Etheric fauna disporting themselves above Mt. Wilson on the morning of Jan. 19, 1959, before sunup.

Eye into the Ethers


The following selection is excerpted from “The Cosmic Pulse of Life: The Revolutionary Biological Power Behind UFOs” by Trevor James Constable, a true borderland researcher. The book was originally published by Merlin Press in 1976, and republished in 1990 as a revised edition by Borderland Sciences, now available while supplies last. An important addition to any UFO and weird science library. 40 pages of illustrations. Paperback, 473pp. $16.95 + shipping.

A bonafide example of extraterrestrial life, even in a very simple form would revolutionize biology. . . . . . it would be truly immense.

Dr. Carl Sagan

Any application of photography as wild and revolutionary as the objectification of invisible aeroforms in our atmosphere, should by its nature prepare the participant for a departure from old norms and old forms. The majority of people who have passed the age of twenty-eight find even the conception of space animals and craft hard to tolerate, and as participants they are largely disqualified. One must be prepared to relinquish, when one undertakes the field world, the comfortable, accepted, and “safe” conceptions of reality with all their technical and academic underpinnings. A new reality is upon us, forced into human ken by the UFOs.

There are no textbooks on this infant art, and it remains an art – with a scientific basis – up to the time of the writings of this book. Lack of an authoritative, traditional text disqualifies automatically the unenterprising and the timid, but everyone who is willing to risk time, film, money, and contemporary ridiculous is contributing to the New Knowledge and serving the New Age. The more evidence that is acquired of these new things, the shakier becomes the intellectual dictatorship of the old order.

There are no authorities on this subject, and no authorities on the objects that are being recorded. The mechanistic mentality wishes at the earliest possible moment to begin putting the various manifestations into boxes, but classification efforts are premature and so is classification thinking. The phenomena need to be allowed to flow freely into human ken, and in due time we will gain, from what we are able to objectify, the essential keys to their determinism.

Everything that a person raised in the mechanico-mystical mode of cognition has learned is violated when he goes forth to photograph things in the air that he cannot see with the naked eye. He is outraging all that he has been taught. When you stand for the first time with a camera around your neck, facing the empty heavens at dawn in some remote locale, the whole process can seem oppressive and even monstrous.

Space ventures are usually attended by the most complex and expensive equipment that the technical expertise of man can devise. In the new photographic art under consideration, this approach must be reversed. You must be willing to gamble that you can do, on your own, more than the mechanico-mystics have been able to do in great, multibillion dollar projects. Your guiding maxim is to be: “Simplicity is the keynote of efficiency”. The Little Man who has usurped your inner throne tells you that you cannot do anything great or revolutionary. Shove the little bastard aside. He has no right to obstruct the God-power in you.

If you surround yourself with ultra sensitive, highly complex equipment at this break-in stage to a new and dynamic realm, you will destroy your innate clarity of mind. You will become a slave to your instruments instead of master of the situation. When the arcing spheroids appeared on videotape exposed on and near the lunar surface by our astronauts, the blocking of free perception by complex programming and instrumentation was adequately demonstrated. As an individual, participant-investigator, you must let through what programmed human beings shut out.

The mechanistic mode of scientific cognition is dependent upon instrumentation, all of which is valid in its own way and for its own purposes. In this new field, these things become an impediment. You must make contact with an energy that is neither electrical nor electromagnetic, but something quite different. Because this energy produces magnetic effects when it is manipulated, huge errors can appear in the instruments upon which the mechanists depend, most of these instruments being dependent on the magnetically-actuated D’Arsonval movement.

Fear not, therefore, over the paucity of your equipment. The human body is the most marvelous laboratory in physical creation. Begin on a minimum basis as I did, and you will find that simplicity and directness are the handmaidens of success.

Obtain a simple 35 mm camera, the simpler the better, provided that it is fitted with a good lens. For your own convenience and to maintain a lightproof control of your photographic materials, select a camera that you can unload and load easily in total darkness. This is the only satisfactory way to handle infrared film in a project of this kind. Be sure also that your camera is adapted to quick and easy loading and unloading within the confines of your daylight loading bag. You will need a loading bag on your field trips. Numerous camera bodies, including many famous makes, are absurdly over-designed and cannot meet this primary requirement.

You will be working with ranges of light to which normal light meters and measuring devices do no respond. Therefore your camera does not need to be equipped with a light meter. The direction of the work goes once again toward simplicity of external apparatus, and heavier involvement of the investigator. Young people who see the modern world as being steadily dehumanized should leap with delight at the new realm we are penetrating, for here, the individual is all-important and not a punch-card cipher.

You, yourself, are going to measure the light with your own faculties. You are going to develop the ability to judge exposures. Therefore, you can do your work with a simpler, older type of camera to which no light meter is fitted. If your present camera has a light meter, you can easily learn to ignore this instrument, the functions of which are not specifically designed for your present purposes. Bear in mind as you begin to measure light by “eyeballing” it, that some of the top commercial aerial photographers in the world use this “eyeballing” method.

