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Unseen Energy Fields?

Unseen Energy Fields?

Do unseen energy fields exist?

Do these fields of energy impact our health, well being and consciousness?

The Borderland Sciences catalog stresses physical radiesthesia.

One of the primary textbooks is Principles and Practices of Radiesthesia, by the Abbe Mermet.

Abbe Mermet in 1935 expresses the physical basis for dowsing and makes numerous observations and experiments.

Over time, how researchers explain the fields and emanations changes but what remains constant is the apparatus and the radiesthetist who senses the fields and emanations.

The apparatus of the dowser becomes the indicator of changes in the field or changes in the medium in which the dowser works.

Gerry Vasillatos in Vril Compendium 3 tells us that this apparatus is the nervous system of the dowser.

Gerry Vassilatos employs a language that connects electromagnetic theory along with observations of ‘earth rays’ to ideas to more fundamental vital force fields like those of Wilhem Reich’s Orgone or Wachsmuth’s Four Ether’s.

With Vassilatos, the idea of subtle electromagnetic forces give way to Vril.

Vril exploration triggers enhancements of the expanding new senses.

We can more fully appreciate our environment.

Can we expand our own perception of energy; what was once not sensible becomes so with practice?

Is it possible that by becoming aware of physical radiesthesia and that expanding the perception though practice with an apparatus is a way to emerge as a more conscious and healthy individual?


Principles and Practices of Radiesthesia, by the Abbe Mermet.

The Role of Bodies in General

2 Radiesthetic Field

To express the idea that all bodies, far beyond their material surface, influence other bodies by forces emanating from their own substance, it is customary in physics to say that they are surrounded by a field. Nothing is more familiar to us. If a candle is lit, it is surrounded by a luminous field perceived by the eyes and by a calorific field felt by the hands. If a note is struck on the piano, a musical field is created and the corresponding string of a violin nearby vibrates.

But there exists a far greater number of fields than we have senses for. An X-ray tube produces and invisible field enabling us to perceive our bones and other opaque bodies on a special screen. The Eiffel Tower gives off a field of Hertzian waves, not visible, warm or audible by themselves, but which, with an adequate apparatus, can be transformed into harmonious sounds.

The radiesthetic field is not perceptible to our senses. In order to be manifest to us it requires a specific intermediary: the apparatus of the radiesthetist.

Gerry Vassilatos

Vril Volume 3 Vril Linkage

Local Variation in a Penetrating Radiation and their connection with Water Dowsing.

Lecture delivered to the British Society of Dowsers of November 10th, 1935

“In looking for an explanation to account for the dowsing phenomena it seems obvious that the influence is due to some changing conditions in the medium through which the diviner is moving, and that these changes are caused by variations in the density of matter situated above or below him. The whole surface of the earth appears to be divided up into areas over which certain conditions prevail: these areas being the cross sections of shafts or columns which extend vertically both upwards and downwards to great distances.

Vril Volume 3: Introduction

“Dowsers have long known that the detection of ‘substance lines’ in any locale is specific. Dowsers were sensing these potentials for centuries with the apparatus of their own organisms: VRIL sensory vision. Dowsers could literally see the subterranean surgings, seethings storms, deep rivers, black glowing streams, resoundings caverns, whorling springs, subterranean cataracts and underground falls.”

We add this last part mostly for what I  think is very funny mental image…

V. Some Experiments

“Branly, the famous French Scientist, one day asked Father Tremolet, missionary in Morocco and dowser, if he could, from the garden, detect the presence of a gold coin on the table in his laboratory which was entirely screened with sheets of copper. The priest hesitated but Branly said to him :”If radiesthetic radiations are such as I conceive them to be, you should be able to do it. The experiment was carried out forthwith and was successful. foot note: Bulletin del al Radiesthesie (June 1933)”

Mermet concludes this section with the following observation.

“Thus, burglars before forcing a safe open could detect with a pendulum whether it contained precious metals or not!”

Energy and Vortex: A Borderland Sciences Study Set

Geomagnetic Influences on the Atmosphere

by Dennis Klocek (from Jour. Borderland Research, 48:1, Jan-February 1992)

A central concept in meteorology is the vortex formation. The vortex lies as the primary image at the root of all weather phenomena. The question has often arisen, what is the significance of the vortex, what is its source? Both high and low pressure cells are vortices which move in opposite directions. The permanent areas of high and low pressure cells are vortices, as are the deep ocean currents which are thought to be the source of much of our weather activity. . .

. . . The insight that a factor could be found was initiated by an unusual book entitled Anti-Gravity and the World Grid, edited by David Childress. This book contains a depiction of the so-called Russian grid. The Russian grid is a crystalline web laid over the Earth and is said to reflect the geometry of the carbon atom. Russian research puts forward the idea that the points and lines of the world grid are the facets of the Earth crystal. Along these facets geomagnetic energies are transmitted and released.

