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Induction, Ether-Matter, and the Defective Dynamo

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 I am not qualified to talk about Dollard’s materials yet when cleaning and arranging this is the set we find and thus must describe. 

Eric Dollard and J.J. Thomson join us but, as engineers can be, they are quite engrossed in a conversation that I am unable to comprehend, and they are not concerned whether I am able to connect the dots.

How does dielectricity play a role in establishing electric waves in a triple phase, producing “Inductive Acceptance – growth of an electric wave with no apparent supply of energy”, there by creating “bundles of a luminous discharge” in low pressure gas tubes?

J.J. Thomson clearly and bluntly says “The phosphorescence is due to the positive ray.” as if I should understand such a simple point.

I do know that the J.J. Thomson book is not in the current catalog and this item is going to be auctioned. It is one of the very last “rusty staples” antique copies from the old storage unit. This copy has unique yellow discolorations around the staples due to the acid in the paper. 

This is clearly a focused package from the inner circle meant for that rare Tesla researcher who still reads this email newsletter from Borderland Sciences…

But there is always something here for the rest of us, hints in the right direction?

“Then establishing electric waves in systems of angular division other than quadrantal, such as triple phase, produces a type of interference pattern between the natural form of the wave and the form imposed on it by the given system. This produces partial interchanges between the four fundamental characteristics of the natural electric wave producing unique products such as NON INDUCTIVE REACTANCE, that is, the storage of energy with no accompanying electrical field; or INDUCTIVE ACCEPTANCE, that is, growth of an electric wave with no apparent supply of energy. This would appear as a violation of the Law of Energy Conservation, however, these phenomena do occur in practical situations and are in need of theoretical explanation.”

Symbolic Representation of the Generalized Wave, Eric P. Dollard, Pg 50

“The positive rays were discovered by Goldstein in 1886. His apparatus is represented in Fig.1; the cathode K which stretched right across the tube was a metal plate through which a number of holes were drilled, the diameter of the holes being considerably less than the thickness of the plate; the axes of the holes were at right angles to the surface of the plate; the anode a saw at the end of the lower part of the tube. The pressure of the gas in the tube was so low that when the electrodes K and a were connected with the terminals of an induction coil and a discharge passed through the tube, the dark space below the cathode was well developed. Under these circumstances Goldstein found that slightly diverging bundles of a luminous discharge streamed through the holes in the cathode into the upper tube. The color of this light in these bundles depended on the kind of gas with which the tube was filled.”

“Many important properties of the positive rays can be easily demonstrated by the use of a tube like that shown in fig 2. For example when rays strike against the glass sides of the tube they make the glass phosphoresce. The phosphorescence produced by the positive rays is of a different color from that produced by the cathode rays and is in general not nearly so bright.”

“The phosphorescence due to the positive ray is a most valuable aid for studying the ways the rays are deflected by electric and magnetic forces, and it is important to find the substance which gives the brightest phosphorescence.”

Rays of Positive Electricity by Sir J.J. Thomson, 1913


The perception of capacitance as used today is wholly inadequate for the proper understanding of this effect. Steinmetz mentions that in his introductory book, “Electric Discharges, Waves and Impulses”. To quote, “Unfortunately, to a large extent in dealing with dielectric fields the prehistoric conception of the electrostatic charge (electron) on the conductor still exists, and by its use destroys the analogy between the two components of the electric field, the magnetic and the dielectric, and makes the consideration of dielectric fields unnecessarily complicated.”


Steinmetz continues. “There is obviously no more sense in thinking  of the capacity current as current which charges the conductor with a greater quantity of electricity, than there is of speaking of the inductance voltage as charging the conductor with a quantity of magnetism. But the latter conception, together with the notion of a quantity of magnetism, etc, has vanished since Faraday’s representation of the magnetic field by lines of force.”

Introduction to Dielectric & Magnetic Discharges in Electrical Windings, Eric Dollard, 1982

Dayton Miller, Sir Oliver Lodge, J.J. Thomson and Baron Reichenbach are having a conversation about the ether and the five senses. 

Dayton Miller is talking with his hands waving furiously in the air describing revolutions, a complicated combination of translations and rotations of how three different axis are being translated through space in an unknown manner. I think he is drawing a parallel between the interferometer and the sense organs and their orientation in space.

J.J. Thomson, laughs at Dayton’s hands and makes a single gesture with his hands as if describing a vast field “… all mass is mass of ether; all momentum, momentum of the ether…”

Sir Oliver Lodge extends the idea of the unity of ether. He summarizes the ether-matter relationship to the senses, identifying matter as ether, or as “that modification of it which appeals to our senses as matter, and which for that reason engrosses our attention.”

Baron Reichenbach further extends the observation of the senses in their relation to the etheric. Reichenbach describes Odic light and shares with us his experience in the darkroom with the observation of a plant which after a few hours comes into full perception. He asks the question “Consequently, light must have been there for color as well as form to have been recognized. And whence came the light?”

In this conversation, they all agree that the luminous light of the plant was a direct experience of the etheric and the general consensus is that, as the subtle odic light manifests itself to our senses, it “engrosses our attention”  and it is thus a modification of ether. 

And here comes Dayton Miller making circles and loops in the air in front of him…

“The well-known motion of the solar system towards the constellation Hercules, with a velocity of 19 kilometers per second, is only a relative motion of the sun with regard to the group of nearby stars and it may give no information as to the motion of the group as a whole.” 

“The interferometer continually rotates in a horizontal place about a vertical axis at the latitude of the observatory. As the earth rotates on its axis, the axis of the interferometer extended may be considered as the generating element of a cone, the earth’s axis always pointing in the same direction in cosmic space. At the same time this system with rotations about three different axes is being translated through space in an unknown manner. It is presumed that the ether-drift interferometer will detect only that single component of the complicated combination of translations and rotations which at the instant lies in the optical plane of the interferometer: it gives the magnitude and direction of this one component.”

The Ether-Drift Experiment and Absolute Motion of the Earth, Dayton Miller, July 1933

“One more function is now being discovered: the ether is being found to constitute matter–an immensely interesting topic, on which there are many active workers at the present time. I will make a brief quote from Prof. Sir J.J. Thomson, where he summarizes the conclusion which we all see looming before us, though it has not yet been completely attained and would not by all be similarly expressed:- 

“The whole mass of any body is just the mass of ether surrounding the body which is carried along by the Faraday tubes associated with the atoms of the body. In Fact, all mass is mass of ether; all momentum, momentum of the ether; and all kinetic energy, kinetic energy of the ether. This view, it should be said, requires the density of the ether to be immensely greater than that of any known substance.” 

“Yes, far denser–so dense that matter by comparison is like gossamer, or a filmy imperceptible mist, or a milky way. Not unreal or unimportant–a cobweb is not unreal, nor to certain creatures it is unimportant, but it cannot be said to be massive or dense; and matter, even platinum, is not dense when compared with the ether. Not till last year, however, did I realize what the density of the ether must really be, compared with that modification of it which appeals to our senses as matter, and which for that reason engrosses our attention.”

The Ether of Space, Sir Oliver Lodge, 1909

“Take a good middling or a good high-sensitive into the dark, and along with him a cat, a bird, a butterfly, if it is to be had and a pot of flowers in bloom. After a couple of hours have gone by, you will hear strange stories. The flowers, so you will be told, will come forth out of the gloom and grow visible. First of all they will distinguish themselves from the black night of the general darkness in the form of a vaguely defined gray cloud. In this later on, clearer spots will be formed. These will finally separate from each other definable ; the individual blooms will become distinguishable; forms will become recognizable as the gradually grow clearer and clearer : and, on one occasion, when I had left a flower pot as I have described with the late Professor Endlicher, the celebrated botanist, who was a sensitive of medium power, he cried aloud with a shock of astonishment : “It is a blue flower–it is a gloxina!” It was in fact a gloxina speciosa, var. Coerulea, which he has seen in absolute darkness and recognized both as to shape and color.”

