Chromopathy & Light


Red & Blue Light

Red & Blue Light

by Seth Pancoast

An incredible book “devoted to The True Science of Light, describing light and its rays as medicine showing that light is the original and sole source of all the physical and vital forces of nature; and that light is nature’s own and only remedy for disease; and explaining how to apply the red and blue rays in curing the sick and feeble.”

Spiral Bound: 313 pp
Language: English
Product Code: B0209

Price: $29.95

Principles of Light and Color

Principles of Light and Color

by Edwin D. Babbitt

This is the complete edition of 1878, including all four full color plates and hundreds of illustrations. Including among other things: Harmonic Laws of the Universe: Light, Nature, Harmonic Colors In Architecture, Insufficiency of the Present theories of Light and Force: Chemical and Therapeutical Properties of Color, Shadow is an Entity, New Worlds of Light and Color; The Etherio-Atomic Philosophy of Force: Nature of Atomic Spirals, Ethereal Forces, Grades of Ether; Transverse, Converse & Paraverse Layers of Atoms; Positive & Negative Electricity; The Sun Forming Process; Chromo-Therapeutics: The Healing Power of Color, Disastrous Effects of Lack of Sunlight, Practical Instruments for Color Healing; Chromo Culture of Vegetable Life; Higher Grades of lights and Forces: Odic Light, Magnetism; Beauty of the Fine Forces; Finer vision.

Spiral Bound: 576 pp
Language: English
Product Code: B0064

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The Finer Forces of Nature (in Diagnosis & Therapy)

by George Starr White

Contains Dr. White’s early observations and subsequent findings; Polarity Health; Colors; Magnetic Energy; Diagnosing All Un-Health; Moonlight Influences All Life; Destructive Forces Explained; The Bio-Dynamo-Chromatic System of Diagnosis; “Harnessing” The Finer Forces of Nature; Colors – Their Use For Treatment As Well As For Diagnosis; Rhythm-Duo-Color Therapy.

Stapled: 231 pp
Language: English
Product Code: B0335

Price: $24.95

Spectro-Chrome Home Guide

For Family Use of Cabinet Equipment in Spectro-Chrome Metry, Measurement and Restoration of the Human Radio-active and Radio-emanative Equilibrium.
by Dinshah P. Ghadiali

Includes: Fundamental Principles, Spectro-Chrome Area Chart, Tonation, Dinshah Attuned Color Waves, How To Produce The Twelve Spectro-Chrome Attuned Color Waves, Dinshah Combination System, How Spectro-Chrome Acts, Spectral Divisions, Spectro- Chrome Affinity Waves, Spectro-Chrome Technique or Method of Using.

Stapled: 155 pp
Language: English
Product Code: B0306

Price: $17.95

Healing Triangle of Light

by Dinshah P. Ghadiali

Penned by the originator of Spectro-Chrome Metry, Dinshah Ghadiali, it is no mystery that the goal of the book was to establish that the labors of the author were progressive and independent of earlier works by others. There can be no doubt that Dinshah’s methods were inspired by Principles of Light and Color by Edwin D. Babbitt, but the system of healing developed by Dinshah incorporates the use of attuned color waves matched to their proper oscillatory frequencies. Dinshah’s complete healing system is laid out from the foundation to the gables in a sincere effort to make it understood that it is the unique work of the originator of Spectro-Chrome.

Stapled: 171 pp
Language: English
Product Code: B0423

Price: $19.95

Three Great Aquarian Age Healers

by Riley Crabb

In this talk on Psychic Surgery, Dr. Crabb examines the work of Dr. Wm. Lang, who died in 1938. Here Dr. Lang explains just how a spirit doctor works. In the second section Dr. Crabb analyzes Color Therapy developed by Drs. Pancoast and White, explaining Cabalistic principles on which color therapy is established: Balance and Rhythm! Technical drawings for the construction of a simple, duo-rhythm color projector suggested and used by Dr. White in the 1920’s.

Stapled: 62 pp
Language: English
Product Code: B0083

Price: $10.95

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