A Bipolar Theory of Living Processes

by George W. Crile

Page 162

For if living organisms are energy transformers, it would seem logical that the primary role should be played by energy and the secondary by form and structure. This hypothesis does not contradict Darwin’s theory of pangenesis, but it offers a possible explanation to that theory. Darwin’s theory assumes that the cells of the organism each contribute a small gemmule larger that a chemical molecule but smaller than the smallest organism. To Darwin’s mind it was logical to conceive that each cell must make a hereditary contribution to the sex cell. According to our conception instead of contributing a particle of material to the sex cell, the cells of the body construct the elements in the sex cells at a distance by the specific energies of cells or cell groups, thus satisfying the logical requirements of Darwin’s pangenesis for the transportation of gemmules from somatic cell to sex cell. We may also logically assume that these specific energy units may lay dormant for generations, until other competing units, which dominate for a time, in turn allow them to dominate. The physical balance which determines which type of primary unit will predominate may depend on the energy of the synergistic units.

A Bipolar Theory of Living Processes
Price: $44.95

The Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator

He Prefers Vitic to MWO

“Personally, while feeling the passage of the high tension flow from the antenna of the Multi-Wave Oscillator, I found no beneficial effect. On the other hand, the Associate with whom I obtained the MWO realized definite improvement. He has kept up the use and told me lately that he is feeling steadily better and lays the improvement to the use of the outfit. Some years ago I had frequent conferences (thru a medium) with one who was said to be Madam Blavatsky. During the course of these talks she dismissed the subject of electricity as of little value in comparison with a study of magnetism. That in the study of magnetism lay the secrets of many valuable matters. I am led to refer to this because I recently obtained relief, and apparent cure, from a troublesome irritable bladder by the use of a magnet. Other treatments had been of no value. I made no report of this until the fact was definite. The use of the magnet was experiments and came from the suggestions of a Chicago University specialist in the subject, related to me via various Biomagnetic reports and some correspondence.”

Associate A.N. Onymous,
Dixie, U.S.A.

This letter from an elderly associate was dated Sept. 3, 1964. It certainly provides an interesting and stimulating commentary on the material in the preceding pages of the Journal. Interestingly enough, we’ve had many reports of successful and continued relief of irritating bladder and prostate conditions from exposure to the MWO. In the Vitic Device we now have a borderland gadget that is far less troublesome to build and to operate. How effective it is remains to be proven.

The Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator Handbook
Price: $27.95

A Report of Radionic Research Project, 1953

In all the experiments, guinea pigs were inoculated with Staphylococcus aureus. The control animals received no treatment, the treated animals being treated by Radionic techniques. Both groups were treated alike in all respects other than treatment. Treatment and control animals were kept in identical small cages for identical lengths of time. During the bi-daily treatment period, identical electrodes were attached to all animals, the electrodes on the controls not being attached to the source of energy.

*Not Available

The Ether-Vortex Concept

by Lindy Millard

The protons in the cores of material atoms do not move so easily as do the electrons, but tend to remain in fixed positions. The substances, from which electrons can be removed with the least effort, are called conductors. The remaining kinds of substance (materials) from which electrons can be dragged with greater electromotive force are resistors and insulators. The latter being unable to conduct electricity at all except under sufficiently high voltages. The robbing of electron from one end of a conductor (by chemical or other means) immediately shifts the electrical equilibrium of the entire wire.

The Ether-Vortex Concept
Price: $5.95

The Royal R. Rife Report

What has become of the Rife Microscope?

by Christopher Bird

With his instrument Rife was able to look at living organisms. What he say convinced him that germs could not be the cause, but the result of disease; that, depending on its state, the body could convert a harmless bacterium into a lethal pathogen; that such pathogens could be instantly killed, each by a specific frequency of light; and that cells, regarded as the irreducible building blocks of living matter, are actually composed of smaller cells, themselves made up of even smaller cells, this process continuing     with higher and higher magnification in a sixteen-step, stage-by-stage journey into the micro-beyond.

The Royal R. Rife Report
Price: $17.95

Ether Physics and Consciousness: A Study Set

Here is a very unusual and interesting assortment of ideas pertaining to etheric physics. I would not look to these particular sources for information of ether physics nor do I think you would either. This is the best way I can assist you; it’s like when a book falls off the shelf and opens to the page you need. I have a strong feeling that this is for one person out there and we all hope you enjoy this. I am not knowledgeable enough about ether physics to really critically evaluate this data but you are. In my service to this community I always walk that fine line of being full of B.S.

This seems to me to be of interest to someone who has been trying to follow the strange stories concerning CERN.

Much of the information on CERN opening new dimensions seems to be utter fear mongering but a Borderland Scientist understands the difficult nature of these sorts of revelations. Just because the tone of the information may suggest that there are errors in the clarity of observations a Borderland Scientist will investigate the information using whatever scientific discretion at their disposal. Do we think that CERN will open dimensions to release demons on the world? I don’t. But the first source of info from Mark Probert claims to be from Ramon Natalli who still does research on some other dimension. The rational mind just wants to dismiss the whole lot of it.

What I continue to love about Borderland Sciences is that it has enough material for my rational mind to process while I explore the irrational side of reality.