“Nothing can be seen in darkness without light.  Consequently, light must have been there for color as well as form to have been recognized. And whence came the light? It came from the plant itself: the plant was luminous! “

Reichenbach’s Letters on Od and Magnetism (1852), F.D. O’Byrne, 1925

Crabb shows up late with Richard Shaver and Charles Fort, who launch into some exp-politics that seem to rub this crowd of intellectuals the wrong way. Crabb tries to steer the conversation back to an awareness of our egos “mistakes and unredeemed creations” that “engrosses our attention.”

Leonard J Ravitz, not a huge fan of mystical language, is not having it and rebuttals with a mechanistic explanation of a “defective dynamo” that the ether-physics guys all seem to be more in resonance with.


“Shaver agrees with Charles Fort, “We are property,” This summary of Fortean conclusions, by the way, was given me by an Air Force officer in Honolulu a few years ago. I guess he had read Charles Fort as part of his briefing on Flying Saucers. Anyhow, this Air Force officer told me that Fort’s researches into the unusual had finally convinced him that we are the neglected property of a race of beings who came to this planet millions of years ago. These ancient visitors were interested in producing or trying to produce a superior race by selected cross breeding. The breeding went the other way. They got discouraged with the results and went off and left us – or left our remote forefathers. Then every once in a while they come back to pick up a few specimens to see how we’re getting along. The results are still discouraging, so they toss the specimens back into the pen and take off again!”

“Fort and Shaver do not seem to be alone in their conclusions that this planet is a sort of slum area of the solar system, with a choice collection of dead beats, bums, bindle-stiffs – and people like you and me. This picture is not very flattering to our egos, is it?”

The Reality of the Cavern World, Riley H. Crabb, 1960

“The student of the Mysteries should expect to meet the Dweller of the Threshold at this point of crossing over. It bars our way until our courage has been proved and the lessons of the lower wheel have developed the necessary courage and fortitude.”

“The Dweller is the synthesis of all those “mistakes and unredeemed creations” which we have pushed behind us as we grope through the murk of the lower worlds to the Light. It awaits us on the threshold of the New Life. “

Psychic Self-Defence Part III The Dweller on the Threshold, Riley H. Crabb, 1975

“On the other hand, some schizophrenics may come equipped with a ‘defective dynamo’ or such functionally deficient neocortical regulatory-integrative mechanism that they would show gross symptoms in infancy and childhood- intellectual, discriminatory functions never developing, developing slowly or becoming arrested at an early age.”

“By this theory, the essential distinction between manic-depressive states and so called psychoneurotic states and schizophrenia would be the more completely evolved, more functionally mature aspects of neocortical function in the non-schizophrenic behavior disorders.”

“All, however, would progress through space-time on electrocyclic variations conditioning state changes ranging from excitation to exhaustion. Moreover all maniacs, and most depressives would physiologically represent states of  excitation – in one, with the facilitation of response – in the other, with inhibition of response.”

History, Measurement, and Applicability of Periodic Changes in the Electromagnetic Field in Health and Disease, Leonard J. Ravitz, 1962

All this and more:

Phosphorus, The Liver and Thought Forms

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October newsletter seems to have an interesting Halloween flavor so let’s get into it!

MIra Louise catches my immediate attention when she mentions one of my favorite observations from Dr. George Crile.

“The brain,” says Dr. Crile, “is the positive electrical pole of the human organism and the liver is the negative electrical pole. It follows that there cannot be disease or impairment of the liver without the brain being affected; and similarly, the liver must suffer from trouble in the brain.”

Mira then points out,:

“Mental Health, like any other kind of health, has its roots in Natural Law and Cosmic Order and not in the test tubes of the researchers nor on the most luxuriant couches in the psychiatric department.”

In Search of New Horizons of Colour, Art, and Song by Mira Louise

Oddly enough the next document in the pile of “books that have jumped off the shelf” today is The Secret of the Cavern World where we get a glimpse of Riley Crabb sharing with us the, possibly disturbing to “Mental Health”, reports from Richard Shaver. 

We might take the suggestion from Mira and look to where Richard Shavers reports coincide with Natural Law and Cosmic Order?

“The degenerates who inhabit the Caverns are not building Saucers. They are just operating  ancient flyers originally built and left there by the Elder race, and still in good flying condition. These self-appointed guardians of the treasures of the Caverns lie in wait for the space pirates, or the visitors, and come flashing in hot pursuit, thus cousin aerial battles sometimes witnessed in uncomprehended awe by ordinary mortals crawling around on the surface below. Once in a while some of us get killed.”

“Richard Shaver says that on the star-maps of the Visitors who come from elsewhere in the universe the planet Earth is labeled as “The Great Tomb”. The earth beneath our feet is the “limbo of forgotten things”, a vast storehouse of the relics of bygone days. It is interest that most primitive peoples think of the interior of the earth in this way, the limbo of forgotten things”

The Secret of the Cavern World, Riley H. Crabb

Crabb does not miss a beat when we open up Psychic Self-Defense Part III. It is like the Yada is telling us exactly how to access the “limbo of forgotten things” or of the dangers of mixing with the space pirates.

“Beyond Our Fondest Dreams’

“As long as we are quoting various instructors in occult science. I should include an appropriate quote from one of my own Teachers, the Yada di Shi’ite, talking through telegnostic Mark Probert in San Diego, California in 1952.”

“You are living in consciousness and so am I. It is a creation of One World, a manifestation of It; and many things come to take place in its endless phenomena. By that I mean to say a medium or a sensitive can cause himself or herself to become in rapport with a thought-form created by another, or created by himself or herself. 

“And a certain part of your mind, your thinking mind, will close off, and not tell you that this thought-form is your own creation. This creation can attack you!”

“You can create a thought-form so solid you can make a servant out of it; or you can turn it into what you call a devil and it will attack you. (And the seven can become a devil! Refer back to the story of the Golem in Lesson 16, Psychic self-Defense Part II, pages 48-49, The Jewish Cabalists of 16th Century Poland knew this only too well!)”

“You may not possibly say the inner truths of this to the general masses, for they would abuse them. The power of man, or woman, as a creator is beyond your present fondest dreams. You can contact and converse with the dreams of the so-called dead; for there are no dead except those who refuse to learn.”

“You go into a sleep state– your sleeping body can communicate with beings in my world – in the highest realms. They can move or go also into a form of sleep, and go into your world and communicate with you; and they can do it consciously; or you can do it consciously. It is better that you all do it consciously…”

Psychic Self-Defence Part III, Riley Hansard Crabb

Guenther Wachsmuth has entered and has sat with me for a few days patiently pressing me to make this excerpt.

I had to do outside research to remind myself of phosphorus and try to understand the scientific context of Guenther’s language. He is so much better educated than I am. I asked him about the phosphates in hot dogs and he just looked blankly at me and moved on…

I think the main point going in, is that he is describing how light is modified by the etheric formative forces from a hostile, destructive force to a useful, creative one. 

Wachsmuth shows how cosmic forces are reflected in man, he gives us a close look at the “roots of Natural Law and Cosmic Order”:

“In this fact we have one among the reasons why the light-ether sphere is thus designated, since it is in this sphere of the earth organism that the macroscopic etheric forces streaming from without are reduced to such less powerful forces as convey the perception of the “light” phenomena to the human physical sense organs.

