

Language: English
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Price: $29.95

Self and Superman: The Technique of Conscious Evolution

by L. E. Eeman

First published in 1929, the esteemed inventor of the biocircuit discusses Human Energy, Causes of Contraction, Sensory Function, Reality in Sensation, Atoms, Levels of Consciousness, Polarity and Telepathy, and more.

Stapled: 183 pp
Language: English
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