What strikes my interest enough to pull these threads out and tie them together for you is that when I searched the first book I felt an intuition that Mark Probert was discussing things in 1952 that may be unfolding in our current time with the experiments at CERN. I am not a physicist so I cannot really evaluate the data but must use my gut feeling and synchronicity to give me feedback for my investigation.

Gerry Vassilatos seems to pick-up the theme in the next source that I picked at random from the archive shelf. It was the words “such an advanced state of disintegration” that suggested to me further relationship to the particle collider at CERN. Gerry possibly shows how an etheric interpretation may be helpful to understand the particle physics.

It would be interesting if these documents could be quietly circulated amongst some of the thousands of scientist involved in this project at CERN.

Paul E. Rowe then gives us a very dense article in “Copernicus II” that brings in some consideration not easy to summarize or paraphrase. This is going to make sense to the one person who this set is intended for.

A letter to the editor attempts to remind the researcher that we are to attempt to widen our perception to allow the etheric to permeate our understanding.

Scanning another unlikely source, “The Amazing Secrets of the Masters of the Far East”, we seem to get a key to how consciousness plays a role similar to the collider itself. “Mind should be used for both fusion and diffusion.”  I find that parallels like this can shed light and make connections from consciousness to physics in ways that would not be readily apparent to a purely logical pursuit.

And more challenging yet is the task to tie in the Wachsmuth book called “Reincarnation”. Like many things on the Borderland the cover of the book may mislead you to think that it is something you are not interested in. Reincarnation is a rather advanced book on the esoteric ideas of the ether and will reward you deeply for an investigation of Wachsmuth’s lessons on ether and perception.

Taken together I think this study set paints a very interesting picture of ether physics that provide an interesting back light for pondering the current activity of CERN.

Here are the experts:

Séance Memoranda from the Inner Circle, 1951-1952

Transcript #15: The Control of Natalli on “The Time-Vacuum”

Before the Control came on, Mark Probert had been toying with a pair of Alnico magnets and the conversation concerned magnetic fields. Natalli took control very abruptly, contrary to his custom and began:

“I am going to say something,” said NATALLI, “which may not be quite understood. While we have various densities it is still a difficult thing to recon with, because it will be supposed by your scientist that in the last analysis the density would be so great that the medium could only be described as homogeneous. I have recently worked out a theory, part of which at least may be known to you.

‘If we look at densities as blending slowly we arrive at a density which will be to all intents homogeneous. But this is not really the case. By basing on the quantum theory each state is periodical – a period-behavior of the atoms. This period state can only come about by thinking in this manner. The action of the atom in each grade of density is not a stable condition, but one which appears and disappears  – a kind of blinking, so to speak, in lawful sequence. In each passing second or fraction of tie there is a different form of motion. A phenomenon of action taking place in one density will cause another form of action to take place in another density. It is this action taking place in different dimensions which create what you call form.  Now, we wonder where the atom is, in the fraction of time that it is not in action, There is a time-vacuum existing between the period-states of motion. When an action takes place in the atomic world here in this density, it creates another form of action in another density. Due to the fact that we cannot ever get to a state of nothingness, this field between the two —-A———A  play or interchange between the proton and the neutron. They exchange energies until there is a kind of absorption of one of them. We wonder what happened to the one – and how this absorption takes place again.  Both are sending off energies, and those are picked up by other bodies. You have in this exchange a complete breakdown of the atomic body, and it pours itself across this time vacuum into another dimension, where in forming an atomic structure in that dimension it is moving at a different rate of speed. Possibly it has lost some of its electron bodies in this new dimension and in this new dimension will create a web-like structure with other atoms that will make a solid for that dimension.

“Your time vacuum lies in the exchange of a neutron and proton in which one of these has absorbed the energy of the other, In that moment you have a time vacuum But it is so fragmentary in its time period that there is as yet no way of measuring it”

Black Waves

by Gerry Vassilatos (from Jour. Borderland Research 48:4, July-August 1992)

If Tesla was correct. Then fluxions within the bombarding source – those ”cosmic rays” of his would become fluxions between two or more radioactive materials if measured through a distance. The so-called “Cosmic Rays” of Tesla are not those which Geiger tubes and any other detector may ever detect: they are transcendingly intense rays, of material as fine as the ether itself. In Prof. Le Bon’s words these are “particles which have undergone such an advanced state of disintegration that they are nearly etheric in state.” In Dr. Tesla’s words they are “particles not further decomposable.”

Copernicus II

by Paul E. Rowe (from Jour. Borderland Research 48:2, March-April 1992)

The ether concept died early in this century (20th) the direct cause of its death was the results of interferometer experiments of Michelson and Morley. It was believed that the earth in its journey around the sun must travel through the ether. If this were the case, there must be an “ether  wind” along the direction of the motion. Michelson and Morley set up an experiment to measure the velocity of the ether wind. The experiment depended on the interference of the two light waves which were out of phase. One of the waves traveled down ether wind and then back up the ether wind while the other traveled across the ether wind and back. They both traveled the same distance relative to the apparatus. The experiment depended on the wave property of light (the main reason the ether was invented) Regardless of the orientation of the apparatus the results indicated there was no ether wind.