“The earth organism is constituted with wonderful wisdom. By forming a layer of ozone in the outermost atmosphere, it protects man, who lives within the earth organism, is the lower atmosphere, from the too intensive, destructive rays of the sun, and by means of this veil of ozone reduces the intensity of the sun’s rays in such a way that can can perceive the reduced light which penetrates downward. This is a fact of fundamental importance for all phenomena of life on the solid earth.

“Besides coming in from without as a cosmic in-streaming into the earth organism, pure light appears also within the organism of the earth itself, though, of course, to a very limited extent: that is, in the light phenomena of phosphorescence.

“Research into organisms will now gain glimpses of many profound truths if it directs its look, not only to phosphorus as a substance, but much more to that action of forces in phosphorus which are manifested, not only in the formation of ozone but also in the genesis of pure light. For in this lies the vital truth that for the science of organisms, phosphorus is of decisive importance, more merely as a substance but chiefly through its radiation of force, as this has been systematically explained in connection with the laws of the earth organism.

“Ancient wisdom schools of the Orient and the Occident spoke of Lucifer- “Phosphorus” who brought the heavenly light down to the earth and gave it to man in a debased form.

“Phosphorus is so fundamental an element of the organic, the living, that its most important qualities can only be mentioned here, and must await a separate future discussion.

“We must, however, refer at this point to a phenomenon of phosphorus which stands outside the general laws of the earth, and absolutely contradicts our hitherto systematized conceptions of “combustion”: that is, the flame of phosphorus is cold. We are face to face in this with a unique phenomenon of profound significance, the full interpretation of which is impossible in our day.

“We shall formulate this somewhat differently according to the theory of ether as already stated: The phosphorus shows all the characteristics of pure light.

“It is a primal phenomenon in the cosmos, earth and man. 

“If I here refer to the inter-relationship of such manifestations with the view to the ether here set forth, the reader will please bear in mind that I do not conceive of the ether formative forces as merely automatic mechanism, as would be the case under the ether theory of physics, but that I conceive them as bound up with a whole array of qualitative and spiritual attributes and causes.

“In connection with phosphorus a mass of material may be observed helpful for an understanding of the action of the etheric formative forces, though at this point we can refer only to certain of the most essential details.

Etheric Formative Forces, Guenther Wachsmuth

Chapter VII Fundamental Phenomena for New Theory of Light, Terrestrial “Pure Light”, pg.128 

George Crile and Guenther Wachsmuth insist that we review a sentence that was omitted in the above excerpt…

“For the science of organisms, which must in the future occupy itself in the most through-going manner with ozone, emphasis must be placed upon the importance which phosphorus has for the organic world in that it not only occurs in the bones and teeth of men and animals, but is an important ingredient in the compounds of albumen (lecitin) and exerts great influence particularly upon the human liver (see Chapter XII)”

Phosphorus, the liver and the negative electric pole? 

Yada said, “And a certain part of your mind, your thinking mind, will close off, and not tell you that this thought-form is your own creation. This creation can attack you!”

Yada seems to imply based on the above conversation, that it is the phosphorus action in the “liver” that is associated with the part of the mind that “closes off” and does not “tell you that the thought-form is your own creation”. Conversely, a healthy level/action of phosphorus in the liver will enable you to maintain awareness that thought-forms are your own creation.

Guenther seems to say that it is the liver that grounds the etheric force into the human organism, its radiation of force a “a cosmic in-streaming into the earth organism.”

MIra Louise seems to realize that if there is a healthy supply/activity of phosphorus in the liver will support communication with the highest realms and “to become in rapport with a thought-form created by another, or created by himself or herself.”

 Riley Crabb insists the importance is to understand the Natural Law and Cosmic Order as the basis of health and that is the only way to be effective when confronting the space pirates and the debased light of Lucifer.

Of course everyone sort of talks over each other like always but to sort out the confusion seems worth the effort, maybe.

Radiesthesia: Skepticism, Harmony and the Mystery School

Borderland Sciences Research Foundation has developed and maintained a research catalog for over 77 years. 

One of the most important areas of research has always been physical radiesthesia and dowsing.  We have gathered a very important set of books on physical radiesthesia.

This section of the catalog archive is designed to help you develop your radiesthesia and dowsing detection skills. 

The primary benefit of reading about physical radiesthesia and dowsing is that language and practice combined create the elements required to enhance perception.

Practice is the primary way to develop your perception of the subtle physical radiations which are at the heart of all phenomena. Direct experience of the interaction of your nervous system, the environment and instrument results in the development of method and convention. 

Language structures the methods of practice. Language allows you to frame your perceptions. Language provides the world view that allows the senses to operate and provide feedback. Reading provides this language. 

Reading from several sources from different historical periods helps provide alternative points of view on how the language changes that are used to describe the science of the practice. 

To quote Thomas Norton’s Ordinal of Alchemy:

“Hence you must not be content with reading only one book, but you should study a variety of authors; because according to the learned Arnold, one book opens up the understanding of another. The same thought is expressed by the learned Anaxagoras, who testifies that if a man will not take the trouble of reading many books, he can never attain to a practical knowledge of our Art.”

Mira Louise, Erwin E. Stark, and Arthur J. Ellis are three such authors whose excerpts will tie together a short conversation about the historical controversy surrounding the mystical and practical roots of dowsing.

We will start with Mira Louise who is just back in the catalog. She had fallen out during the migration of the website over ten years ago.

I find her reactions to the “deep-rooted fear and prejudice” interesting as it points out that it goes deeper than religious persecution. It may be most important to be aware of the “deep-rooted fear and prejudice” when it confronts us during practice. Skepticism is healthy but may just be an excuse for not wanting to confront the difficulty of awakening the senses.

“Actually, the science we are trying to simplify is RADIESTHESIA, the modern name for the FACULTY OF DIVINATION, which is not a new science, neither has it been neglected. Suppressed it has been and scorned, persecuted and belittled, but not neglected. It dates back to long before the Christian era and was carried on by lone investigators in the form of Water Diviners and Soil Analysts throughout the centuries. Even during the darkness of the Middle Ages, when the religious wars drove honest men into caves, there was still evidence of the faithful few handing on this faculty, not always from father to son, but from adepts to younger members of the tribe.

“Unfortunately, owing to the deep-rooted fear and prejudice towards anything that cannot be seen, tasted, smelled, heard or felt, that mankind has inherited from his primitive forebears, this Faculty for Perception or Divination has been the stumbling block of the Water Diviner, the Dowser and the Pendulist from time immemorial…”

In Search of New Horizons of Colour, Art, Music, & Song. By Mira Louise. 1955

We now take a random look at “The Divining Rod, A History of Water Witching”, this thin but powerful book published by the US Government in 1916. 

Looking at this remarkable bibliography, what I observe is a curious mixture of the practical and the mystical even from the earliest roots of information being published on radiesthesia.

It is clear from the earliest times that the dowsers and the natural magicians share a common “sympathetic physics” !

It begins in the 1500’s:

15– Melanchthon, Philippe, Discours sur la sympathie [Discourse on sympathy (=sympathetic affinity)]..

1532 Bernhardus, R.P. Vera atque brevis descripto virgulae, etc [The true description of the wand of Mercury, etc.] , Prag.

1550 Agricola, Georgius, De re metallica [On Metals], book 12, 1st ed.; Translated into English by H.C. Hoover and L.H. Hoover and published for the translators by the MIning Magazine, London, in 1912.