Your camera must have a sports finder that will mechanically frame for you the area into which you are aiming. In this type of photography you are going to use the full faculties of your vision, and you need to have both eyes open for unimpeded contact with the atmosphere and with the atmospheric orgone energy. If your camera requires that you look through any kind of prism or telescopic arrangement in order to aim it, and does not have a completely open sports finder, make a simple sports finder out of wire. A paper clip is satisfactory. Make it into a frame and slide it into the accessory shoe on your camera. Adjust the size of your finder so that it frames approximately the area covered by the lens at infinity.

You will need no other setting than infinity in this work. In some applications you will be using opaque, black filters, so if your camera is a reflex type, you will not be able to see through the lens anyway. A sports finder is essential.


Obtain an 87 filter to fit your camera. This filter is black in color, and if you are unfamiliar with such things, you will find it incredible at first that any kind of photograph could be taken through such a black glass. Hundreds of photographs are made every week in scientific and medical photography in this way. You will make unorthodox use of a well-established process. You have your camera, and a suitable filter, and now you need only your film.

You are going to use a material called infrared film. All this means is that the film has been sensitized to the electromagnetic radiation that occupies the spectrum before the color red. Infra is a Latin term meaning “before”, and infrared simply means “before the red”. Since the color red is the lowest vibratory activity perceived by the normal human eye, you are going to objectify on your film anything that happens to have form in the range before the red.

The film has been sensitized to this invisible range by treatment with special dyes. At the opposite end of the light spectrum as seen by the human eye lies the color violet. Beyond the violet lies the ultraviolet, ultra being another Latin term for beyond. Later on, we are going to probe this realm in a new way also, but for now it is enough that you should find nothing in these concepts to overwhelm or disqualify you.

When you place your 87 filter over your camera lens, only the invisible infrared radiation passes to your film through the lens. If you use this film with a filter, you will widen your window on reality by almost two-thirds of its normal width. Remember too, in an echo of the fundamental mysteries surrounding UFOs, that the infrared portion of the spectrum adjoins the microwave spectrum—the portion of the spectrum in which radar operates and in which radar first detected the invisible UFOs.

You are not reaching into the microwave portion of the spectrum, but you are getting nearer to it than you can with your naked eye. You can see now that it is not so very crazy after all to take this photographic trip into the new reality. You are taking a novel step, but facts, logic and experience justify that step.


When we discussed earlier the seemingly irreconcilable observed fundamentals of UFO manifestations, you will recall our mentioning heat and heat rays in connection with UFOs. Only one case is necessary from classical ufology to verify this, and there is none better than the 1 July 1954 Walesville, N.Y. case. Two USAF airmen were nearly overcome by appalling heat that filled the cockpits of their jet when they pursued a UFO. The heat was so intense that the flyers were forced to bail out, leaving their jet to crash in a populated area. In case you are not aware of it, infrared radiation is simply a scientific term for heat.

You see that every step you take along this direct line of investigation is widening your ordinary sense of reality to meet the reality of UFOs. Reality is reality, of course. The point here is that ordinarily we tune in to only a small part of the spectrum. Most of reality is ultra- or infra- to our tuning, as in infrared radiation. With your camera sensitive to heat you are perhaps chasing this aspect of UFOs more closely than you realize, perhaps more closely than you can tolerate. If your solar plexus starts to tighten, you will know from experience how we felt at the beginning of all this, because no one had ever tackled these phenomena in this head-on way before.

Early in this book I stated that certain UFOs are biological, i.e. living organisms. There is a basic principle connected with mammals —body-warmth— that is worth noting here. All the formal biological wisdom of this world has been unable to determine where warmth comes from, or where it goes at death, but only to say with certainty that it is a condition of life in the mammal. Your camera and its special heat-sensitive material may well be expected to react to anything hot, or even moderately warm in the atmosphere.

You are in a fair way, with your simple equipment and dauntless heart, to cut right across anything that is living and has form in the invisible, infrared range. Something is there, invisible, because radar has detected its presence. Forget what man’s natural philosophy has conditioned you to accept about form, substance and life. Be curious enough to look, to raise evidentially-backed questions, and to accept what you find in freedom.

“The Cosmic Pulse of Life: The Revolutionary Biological Power Behind UFOs” by Trevor James Constable.

Awesome scientific discoveries that have been suppressed, an advanced technology for the future: radionics, etheric forces, orgone energy, and the history of spiritual science. Etheric Forces: Cosmic Energies which regulate and shape life on earth. Discover how to tap into this universal stream. Orgone Energy: A mass-free, all pervading energy, one aspect of the Etheric Forces. Free energy awaiting humanity’s enlightened advancements. Cosmic Electronics: Simple geometric arrangements of materials which can detect and distribute living energies anywhere in the universe — without any physical connection! Living UFOs: Plasmatic inhabitants of our atmosphere, hidden from ordinary view but visible to anyone using the simple photographic techniques described in this book. 40 pages of illustrations. Paperback, 473pp. $16.95 + shipping.

Note: Extremely limited quantities of this edition remain in our hands, and those we have may suffer light damage from prolonged storage.