The results of experiments described in the scientific literature in the first quarter of this century and results of experiments I have performed more recently have lead me to the conclusion that there is indeed, such an ether, and to a suggestion as to two components of the ether. I will describe most of these experiments in generalities and the simple ones in some detail. First I will try to arrive at these components philosophically. Since I know what I wat the answer to be, this should be easy.

Let’s examine these magnets again. I am particularly impressed when they repel each other at a distance.

Etheric Energies

Letter to the editor from Eugenia Macer-Story

Because most scientists are focused on electromagnetism and the “juice” which runs the universe, they miss the structural effects of what we call the “etheric” energies. I feel that we are at a very rudimentary level in understanding the mind and that the primary thing which is not understood that one cannot “bracket out” perceptions. As the ancient traditions teach: before a person can actually use these mental energies on any level the inner emotional states must somehow be realized as an item. Not eradicated or controlled absolutely – but taken into account. This lack of self-awareness is why many parapsychologists and psychotronics people get odd results

The Amazing Secrets of the Masters of the Far East

By Victor Simon Perara

Lesson Nine

3. Take a double convex lens and focus the ray of the sun on any combustible substance. Enough energy is centralized to fuse or diffuse the substance. Mind should be used for both fusion and diffusion.

4. The trained business mind dissolves undesirable conditions and produces desirable conditions by scientific concentration. In the dissolving concentration, you use a mental idea, or word. That word represents what you wish to happen namely, scattering, diluting, vaporizing or disintegrating.

5. In attractive concentration, you use the works magnetism, attraction, adhesion, cohesion; in concentration these words become very powerful in accomplishing their purpose.

13. The nerve force of the human body governs and controls the circulation of the blood. In other words, the heart does not do all the work of circulating the blood through the body. Further, we know that the quantity of nerve force can be increased or decreased in any part f the body, by the concentration of the will in any part of the body. You can increase or withdraw the blood from any part of the body through the intelligent use of Will Power.

The Amazing Secrets of the Masters of the Far East
Price: $1.50

Reincarnation as a Phenomenon of Metamorphosis

by Guenther Wachsmuth

The sense-organs of man belong to those parts of the human organism which have entered most deeply into the physical in their evolution Mind should be used for both fusion and diffusion.. Rudolf Steiner rendered this clear by saying that we “have in the eye something which we might compare with the purely physical effects of a dark chamber, a photographic apparatus. It is as if a piece had been eliminated from the general permeation of the ether-body. This is actually the case. The same apples to the peculiar inner part of the ear, where there is within the labyrinth of the ear something of a keyboard. The ether-body is thrust back as it were, and there are activities of a merely physical nature in the physical body, not permeated in the corresponding way by the ether body; and thus comes into existence what we call the sensations. Colors are experienced through the fact that the ether-body for the eyes does not permeate that organ in the regular manner, and that purely physical effects are enclosed within this organization. So it is with all the senses, that a domination of the physical body over the ether-body takes place.” Even within man, the “work-world” of the creative Beings and forces is partly left rather to itself, already permanently established in its structure, and partly subject to constant transformation.

Reincarnation as a Phenomenon of Metamorphosis
Price: $19.95

The Aether Pioneers: From Paracelsus to Riley Crabb [A Borderland Study Set]

“Why should you or anyone take the time and trouble to push through the veil which hides this invisible reality from us? Because the causes which underlie all physical events are found on these subtler planes. Learn of these causes, understand them, and you are much better equipped to deal with the problems of life. Psychic phenomena are one evidence of this hidden reality, but the student of occult science is not interested in producing it. He knows that he will survive the death of his body. If psychic phenomena develop, they are incidental to his main work. His first concern is the training of his mind for development of character and harmonizing of all aspects of his personality.” — Riley and Judy Crabb

The Invisible Reality Behind Appearances
Price: $14.95

“What was the motive behind the constant strivings, the never-failing patience in the unravelling of the mysteries, the tenacity of purpose in the face of persecution and ridicule though out the countless ages that led the alchemist to pursue undaunted his appointed way? […]

“The accounts of their lives almost without exception lead us to believe that they were concerned with things spiritual rather than with things temporal. Rather were these men inspired by a vision, a vision of man made perfect, of man freed from disease and the limitations of warring faculties both mental and physical, standing as a god in the realization of a power that even at this very moment of time is lying hidden in the deeper strata of his consciousness, a vision of man made truly in the image and likeness of the one Divine Life in all its Perfection, Beauty, and Harmony.” — A. Cockren, “Alchemy Rediscovered and Restored”

The Book of the Revelation of Hermes
Interpreted by Theophrastus Paracelsus
Concerning the Supreme Secret of the World