1509 Porta. Jo. Baptista, Magiae naturalis sive de miraculia rerum [Natural magic].

-The Divining Rod, A History of Water Witching with a Bibliography by Arthur J. Ellis

As difficult a skill as it is to acquire, radiesthesia is clearly not a new fad. What is it that keeps an idea alive for thousands of years?

Our Friend Erwin E. Stark takes us back 9,000 years to the Atlas Mountains of North Africa, where on the walls of the “caves of Tassili” it depicts a man holding a forked dowsing stick.

“The teaching of mysteries, or psychic functions, which pre-dates the dawn of Christianity, is significant in that it taught dowsing as a psychic technique. The dowser was regarded as a highly intuitive or illuminated being, who achieved this level of awareness through dedicated study and practice of the mysteries. The ancient mystery schools taught and trained their followers so effectively that early Christianity’s chief competitors included those practitioners trained in the psychic sciences. The emerging Christian church gave considerable attention to this problem. Should the church embrace or reject the practice of mysteries? Dowsing was a common and important technique used by many peoples…”

“One of the most famous dowsers today is Abbe Mermet, who formerly was a member of a Catholic order.”

“Nonetheless, since most of the world’s leading colleges and universities were founded by religious organizations, they have perpetuated to this day the tradition of rejecting psychic phenomena or mysteries. Is it any wonder that their products of learning are so unlearned in subjects like dowsing? As former President Harry S. Truman observed, “College know-it-alls don’t realize that it’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.” To quote the Kabalist adage, “Those who teach have trouble for their pay.”  

-A History of Dowsing and Energy Relationships, Erwin E. Stark, 1978

Well. Mira just can’t let Stark have the last word denigrating universities. I sometimes wonder how much more I need to guide these sessions?

“Another point worth considering is that when one person sits down to study, the vibration is very high; when he is joined by a companion the vibration is lowered. Therefore, the larger the crowd of students, or any body of people, the lower the vibration. This is the reason why Universities of the world, overcrowded as they are, produce comparatively few Understanders. It explains, too, why so many of the sub-standard under-graduates, overwhelmed by the mob mind, resort to low vibrational pranks.”

But Mira makes clear the real work at hand here:

“Harmony; The Outspread Process of Existence”

“Although we stress the importance of being able to detect the Positive and the Negative forces, it is becoming more and more apparent that the real emphasis is on balance.”

“The Law of Polarity may be called the first and fundamental law of all creation,” wrote Dr. Oscar Brunler in his book “Rays and Radiating Phenomenon.”

“The earth, and everything contained therein, follows this law, and is a manifestation of the union of two forces, that of a positive and a negative, with a line of balance or neutrality in the center. Every three, every shrub, eerie flower, and every vegetable has the same polarity. The root is negative, the central portion neutral, and subsequently where the seed will appear, is positive. It is in the repulsion and attraction that a constant struggle for survival takes place, and during the struggle, waves of energy are liberated. These waves are called radiations.”

In Search of New Horizons of Colour, Art, Music, & Song. By Mira Louise. 1955

The language of 1955 and the language of 1550 when taken together provide a timeless doorway to experience perceptions of radiations of waves of energy that surround us with psychic information.

Our psyches are embedded in this sea of energy. Language and practice of radiesthesia & dowsing open to us a world of perceptions known in the mystery schools for thousands of years.  

When we confront the difficulty of awakening the senses, to use the words of Dr. Oscar Brunler, “during the struggle, waves of energy are liberated.” 

The Etheric Formative Forces, Energy Relationships and Conscious Evolution

Guenther Wachsmuth, Erwin E. Stark and  L. E. Eeman have assembled this evening for the September newsletter. 

I don’t know if it is just because I had to really concentrate to read the Wachsmuth section but I think all three sources speak pretty clearly without much need for narration.

Before we get into some really interesting materials on Etheric Formative Forces from these guys I want to take a second…

I know everyone is having a hard time with high gas and food prices and the need for rare print material from the 20th Century is not as high on your list as it has been in the past. 

We really need your extra support now more than ever. 

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The information we have published for over 77 years is generally now available on the internet, even most of our primary research. I think there is still some real long term value in maintaining our active Print Catalog Archive. There is something uncanny in the way it holds the different information together and suggests the interconnections. 

The catalog together with the journal comprises a living history of the evolution of thought that brings us here today. The print material maintains an intellectually pristine quality somehow because of the crappy xerox quality from a bygone era that maintains the font types and odd print elements of the 20th century. 

This is not AI generated propaganda meant to throw you off the path! These are genuine primary source kooks trying to show the path they found!

If the formative forces are right with you we really can put it to use to stabilize this information flow that has shed light since 1945.

Together we can water the living roots of this tree of knowledge. 

We can keep the lamp aflame in the darkness. Your lamp oil has never meant more to the future who will find and read your old print materials with wonder.

Thanks, I am glad you stayed for the show…

The Etheric Organism of the Earth and Man: Excerpt Part 1

Guenther Wachsmuth

We perceive that man does not simply possess a physical body of dead substance, but is penetrated and woven through by forces which build up his physical body and which also make him a member in that great rhythmic life process of the earth organism; that the life phenomena in the kingdom of Nature present themselves to us as a picture of the restless activity of the most manifold forces, the external metamorphosis of that “which has been, is, and ever shall be.”

 great rhythmic life process of the earth organism

rhythmic life process

the life phenomena in the kingdom of Nature

life phenomena

 a picture of the restless activity of the most manifold forces

 a picture

a picture of the restless activity

the most manifold forces

manifold forces

that “which has been, is, and ever shall be.”

We perceive that man does not simply possess a physical body of dead substance, but is penetrated and woven through by forces which build up his physical body and which also make him a member in that great rhythmic life process of the earth organism; that the life phenomena in the kingdom of Nature present themselves to us as a picture of the restless activity of the most manifold forces, the external metamorphosis of that “which has been, is, and ever shall be.”

Very few persons grasp the fact that in a relatively short space of time, in a rhythm of about seven years, most of the substance which now compose the bodies will have ceased to belong to those bodies; that the substances will then be scattered in the life processes of the other kingdoms of Nature, to be replaced in turn by new substances. 

And yet this body, eternally transmuted in its components, keeps as a whole its form, the human form, and still is held together as a unity by a structure of forces which place this entity of materials and forces before us as the form of an individual man just in the way we perceive it. 

That which renders possible the life phenomena in man, in that it keeps the substance in eternal metamorphosis, it is these etheric forces that interpenetrate and interweave the physical body.

We have already shown by many examples that he who would understand the action of forces on the basis of a concept of “electrons,” as the quantitative-mechanical world conception has framed this, will never reach the goal sought by this understanding.

Indeed, we must now arrive at a conclusion which, following after the mechanistic conception of the world – a conception, too, that often manifests itself in currents of thought where we ourselves are quite unaware of it – will give rise to the strong opposition on the part of materialistic and mechanistic thinkers of the present age.

And yet what here follows is not only a reality open to research but also the necessity conclusion resulting from a logically exact and consecutive course of reasoning which does not hesitate courageously to throw overboard habits of thought that have grown to be dear and comforting – especially if such habits of thought bring one to the “limitations of the knowledge of Nature.”

The Etheric Formative Forces in Cosmos, Earth and Man by Guenther Wachsmuth
Energy and Healing

The cells are responsible for rebuilding injured or diseased areas of the body. They seem able to do this more quickly when the electromagnetic field that surrounds the body is complete. An unhealthy body or a body that is not at ease is almost always found to be unbalanced by energy leaks. The energy matrix, or mold, as Dr. Harold Burr describes it, is the pattern of the living body. Humans, animals, trees, and all other living things exist within this mold.

