Ether Ship Mystery

From: The Ether Ship Mystery And Its Solution

Section 1:

The series of aerial phenomena which are here described under the term “ether-ships” (Flying Saucers) first attracted public attention in the fall of 1946. It was by no means the first appearance of these craft in the skies of our planet, but very few persons were aware of this fact, and the public as a whole at first refused to credit the reports at all. The newspapers, the radio, and many psychologists and scientific workers joined in discrediting the alleged facts, and in attributing them to delusion or deliberate falsifying. Nevertheless the evidence continued to accumulate, with most circumstantial and detailed reports from competent observers, until finally a systematic investigation was undertaken by the United States Air Force.

The outcome of this was indeed curious, since after some two years of study of the phenomena, the Air Force has recently announced officially that there is no genuine and factual basis for the reports. The explanation for this will doubtless become clear at some future time. The public, however, shows no sign of accepting this remarkable pronouncement. New reports of the strange sky visitors appear almost daily, and their existence is definitely established.

The purpose of these pages, therefore, is not to argue the case for the existence of the Discs or Saucers (since data would run to some hundreds of pages), but rather to present as simply as possible the true nature and meaning of the phenomena. It seems to us important, and in the nature of a public duty, that this be done. There is already apprehension in the minds of many, and if (as we expect) many more striking craft are attributed to some foreign and unfriendly government, hostility and fear might develop; and if they are believed to come from some other planet of our solar system, unreasoning and superstitious fear is to be reckoned with, perhaps with a considerable degree of social disintegration. This latter hypothesis, in fact, is already being advanced in all seriousness though for no better reason than that no other origin seems conceivable. Yet there is another possible source (and we are convinced the true source) for these strange craft, and the time has come when this explanation must be made available to every one, in the simplest terms possible.

Unfortunately, not everyone will find the explanation easily understandable. It cannot be disposed of by a word of one or two syllables only, such as Mars, Venus, or even Russia, but requires a little sustained attention and mental effort. On the other hand, the interest of most of our readers will not be in the physics and the speculative science involved, but in a few eminently practical questions, such as:

  1. What are the Flying Discs?
  2. Where do they come from?
  3. Who operates them?
  4. Why do they come into our skies?
  5. Are they friendly, or are they dangerous?

An answer to these questions, if it can be given, will probably satisfy the active curiosity of most readers. To those of a more reflective mind, and to the scientist, philosopher and non‐dogmatic religionist, such answers, baldly put, will be only a shadowy beginning or perhaps too fantastic to reckon with at all. But for our present purposes we shall neglect these tough‐minded and critical folk, and answer our own questions in a more categorical way.

The Ether Ship Mystery and Its Solution

Ether Ship Mystery

This book is an antidote to the purely materialistic view of UFOs so fashionable today. This is the introduction to the Ether Ship Mystery, examining everything from Ether Ship propulsion to the Air Force Inquiry, the Spiritual spheres of the Kabala to the curious work of Oahspe. Assembled by Meade Layne, revised by Riley Crabb, and featuring contributions from Associates John A. Hilliard, Ed Schultz, and Millen Cooke, and members of Mark Probert’s Inner Circle.

Section I: The beginnings in 1946 – Air Force Inquiry – What are the Discs or Flying Saucers – Etheria and the Etherians – Nature of Space – Interplanetary Travel

Section II; The Technical Explanation: Imperceptible Sounds and Colors – Limits of Tangibility – Speed, Velocity, and Mass – Ether and Space

Section III: Philosophical Considerations: Etheria known to the Ancients – Esoteric teachings, Ethers and the Lokas

Section IV: The Flying Saucer or Ether Ship Propulsion Problem, by Associate John A. Hilliard

Section V: Comments by Associates Ed Schultz, Millen Cooke, and Rama Ka Lo: Ether planes, Etherian science, Propulsion, Investigation, Power source, Government Obligation, Chemical matter, Space, the Menehunes or Little People, Max Freedom Long’s conclusions

Section VI: References to Ether Craft in Oahspe, by Associates Wing Anderson and H.M. Wagner

Section VII: Conclusion and final summation by Director Meade Layne

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