“Hermes, Plato, Aristotle, and the other philosophers, flourishing at different time, who have explored the secrets of inferior creation, all these have eagerly sought a means whereby man’s body might be preserved from death and decay and become endued with immortality. To them it was answered that there is a nothing which might deliver the mortal body from death; but there is One Thing which may postpone decay, and renew youth, and prolong short human life (as with the Patriarchs). Therefore, the above philosophers, and many others have sought this One Thing with great labor, and have found that which preserves the human body from corruption, and prolongs life, conducts itself, with respect to the other elements, as it were like the Heavens; from which they understood that the Heavens are a substance above the Four Elements. And just as the Heavens, with respect to the other elements are held to be the fifth substance (for they are indestructible, stable, and suffer no foreign admixture), so also this One Thing (compared to the forces of our body) is an indestructible essence, drying up all the superfluities of our bodies, and has been philosophically called by the above mentioned name.” — A. Cockren

Alchemy Rediscovered and Restored
Price: $19.95

“But it is very probable that his nervous current or discharge which is conducted from the nucleated cell along the protoplasmic filaments to the anucleated fragment of the contiguous cell, also passes across into the fragment even when it contains a nucleus and so also when replaced by an entire cell. This leads us to the conception that wherever intercellular protoplasmic connection are present , the various nuclear currents of discharge stream through these connections and so permit a general nervous flux throughout the whole network of these protoplasmic bridges, in the meshes of which the nuclei themselves would constitute the nodal points. In this way one would have a continuous circulation or distribution of nervous electrical energy throughout the entire organism.”

“These studies led to the conception that there is in the organism an energy-controlling or kinetic system, viz. the brain, liver, the thyroid gland and the adrenal-sympathetic system, which collaborate in the transformation of potential into kinetic energy to effect adapted responses- muscular action, emotional excitation, fever, etc. In spite of our array of facts, however, we are still unable to formulate any hypothesis that would explain the significant role of the liver. Yet if our cytological researches were of value, the role of the liver must be identified, for in our studies changes in the cells of the liver appeared equally and consistently with the changes in the cells of the brain and the cells of the adrenal glands.” — Dr. George Crile, “The Phenomena of Life. A Radio-Electric Interpretation”

“The works of the pioneers, particularly for those who have not had an opportunity to study them deeply are of absorbing interest. Their approaches to the development of healing techniques varied from individual to individual, but in the ultimate all were striving to a single end—that of alleviating the disabilities of mankind. In this chapter I have tried to give some brief and possibly unknown factors about the notable theorists who worked out their ideas, often at an inspirational level.

“What can one do in a few paragraphs to the value of men and women who have spent their whole lives experimenting and propounding new theories of healing? It is an impossible task and I can only point to the direction in which this revealing information can be found.” — R. Murry Denning

My Search for Radionic Truths
Price: $9.95

“Oxidation produces radiation energy.

“Radiant energy generates the energy that governs the activity of protoplasm.

“The normal and pathological phenomena of life are manifestations of protoplasm.

“Therefore the phenomena of life must be due to radiant and electrical energy.” — Dr. George Crile

The Phenomena of Life:
A Radio-Electric Interpretation

Price: $59.95

“The great secret of the Lamas was rediscovered by George Crile: ‘The state of mind and the state of consciousness are a result of radiation and electrical potential.’ The Eye of Revelation by Peter Kelder is not just a fairy tale but a transmission of an ancient electrical, etheric technology. By practicing the Five Rites one seems to have the potential of increasing the body’s ability to capture, create, and use the vital forces that underlie the amazing field of vibrations we call life. The Vortexes are the spinning etheric substance underlying the electrical activity of the brain and glands. These rites work on the very foundations of our beings.” — “A New Look at the Five Rites of Rejuvenation” (Journal of Borderland Research, Vol. 57, No. 01)

Do you sense the connection yet?

Aggressive UFO’s: 1960’s

Two reports come across our desk today from the Borderland Sciences of the early 1960’s. While both these messages are printed in 1994 editions of the Journal of Borderland Research, they are derived from the time when the psychic UFO investigations were pursued with vigor by both Trevor James Constable and Riley Hansard Crabb.

Early Alarmists? These men were among the first to draw more sinister conclusions about what was until then a contact with Space Brothers.

These two journals will give you plenty of material to explore and contemplate. This mystery remains for all these years and these early reports are a gold mine and also help shed some perspective about how long these observations have been going on.

This is a point of no return for my own hypothesis on how the mounds were build. Here I must add that Trevor was told that these astral entities often produced generalized failures in different kinds of planes produced (at the time he published the book, 1958, nowadays the situation may have changed—though to which amount of both quality and quantity, is not known…) to produce the death of anyone they deemed valuable that was traveling within (never minding the murder of everyone else) to have him/her kidnapped when this shocked entity was forced to leave the physical body.

 Trevor was told that “[the astrals] are in need of pilots for their craft…” and on his own research in the media to find out many reports of failed planes which the crew and passengers… This is no proof- this term as expressed in its judicial conception—to link directly what the entity Ashtar said about the origins and motivations of the inimical craft with the events researched in the media , but Trevor found proof of aggression from saucer shaped craft against planes and their crews in the manner Ashtar indicated and they were produced by people who had never before heard of what Trevor had experienced as telepathic communication. These unacquainted people went so far as to sign affidavits stating how the events unfolded, which are fully reproduced in They Live in the Sky.