Recent experiments have shown that cellular structures which have been damaged mend faster in the presence of low voltage electrical currents. This is not a surprise to dowers, some of whom have long known how to use the body’s polarities to hasten recovery and healing.

Excerpt from A History of Dowsing and Energy Relationships by Erwin E. Stark

Conscious Evolution

We may conclude: health is the effect of the ever more conscious enjoyment of our faculties and exercise of all our functions, in ever more perfect harmony with the laws of life, ever better understood and more faithfully applied.

It is a constantly evolving factor in the development of the instrument of consciousness of the infinite life, man, and unless man has more life to-day than he had yesterday, he is not in health, however healthy he may think himself.

Regarding life itself we can say nothing in positive terms. All we know is: ‘Here life is apparent to us, here it is not.’

The most careful observation of its processes only equips us with negative knowledge, but though negative, this at least enables us to state that certain facts are common to all life’s manifestations, and that in the absence of any of them it does not manifest, to us.

Everyone of life’s manifestations involves material activity subject to law, but we must note that the converse is not true, to us: all material activities subject to law do not appear to us as manifestations of life, whether they be or not.

Material activity subject to law; things, work, order; matter, energy, thought; the echo to the infinite substance, energy and intelligence involved in us.

Eeman, L. E. (1929), Self and Superman: The Technique of Conscious Evolution

Page 41

The Etheric Organism of the Earth and Man:  Excerpt Part 2

The world conception of this materialistic age is anthropocentric just where it should not be and is not anthropocentric just where it should be. (italics)

A form of observation of the first category is the view that has been formed regarding the connection of consciousness with cosmic processes. 

This materialistic age has taken up its position on the point of view that phenomena of consciousness are linked up with manifestations of force and processes of life and motion only in the human and animal organisms, and this solely on the ground that we do not yet possess any adequate knowledge of phenomena of consciousness associated with the manifestations of force and processes of life and motion in the happenings in the rest of the cosmos.

…those who should maintain the existence of a reciprocal relation of any sort whatever between phenomenon in the phenomenal world, on the one hand, and states of consciousness on the other, or who should wish to include such a thing within the field of their research, would be journalistically and rhetorically burnt at the stake as heretics in science, sinners against scientific dogmas, just as Galileo and others were threatened.

Especially would this be true of any one who should assert the concrete existence and action of beings possessed of a higher state of consciousness than the objective consciousness of the men of our age.

Are there methods scientifically exact whereby we may come to know and to investigate states of consciousness which are of a different sort – whether higher or lower – from the really narrow limited objective consciousness of the men of our age? 

We have seen that the living earth organism shows an etheric system of forces in which processes of breathing and circulation take place corresponding to similar life processes in the human organism, and in a reciprocal relationship with these life processes in Man and Cosmos, as expressed in the figures 25920, etc.( p.49.)

As in the case of the human organism, so also in that of the living earth organism, is the “ether body” which calls the phenomena of life into existence and which regulates and metamorphoses them.

The cosmos grasped as a world-organism, the product of active spiritual entities, as a world of organisms whose vital phenomena are the work of the harmonious metamorphosis of etheric formative forces – not of dead mechanical vibrations – this is a world concept wherein the living, thinking man with his conscious acts of will, with his ether body kept in rhythm and in motion by the etheric formative forces, and his material body in constant flux up to the very moment of death, finds also his interpretation and meaning.

Before the young generation of the future, rejoicing in research and bold in understanding, there open up here perspectives which alone can help us past the general sense of resignation of science in the decadence of this materialistic-mechanical age.

The Etheric Formative Forces in Cosmos, Earth and Man

by Guenther Wachsmuth 

Ruth Drown Theory

“Does Ruth Drown’s Cancer Theory Hold Up in the 21st Century ?”

Ruth Drown’s Cancer Theory is stated thus:

“Not enough Life Force to a part of the body causes congestion of electrons which forms a tumor.”

The Drown Radio Vision, Part C, Page 84. Journal of Borderland Research. Sept-Oct 1951 

A google search on the terms “congestion of electrons which forms a tumor” produced the following to articles from which we will draw our comparison and speculation:

Oxygen plays a key role in accepting free

electrons at the end of oxidative phosphorylation

that produces the energy molecule, adenosine

triphosphate (ATP), forming water. This prevents

congestion of electrons in the associated electron

chain complexes (I to V) on the inner mitochondrial

membrane. However, in some instances when

oxygen is reduced it can be converted to

superoxide, rather than water. Superoxide will then

be converted to hydrogen peroxide that is secreted

into the cell leading to damage.

Published: September 30, 2022

Citation: Walker MOM, Hall

KH, et al., 2022. The

significance of oxidative stress in

the pathophysiology of Long

COVID and Myalgic


Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS),

Medical Research Archives,

[online] 10(9).


In 1957, Peter Siekevitz branded the mitochondrion the “powerhouse” of the cell [1]. Less than a decade later came the first reports that the organelle generated reactive oxygen species (ROS) as a byproduct of cellular respiration [2]. Since then, it has become apparent that mitochondria are highly dynamic organelles that contribute to cellular homeostasis not only through maintaining adenosine triphosphate (ATP) levels, but also through the generation of low levels of ROS for cell signaling, and that dysfunction in either of these processes can propagate pathology. 

Despite this variation between cell types, mitochondrial ATP generation and ROS production are intimately linked through function of the electron transport chain (ETC), and thus efficient measurement of ETC function can provide insight into mechanisms of physiology and disease pathogenesis.

Redox Biol. 2020 Oct; 37: 101674.

Published online 2020 Aug 6. doi: 10.1016/j.redox.2020.101674

PMCID: PMC7767752

PMID: 32811789

Mitochondrial electron transport chain: Oxidative phosphorylation, oxidant production, and methods of measurement

Deirdre Nolfi-Donegan,a,b,1 Andrea Braganza,a,1 and Sruti Shivaa,c,∗

One of the biggest challenges with researching Borderland Sciences is that there can be so much information to evaluate that one becomes overwhelmed.

I find medical Radionics to be the most frustrating. I don’t feel confident that I have a reasonable grasp of the mainstream 21st century medical language, much less language that reflects advanced intuitive thinking of the early 20th century.

I feel sorry for the healers because they are among the most hated people by the system. Ruth Drown would be in prison again in the 21st century. I find it almost unfortunate that Radionics is associated with disease. Far more interesting to me is what it teaches us about the true nature of our body-mind complex and how it reveals a living dynamic energetic universe that is used as much for evolution as it is for healing the sick.

This makes these medical speculations less fun but we are confident that the synchronicity is goaded by Dr. Ruth Drown so we slog forward. I really don’t know how I expect you to read this, I just hope you are particularly bored and particularly interested in Radionics.

So for grins and giggles I googled the language Ruth Drown used in Part C of Radio-Vision: “congestion of electrons which forms a tumor”

I was skeptical that I would find any “Congestion of electrons” but indeed it was associated with the oxygen function of mitochondrial membrane.

I was interested to learn that Oxygen played  a key role in accepting free

electrons at the end of oxidative phosphorylation that produces the energy molecule, (ATP), forming water which prevented “congestion of electrons” in the associated electron chain complexes on the inner mitochondrial

membrane.  And that the mitochondria are  the “powerhouse” of the cell and that efficient measurement of ETC function can provide insight into mechanisms of physiology and disease pathogenesis. 

When we look at Ruth Drown’s Cancer Theory that “Not enough Life Force to a part of the body causes congestion of electrons” we can ask the question:

Is Drown describing the role of the Oxygen in accepting free electrons when she refers to Life Force?