From: A Book Review by Jorge Resines of “The Rebirth of Pan”, by Jim Brandon (Borderlands, The Journal of Borderland Research Vol. 50 No. 1, 1994)

The Lost Russian Astronauts

 In the “Fate” article Edwards says a pair of astronauts, man and woman, were launched from a Russian space base on May 17, 1961 and orbited for seven days. Tracking stations in the free world followed them and monitored the voices of a man and woman from the capsule. Reports from them were routine until the last day when they were reporting, on May 24th, the sighting of “something that at first startled them and then terrified them…the woman’s voice interjected:

“I’ll make it and hold tightly with my right hand! Look out the peep hole! Look out the peephole! I have it…”

A few seconds later the make voice yelled: “Here! Here there is something! There is something it is difficult…”

“At that point a Soviet station cut in to announce that it was 3 p.m. Moscow time. When the Soviet station ceased transmitting the hour the transmissions from the space capsule had ceased and were not renewed.”

In the same article Edwards reports the launching of Russian astronauts, male and female, on a voyage to the moon, October 17, 1961. Routine transmissions from this capsule ceased after seven hours, with no explanation. These two items sound like interception and kidnapping, especially the first one. Certainly there is something going on above us and we are finally getting equipped to find it out.

From: Flying Saucers on the Moon by Riley Hansard Crabb from a lecture given in Vista, California, June 9, 1962 (as reprinted in Borderlands, The Journal of Borderland Research Vol. 50 No. 2, 1994)


The Crossroads of Science and Spirit

Vol. 50, No. 1

First Quarter 1994




The Crossroads of Science and Spirit

Vol. 50, No. 2

Second Quarter 1994


Original Editions available for short time on eBay:

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Geometric Ether Antennas


An Apparatus For Therapeutic Use Without Direct Or Indirect Suggestion Oscar Korschelt of Leipzig. German Patent #69340, July 14, 1891 Translated from the German

by Bodo Capeller, 1986

Source: Journal of Borderland Research Vol. 44 No. 2

This apparatus utilizes the living forces of the ethers for healing purposes. The electro dynamic theory of Wilhelm Weber concerning the structure of smallest parts results in the insight that all ether is identical with Weber’s electric particles, that all solids rotate around it at a certain distance because of attraction of positive to negative ether particles in relation to solids. Through a corresponding arrangement of solids it ought to be possible to condense the diffuse ether and redirect it. A similar arrangement has been utilized in the following described apparatus which has been named by the inventor “Ether Radiating Apparatus”.

This apparatus can be used for the purpose of increasing the intensity of the power of living ether. The difference between several versions of this apparatus is that of shape of materials used. In order to get increased power electric current may be used. Since the same appears to consist of positive and negative particles that try to find equilibrium, the amount of liberated ether particles within the wiring of the apparatus and the diameter of the wire formed ether vortex will increase with the spun off ether particles.

In drawings 1 through 5 an ether radiating device is shown. Within the apparatus the arrangement of the metal wiring is formed in a spiral that will cause ether particles to spin in a predetermined direction so that the living force can be utilized in many ways. [editors Italics]

The version in drawing #3 shows the wire is formed in spiral configuration on both sides of plate E and is connected in the center. Through this arrangement the ether particles will accumulate in the center of the disk and be thrown forward. In order to achieve a longer path for the ether vortex one may utilize a chain instead of a simple wire which consists of horizontal displaced links (drawing #5).

The disk is intended to cause physiological changes in humans (see drawing #1).
Patent request: An apparatus for therapeutic purposes with direct or indirect suggestion consisting of a non conductive disk (E), free standing or installed in a tube, where both sides of the disk contain spiral wound wire with the side toward the light exposed as the collector and the opposite the radiating portion.

By Albert Zock

The German inventor Oscar Korschelt based his cosmic ether accumulator, German Patent #69340, dated July 14, 1891, on the teaching of Wilhelm Weber not realizing that it incorporated the implosion principle as well. Weber professed that all particles of the ether, having an electrical charge, are circling around solid objects without touching them, the molecular particles being negative and the ether particles being positive, according to the law of attraction and repulsion. Since a solid body attracts ether particles, Korschelt searched for a way to collect, condense and to rectify them.

On a wooden disc with a hole in its center, Korschelt fastened spirals of copper wire, on both sides, one wound clockwise and the other, as a mirror image, counter clockwise, and connected the ends together through the hole in the center. His assumption was that the collected energy would be condensed in the center and then be beamed off at a right angle to the disc. He termed the side facing the light positive and the other negative. To increase the condensation and lengthen the antenna, Korschelt wound small coils like key rings and assembled them like links in a chain. He was convinced this device would give additional life energy if the beam was directed at the neck of a person in the height where the 18 cranial nerves are leaving the skull, (medulla oblongata). Such a spiral resembles a Nornen coil, which is stretched out and is used to eliminate undesirable emanations.

An application of a Korschelt coil seems to have its merits. In one case a relative of an elderly man suffering an acute pneumonia, being already unconscious and according to his physician, beyond hope, hung a Sun-Ether Disc over his bed. From this moment, his condition improved rapidly. Fourteen days later, he was almost normal again. In another case, a Sun-Ether Disc hangs over the door in the waiting room of a Naturopath. Every one walking in is amazed over its warmth, and the flowers are flourishing like in a green house, even though it is not heated and faces north. When asked for the reason, the owner points smilingly to the disc and gladly explains how it works and how to build one.

On a plywood disc with a diameter of 50 cm (20-3/4 in.) are two coils, one on each side, wound in a mirror image, the front one counter-clockwise and the other clockwise, almost on top of each other. Both are connected through the hole in the center which has a diameter of 10 mm (6/8 in.). The space between each winding is 15 mm (5/8 in.). Aluminum wire is best. To make the key rings, take a 4 mm (3/16 in.) thick wire, fasten it into an electric drill and wind the armature wire around it tightly, by allowing the rotating wire in the drill to do the spinning. Make sure to wind the links for the front counter-clockwise and for the back clockwise. Then separate every fourth winding and cut it to get the links shaped like key rings. Now attach the rings onto one another like a chain. Each link will lengthen the antenna and work like an oscillator. Fasten the chain onto the board, using nails or screws, but to be accurate, give the chain a light tension so it will not slip off. Twist the ends in the hole together, or better, solder them. The counter-clockwise winding for the front applies to people living in the northern hemisphere; in the southern hemisphere it might need to be reversed.

In Korschelt’s time, some made “beam-handbags” carried on a shoulder strap. The material had to be framed to it could not move, then the spiral was embroidered and fasted to the inside of the bag, the whole bag measuring about 20 x 20 cm (8 x 8 in.) and the windings being 1 cm (3/8 in.) apart. Such bags were more powerful than the disc.


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Legacy of Contact: 70 years on the Borderland of Science

Explore in this set of historical documents the Flying Saucer research of Meade Layne and Riley Crabb.


Eight Flying Saucer Lectures for $49.95

“Flying Saucers and the New Consciousness” (1958, 1973)


Ralph “Rolf Telano” Holland made such an attempt in 1952, after he had received and transmitted to Meade Layne the material on the etheric Viknors. He sat in a darkened room at his typewriter, writing out his questions, and the replies, as they were telepathically received. Being thoroughly familiar with the Richard Shaver Cavern world material he tried for a Cavern world contact.

“Can you tell me anything about the flying disks and other strange objects in the sky?”

“Yes, if it is lawful to tell, and you have the ability to understand.”

“Meade Layne says that they are Etherians. Some say that they come from other planets. Others that they are from our own earth. Which one is right?”

“All of them are right. There are different objects which people are able to see at times. They come from different places, other planets, other planes, and other places on this planet, or co existent with it.”

“Then there are Etherians?”


“Are they human beings?”

“Is steam water? Is a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen water?

“Not exactly”

“Yet, they can be produced from water, and converted into water.”

“I see”

“I doubt it.”

“Can you communicate with these Etherians at will?”

“Yes, if we have any reason for doing so. We do not waste our time or anyone else’s communication merely for amusement, or to satisfy idle curiosity.

“How is this accomplished?”

“Exactly the same as I am now communicating with you. The principle involved is very simple. It is merely a matter of converting or translating vibrational frequencies to establish rapport between two intelligences. It is not necessary that these intelligences be embodied in corporeal flesh. On the contrary, this is often a hindrance. You must understand that the real being of any intelligence is not what you see. This real being clothes itself with corporeal flesh which vary, just as the corporeal body, in turn, clothes itself with material things.”

“Flying Saucers and the Coming Space Probes” (1958)


“One thing I can prophesy for certain is that as scientists continue experimenting with matter in its fourth state, and go on to matter in its fifth state — or the third etheric level as I’ve shown on the chart on the preceding page pp they will find their experiments being affected by their own thoughts, by their own emotions! That is what lies ahead for the earnest researcher, when he discovers that his experiments are being affected by his own thoughts and feelings, and by the thoughts and feelings of his fellow workers in the laboratory, he will no longer be a scientist, he will be a magician! That is where the search for pure energy leads, to the discovery that mind controls matter.

“It was this understanding which led Sir James Jeans to write: “We discover that the universe shows evidence of a designing or controlling power that has something in common with our own individual minds … ”

And another earnest researcher, Sir Arthur Eddington ”Modern physics has eliminated the notion of substance … Mind is the first and most direct thing in our experience … I regard matter as derivative from Consciousness … the old atheism is gone …”

“Here is an apt observation from another scientist, J.B.S. Haldane: “The only real world is the Spiritual world … The truth is that not Matter, not Force, not any physical thing, but Mind, personality, is the central fact of the Universe … ”


I can see some of you, who find these metaphysical ideas utterly distasteful, turning back to points 3 and 4 of the BSRA brochure of Jan.1 1956, where the Yada and other members of the Inner Circle are quoted as saying: No Earthian can make an interplanetary flight while in his normal body unless that body is reconditioned prior to entering the aeroform”, and this reconditioning “would consist of time-measured dosages of high frequencies produced by small electronic devices.”