Because Oxygen and Life Force have a very interesting relationship, namely the traditional observation that Prana is said to reside in the breath, can we say the Life Force resides with Oxygen in a similar way?

Prana is also described with electric-like properties of polarity. 

What role does Prana or Life Force have to do with oxidative phosphorylation of the associated electron chain complexes on the inner mitochondrial Membrane?

We can speculate that Oxygen fully charged with Vital Force will cause the cells to “accept the free electrons” and thus produce the maximum vitality. 

If there is a depletion in Vital Force the oxygen will not accept the free electrons and the disabled ETC function creates disease pathogenesis and cell damage, that no doubt result in “tumors”.

We can intuit that the Drown’s Radionic technique allowed the Life Force to equilibrate any imbalance in the associated electron chain complexes on the inner mitochondrial Membrane of the disease site?

What role does Life Force or Prana, as understood by the breath, play in a galvanic circuit grounded to the earth?

We can speculate that the galvanic circuit has the ability, like the Prana on breath, to carry along a charge of vital force necessary to assist the oxygen accepting the free electron near the mitochondrial membrane, thus increasing vitality.  

I probably am using the language wrong but I think we have been able to find that Ruth Drown’s basic observation and intuition about the “Congestion of electrons” is a valid observation in the 21st century if we are willing to see open ourselves to the role Life Force plays in the electric function of oxygen.

In working up the newsletter I am using a set of Drown books that have been in a storage box.

I find that this copy of Theory and Technique of the Drown HVR has a copy of The Hendershot Mystery accidentally bound with it.

I am sure that this makes this YOUR copy, meant just for YOU…so I will put this up on the eBay so you can acquire it.

I think this excerpt of The Hendershot Mystery ties in best to the discussion at hand.

For those interested in my Father’s analysis of how this generator worked, the following are his theories on the subject.

“The field of magnetism surrounding the earth is similar to the field of magnetism in a man made generator.”

“The rotor of a generator is revolved by some means of power, cutting the lines of magnetism, creating electric power. The earth is turning inside of a field of magnetism. That, no one contradicts, yet it is claimed there is no power to be derived from it.”

“Let’s say we have a mechanism that will collect, polarize and create a positive and negative connection to this tremendous power that is ever-present on the earth.”

“As long as the earth rotates around the sun, it will create electric power which some scientists claim does not exist. Yet, we dig into the mountain for material that costs unbelievable sums, to create the same power.”

“Magnetism must be cut. The lines of force circling the earth are constant and if this force is broken up, and polarized, you have the equivalent of uranium broken up, which creates heat and power.”

“A very small unit comprised of wire, a magnet, several special designed coils, condensers, collector units, and a few other minor items, will cut this force. Another especially designed mechanism will polarize it, giving it a positive and a negative connection to any resistance and the result is the generation of electricity.”

The Hendershot Mystery, Appendix C

Two excerpts that do not require explanation but fit in with the sort of context with the questions raised…

The Theory and Technique of the Drown H.V.R. and Radio-Vision Instruments

By Ruth Drown,1939
  Chapter VI  Radio-Vision and its Theory

“In the Drown Method we attempt to improve the tie between the material and the so-called unseen Energy which animates all life. It has been difficult for the average physician to recognize this vital Life Force which flows through everything in the Universe, giving to it its own rate of vibration. If that rate of vibration changes, the substance changes, the substance, hitherto regarded as a certain type of element, ceases to be that type and becomes something else without ceasing to be a substance.”

“This invisible line is therefore the Life Force of the body. It also takes the form of liquid and gases when the electron flow is speeded up fast enough to produce heat.. When the body ceases to be animated by this Life Force–in other words, when death comes–we cannot tune into it with our instruments. The Life Force, or “radio beams” has been withdrawn.”

Chapter VIII Questions and Answers

Q. Dr. H., Texas. How does the H.V.R. treat the patient?

A.– The blood and nerves carry electro-magnetic energy. During treatment on the H.V.R.Instrument the foot-plates act as the cathode, and the electrode on the body acts as the anode. The energy carries the radio-active rate of vibration to the organs, glands and tissues of the body in a way similar to that in which the electrical equipped radio carries the voice or sound. Thus we have the direct energy passing through the instrument and back through the patient, conducting the rate of vibration as designated by the instrument. All energy returns to its source.

Q. – Dr. Y., California. What do you think forms a tumor in the body?

A.– All these conditions seem to be a matter of conjecture and theory. It is our theory that the anabolic function of the body is the positive energy belonging to the nucleus of the nerve cells, and thence over the nerves to the various organs and tissues of the body. The catabolic energy passes through the nerve as the bloodstream. Any impingement of the catabolic function would inhibit the natural flow of the bloodstream through the nerve to the tissue supported by this nerve. There would thus be a lack of balance between the  catabolic and anabolic functions. However, the anabolic function would continue in a true, steady manner, but the impingement of the catabolic function would inhibit the carrying away of old cells. Therefore we would have a new cell built in on the old cell, producing an abnormal condition or growth.

To me so much more important for the Borderland Scientist is the far reaching implications of personal development rather than the sort of short sighted curing of disease.

I think Ruth Drown who went down that path and tried to really think in medical terms showed us the perils of that path.

She was no short sighted materialist though and at the heart of her philosophy is the clear underlying intention of profound personal realization and “in so doing raise his consciousness to where, at last, he knows he is the ruler of his own particular little world, with power to command it”

Science and Philosophy of The Drown Radio Therapy
By Ruth Drown
All things are under the command of this Great Intelligence, as it is the source of the magnetic energy of Light brought down into substance.  Magnetism holds the form, sound and substance of all things even having been, or ever being, on this plane. It is elastic, it attracts, holds, repels and shapes all things. We could liken it to the soap bubble, upon which other soap bubbles are formed. The force causing the formation is unseen, be we call it air, gas or energy.

The cells of the physical body are likewise under the command of this Great Intelligence. They are created by an unseen energy which passes through the particular pattern designated, and takes the changes of formation from the gaseous through the liquid, the gelatinous, the calcificied. Often a part of the cell formation is seen under the microscope, but the acting energy is invisible.

Every cell in our body represents its own complete body, and takes its place in the world as an individual conscious unit. Yet we, with all the millions of cells in our bodies, constitute only ONE CELL in the great body of humanity. Our earth is the smallest in this particular chain of planets, in galaxy upon galaxy of other chains.

It is impossible to conceive of the immensity of life. However, everyone must and can learn only from his own little point in the scheme of things, and in so doing raise his consciousness to where, at last, he knows he is the ruler of his own particular little world, with power to command it when he has won through to self-command.

And so we come back, inevitably, to the fact that we must begin with ourselves.

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Inharmony: The Argument

The method I use to generate content is based on synchronicity. A person would have to be a genius to attempt to approach the Borderland Archive material in a linear way.  The problem with the randomness is that sometimes I don’t like the content or it is confusing or both.

If I don’t write it up things grind to a halt. It is like I am supposed to just flush it through the system. 

This material is pretty hard to bring together in a coherent form. It is like two different conversations at the same time with everyone talking over each other.

Ruth Drown is having an interesting conversation with Liboff Abraham R, Mcleod Bruce R and Smith Stephen D about harmony.

The scientists give a very technical example of how harmony is created in the radionic circuit as “a direct current offset resulting in a non-zero average magnetic field.” 

Ruth explains that “the disease energy is positive to the ground energy, but it is negative to the total body energy, being but a small part thereof. Therefore, it is that positive energy of the operator emanating from the tips of the fingers, coming in contact with the detector which causes a definite short in the passage of the disease energy”

For some reason Riley Crabb gives us a warning about “concentrating on the input of the senses” and introduces a sort of creepy black magick thread into the conversation. I guess he is reacting to the materialist vibes coming from the medical doctors? 

Scott Hill, almost in spite of Crabb, brings up the experiments of Dr. Koriniy in 1967 on rabbits.

On the heels of Crabbs’s portrayal of Gerald Light’s encounters with Gurdjieff in the 1930’s J.K.Huysman’s satanic Monsieur Durtal enters the stage to perform a routine that also has to do with the sense of smell. Odd.

The question of inharmony is again raised and we agree that it was “to be decided by experience rather than argument.”

Here are the excerpts:

Inharmony is the rock-botton cause of all disease, for the latter is unable to enter the body unless inharmony has taken hold. The individual has not yet learned the laws of Life. He has done certain things, year in, year out, and has struggled along, trying to make conditions yield to him, only to wear out his body and accomplish little or nothing, instead of letting go and trying to harmonize himself with the great fundamental laws.

Ruth Drown, The Science and Philosophy of the Drown Radio Therapy, Los Angeles 1938

In another embodiment, a sinusoidal current is employed in the arc windings with a direct current offset resulting in a non-zero average magnetic field to achieve the required magnetic field along the predetermined axis that is therapeutically effective.

-Patent 5,437,600 Liboff Abraham R, Mcleod Bruce R, 

Smith Stephen D   1994. (A Case for Electro-Therapy, Selected U.S. Patents compiled by Peter A. Lindemann)

Beware that concentrating on the input of the senses can be dangerous; for it is one of the techniques of the Left Hand path – or at least Pagan Magick.  One of our Associates went to France when Gurdjieff had his school there at Fontainebleau, in the 1930’s. One of the things which amazed him was the rows and rows of spices and other exotic edibles which Gurdjieff kept around him all the time. He enjoyed making his students eat them, demanding that they concentrate on the feelings of the taste. There were exercises for concentrating on the other senses until they became developed to an abnormal degree. This is the opposite of what we are trying to do. To me this is the Left Hand Path, emphasizing the physical nature.

Associate, Gerald Light marveled at Gurdjief’s sudden changes in weight, even though the gure wasn’t particularly big or heavy. Light said, “When Gurdjieff was asleep two of us could lift him, but when he was awake and concentrating 12 of us couldn’t lift him! And at times when he was moving about and in deep concentration, and would absent-mindedly sit down, the chair would crash to splinters under him, making him angry”

Riley Hansard Crabb, Psychic Self Defense Part III, The Dweller on the Threshold.

“Perhaps the most dramatic biological effect of laser light is the stimulation of regeneration of tissue. In 1967 Dr. Koriniy and associates carried out experiments on rabbits using monochromatic polarized light for 6300-6400 A. Identical wounds were inflicted on both ears of a rabbit, and thus each rabbit served as its own control: one ear was radiated, one was not. Distinct physiological changes included the increase of neutrophyles, occurred on the test wound but not the control wound. In successive periods, the number of phagocytes began to increase, and the bacterial flora composed of diplo- and tetracocci almost entirely phagocytosized in the wound exodate. The wound which was irradiated with MRL also healed faster. The authors concluded that the effects were due to changing properties of the skin.”

Biophotons and Biophysical Effects of Ultra Weak EM Radiation by Scott Hill M.E.E. University of Copenhagen (International Symposium on Wave Therapeutics)

The principle of diagnosing with the Homo-Vibra Ray is that all positive energies flow toward the negative energies. Thus, the positive force in the human body flows toward the ground, as our instrument is grounded. In using the human energy as the force that carries the radio-active ethers from the body to the ground, we are not able to pick it up at the present time by any other than that which is equal in every way to the human energy — hence the reason for passing the hand over the detector to pick up the disease rate of vibration as it passes toward the ground. We find that the disease energy is positive to the ground energy, but it is negative to the total body energy, being but a small part thereof. Therefore, it is that positive energy of the operator emanating from the tips of the fingers, coming in contact with the detector which causes a definite short in the passage of the disease energy or vibration from any localized tissue, organ or gland of the body. Any one of these, being but a part of the great whole, naturally is negative to the total. Any other energy would be a different rate of vibration and would take us out of the law that “like attracts like”.

It has been difficult for the average physician to recognize the great vital life force which flows through everything in the universe, giving it its ownrate of vibration. When that rate of vibration changes, the substance recognized as a definite thing ceases to be that thing and becomes something else without ceasing to be a substance. Were commercial electricity used with this instrument, we would defeat our own purpose to the degree that we would waste the electric energy, for it would not find its own rate of vibration in the human body, and we would also obscure the flow of human energy to such a degree that the patient would receive only a portion of the treatment that he otherwise would receive were he to treat with his own energy unobscured.

He pushed her aside and began to stir the salad.

“How good it smells!” said Durtal, drinking in the incisive tang of the herring.

“Do you know what this perfume suggests? A basket funnelled fireplace, twigs of juniper snapping in it, in a ground-floor room opening onto a great harbour. It seems to me there is a sort of salt water halo around these little rings of gold and rusted iron. — Exquisite,” he said as he tasted the salad.

“We’ll make it again for you, Monsieur Durtal,” said Mme. Carhaix, “you are not hard to please” -La Bas (The Great Classic Of Satanism) J.K.Huysman’

“Matter may be regarded as the battle-ground on which two different types of spirituality fight each other.”

There is where we disagree again,” observed Narbu. “I always thought there was only one type of spirituality.”

“I think this is a question to be decided by experience rather than argument.” I said.

“We shall discuss this further in the Secret City,” he replied…

Secret City in the Valley of Mystery

Clearing Obscurations

“If this were true in small ways already discovered, it is true in all ways not yet discovered, because we know the laws of Life are true and immutable”

-Ruth Drown

The Inner Circle, after months, have assembled fairly suddenly and have provided us an interesting glimpse into how polarity plays a role in clearing obscurations and creating harmony to increase vitality.

Ruth Drown orients us to Infinite Light and tears into the mechanistic approach to energy and then Mr. Inyushin introduces us to an interconnected  image of the body as a giant crystal with a complex zonal structure. 

Riley Crabb, points out that problems arise when blockages of energy creates a swamp in the emotional system.

Eric Dollard points out that once the energy starts to overflow, there is still modulation of one wave by another wave.

What I see to see here is that in spite of the apparent conflict there is the opportunity to create vitality, that where “one melody is combined with itself delayed by a given number of divisions of the measure, produces harmony by interference with itself.” 

 Reichenbach and Mesmer clarify that the blockages are overcome by this harmony by interference in the manner of magnetic passes where “at every spot of the human body on which a hand was laid or moved in unlike Odic pairing, a rise in vitality took place.”

Dollard reflecting on the process observes “It may be concluded that materials called electric conductors might best be called electric obstructors and serve not to conduct electro-magnetism but serve to reflect it back on itself.”

Crabb sums things up when he reports on L.E. Eeman’s research shows that “different parts of the body are positive and negative in relation to each other and current can flow between them.”

Life as Energy

The new physics is attempting to explain energy as the bombardment of electrical particles which float in space and to deny any knowledge as to their origin, or that they have origin except relatively speaking; namely, that the ethers are filled with them. When we feel anything, they say, it is the bumping into electrical particles, all physical phenomena can be explained from the relative position of an imaginary observer. 

The interesting thing is there is always the necessary use of the imagination of the observer or a theory that if such and such were true, than so and so would of necessity have to be true, following someone’s law which had been accepted by sciences for a certain number of years as means of measuring or deducting results. All these laws are admitted to be relative and not immutable.


Now out of this Infinite Light comes the reduction into energy, then liquid, and lastly form and substance. If the same laws be followed, these of necessity must be only one-half the cycle.

Following the laws just mentioned, form on this earth is subject to energy and light, or which it is a part. If this were true in small ways already discovered, it is true in all ways not yet discovered, because we know the laws of Life are true and immutable, and it is only form which changes, or shall we say that only what can be discerned by the five senses is  that which changes form of condition. 

Excerpt from The Science and Philosophy of the Drown Radio Therapy, 1938

Resonance, Biostimulation and The Problem of Bioplasm

In 1967 we first published a sketch of the concept of bioplasm, in which we propounded the concept of the possible existence of a plasmic state in the living organism. It follows that the bioplasm in the conditions of biological space, in contrast to inorganic plasm, possesses a high degree of order.

Our conceptions developed independently of the works of Polish researchers who published similar ideas a possible plasmic state (Sediak, 1967,1970)

We assume that the living organism should be conceived as a giant crystal with a complex zonal structure on different levels of organization. We shall endeavor to investigate the cell as the basic element of the bioplasmic structure of the living organism. 

Excerpted from V.M. Inyushin, Chairman, Department of Biophysics, Kazgosuniversitat, Alma Ata, USSR. International Symposium on Wave Therapeutics, 1979


Three Basic Drives of Life

These three drives are: 1. The urge for self-preservation, This must be first. 2. The urge for self-reproduction. 3. The social instinct.

The trouble with these three main springs of existence is that they can be blocked. When there is a blockage of anyone or two of these basic instincts then you try to adjust as best you can. But energy will overflow in other directions. We might say that it creates a swamp in the emotional system. In that swamp harmful bacteria can breed and there’s trouble.

The science of life is studying these three basic instincts and how they are expressed on various levels of consciousness–other than the obvious ones. 

Excerpt from Psychic Self-Defense Part 1 Riley Hansard Crabb. 1972


Producing Harmony by Interference

This multiplication, or modulation, of one wave by another wave of the same number of divisions produces what may be called canonic electric waves, after the process in music where one melody is combined with itself delayed by a given number of divisions of the measure, producing harmony by interference with itself. This process is the underlying principle behind the synchronous condenser, hysteresis motor, and parametric amplifier. The means for producing this phenomena is called synchronous parameter variation, and is the principle behind what is often called “free energy” which hence is quite possible if not certain. More on this will be given in Part III on Hysteresis. 

Excerpt from Symbolic Representation of the Generalize Electric Wave, Eric Dollard, 1985

Mesmerism- The Mesmeric Pass and The Doctors

From this luminous phenomenon, as well as from the sense of coolness produced, you clearly recognize the fact that the person making the passes causes as excitation that must be called an important one: for the od radiating blue light effects, in a way altogether peculiar to itself, as excitation upon the subject of the od with red light, unlike working unlike.

And as the human body is a receptacle strongly charged with od, while the odic matter is powerfully connected with its inmost depths, the fact of odic passes being able to penetrate deeply into the physical and mental economy of the subject is intelligible.

…I have in general found it to be a certain fact that at every spot of the human body on which a hand was laid or moved in unlike odic pairing, a rise in vitality took place, and not a mere superficial rise, but one which penetrated deeply into the internal organs.

Excerpted from Reichenbach’s Letters on Od and Magnetism, 1852

I was reading a copy of How Do You Sleep by L.E. Eeman. I found an old copy in the odds and ends back stock but I think it did not make it into the online catalog. 

It has an odd little back section called “Books to Read”. A  whole world of Mesmerism and Radiesthesia. One sort of jumped out, literally caused me to have a vivid dream-like series of images.

Margret Goldsmith enters the office. She is holding a file that is marked Simpkin Marshall Ltd. 3/6 nett.

I examine the file and it contains her book on Mesmer.

She is demanding $40.00 which does not seem like  a lot of money but I am flat broke, and I am not inclined to buy a book and no one has stolen it and put it on the web for free.

“Franz Anton Mesmer: the history of an idea”

Dawn Moutrey says “This biography of Mesmer seeks to link his ideas and practices with modern psychotherapy. It traces the history of mesmeric techniques from ancient times, through Mesmer himself, the work on hypnotism by James Braid, and then even connecting it to the early work of Sigmund Freud.” 

She also translated Erich Kästner’s Emil and the Detectives for the first UK edition.  I recommend watching the film on You Tube. 

The Character of Aethereous Space

If an electric current is conveying electro-magnetic energy as previously discussed it is found that a force or pressure is exerted upon the circuit material. This pressure tends to repel opposing parts of the circuit material and cause the circuit to expand. The quantity of this pressure in the space bounded by the circuit is called the magneto-motive force of the circuit.

It can therefore be seen that conducting materials serve as the walls of a container holding magnetic pressure. If the conducting material is in the so called superconducting state and the ends of the circuit are shorted the electric current will hold this magneto-motive pressure indefinitely, in analogy with compressed air stored in a tank. In order for this to be the result of electron flow requires that this flow be in perpetual motion, an unlikely proposition.

It may be concluded that materials called electric conductors might best be called electric obstructors and serve not to conduct electro-magnetism but serve to reflect it back on itself. The flow of electro-magnetism is conducted by the aethereous space bound  by the obstructing material.

The character of this aethereous space is represented by its inductance L and its capacitance C. Since pure space is considered a perfect insulator by atomic theory, is it not ironic that it offers the least resistance to the flow of electro-magnetism? It is then the insulators that are the true conductors of electricity.

-Eric P. Dollard, Transmission of Electricity

September-October 1987,

Journal of Borderland Research


Camped in a Veritable Cemetery

Here are a few choice quotes from the later part of Roeric’s travel diary: “Like black spiders with long legs are hidden the black tents of the Tibetians, stretching out with long ropes…We camp in the middle of a marshy plain overgrown with thin, prickly weeds. On the horizon is a lake and dead mountains. I call them dead because this is a veritable cemetery. Long ago these were great mountains, perhaps rivals of Everest; now they are eroded and crumbled into small stones. The deep valley became filled, forming a hill of 15,000 feet, open to the most brutal winds. Before reaching the most significant sites, before the heavenly Himalayas one falls into horrible marshes. The horses are slipping and stumbling among the ugly clumps. There is not a bird, not an animal…

Excerpt from Secret City in the Valley of Mystery, Riley Crabb.


Pragmatic Proof of Mana

You can prove the existence of ths vitality, this mana, this prana by the use of Eeman Screens; for your vitality, your ectoplasm, has polarity. It flows, from positive to negative, just like an electric current. Is this the Animal Magnetism of Dr. Mesmer in the 18th Century, or the Odic Force of Baron von Reichenbach in Germany in the 19th Century? Probably.

In testing thousands of people over a period of many years, Englishman L.E. Eeman proved that different parts of the body are positive and negative in relation to each other and current can flow between them. Is it an electrical current? No. not as the engineer knows electricity, the measurable kid, flowing along metal wires. Perhaps it’s even the “skin effect” of electrostatic energy, or something even higher yet!

Anyhow, it works. Apparently these external circuits go around buried completely in the subconscious and re-establish the circulation of blocked vitality or mana. Any metal screen will do, copper, bronze, monel, aluminum, black iron wire.

Excerprt from Psychic Surgery in the Phillippines (and in Brazil) Bible Hahuna Healers in Hawaii New Age Therapy in California, by Nelson Decker, D.C. and Riley Hansard Crabb, D.Msc., 1966