When I first read this three years ago it occurred to me that from the technical point of view meditation would also produce “time-measured frequencies” from the Individuality to the personality.

Obviously, some Mystery school teachings, such as those of the Chaldean-Egyptian Kabala and of Raja Yoga, have very elaborate techniques for conditioning the personality for space travel. Naturally, the material-minded Westerner world prefers to use an electronic gadget to produce the same results. I’m sure the space medicine research of the U.S. Air force is headed in that direction now. It could come about through the endless testing of Air Force personnel for space travel qualifications. Once the physical pattern is established then research would be directed toward developing electronic devices, and finding drugs, which would help condition the would-be traveler for his trip.

“Flying Saucers and America’s Destiny”



This is confirmed by the contactees. Many of them claim to have received messages from the Space Visitors, indication some of the UFO’s are here to observe and to take technical data on the physical changes and others here on the planet–as we learned earlier from the Yada di Shi’ite. An interesting chart of the cosmic system and out present place in its was received by George Van Tassel, of Giant Rock, California. He published it in his “Proceedings” of the College of Universal Wisdom for February 1955.

The “Vela Sector System” which Van Tassel received from his instructors seems to indicate that space is marked off into very definite zones or sectors, each appropriately named, each with its governor or overlord along with his retinue of minor officials or gods. When a planet such as ours, with its cargo of trouble, enters into their zone of influence and responsibility, it is understandable that they will look us over with some misgivings. But, dedicated to the Service of Light, they take us on for the next cycle, laying out a plan of action best suited to carry out the archetypal ideal of evolution held in the Mind of the Creator.

Van Tassel’s teachers speak of these different regions I terms of density, “the levels through which creation progresses.”

“The Third Density,” George writes, “where (trouble) could exist in the triangle of confusion, is all but finished. Humans on earth are going to have to conform to the requirements of the Fourth Density, or take the grade over again. The requirement to pass — is to live the Golden Rule. Not to profess it, or to expect others to live it, but to live it individually. You are the only one responsible for yourself.”

Each Density is a vortex of space matter or energy, call it Etheric. The even numbered vortexes are of positive polarity. The uneven are of negative polarity — the Inbreathings and Outbreathings of Brahm? Each density is composed of many galaxies, nebula, and solar systems.

“The solar system that we are in.” writes Van Tassel, “it’s now in the arc between the Third and Fourth Densities. For the planet earth and this solar system — this is the time of times. The earth is culminating a minor cycle, a major cycle and a master cycle all at the same time. This will bring about a rebalancing of the planet on new poles. When this occurs, sometime between the years 1958 and 1980, the great earthquake of Revelations, in the Bible, will take place.”

“Flying Saucers on the Moon: the Sixth Lecture in a Series” (1960)


Such a violent change — as space travel — in life’s basic values means violent changes in the personality. If the Astronauts practice self-hypnosis and use it to adjust themselves to space, they will become Yogins. When John Glenn and Scott Carpenter were here in San Diego recently, they said the space race would bring knowledge and progress undreamed of at the present time. I wonder if either is really aware at this time in mid-1962 of how radical a departure he has made from normal life? I doubt it.

What will be the state of mind of these gentlemen when they find themselves consciously out of their bodies? That is the $64 question. Let us suppose there is a successful take off from Cape Canaveral. The rocket lifts up and over into orbital flight. The third stage parts successfully and the Astronaut is on his way. Everything is go. He puts the spacecraft on automatic pilot, suggests himself into a trance and becomes rigid.

There is a snap and suddenly he is aware of his own body in its pressure suit there in the contour chair. Wow, what a new thrill! Boy would he like to share this experience with someone, his wife, back in their motel at Coco Beach. Just as suddenly he is standing beside her. He reaches out to embrace her and goes right through her! Kind of disconcerting to be without a body, isn’t it?

We can laugh about this: but this is just what is going to happen; and when it does the space scientist is going to have to admit to the reality of this invisible, Etheric realm around us, interpenetrating ours, and yet distinctly separate. This is one aspect of the revolution in consciousness being forced on us by the space age.


This is the Moon Initiation toward which mankind is headed and America is leading the way. This is the 32nd Path on the Tree of Life of the Western Mystery Tradition. Actually this is the first Path which lies ahead of anyone who signs up for a course of instruction from a Mystery School and prepared for initiation. This Path takes one from Malkuth to Yesod on the Tree of Life. Malkuth is the earth; Yesod is the moon. Formerly this path was taken only by individuals. Now the space race is taking mankind on this Path! The whole earth is going through this initiation. That is the significance of what is happening today.

“Flying Saucers Uncensored” (1965)


Gray Barker received a tip from California, and published it in his “Saucerian” magazine, that scientists and heads of certain industries here on the coast has been invited under rigid security to the Hotel Statler in New York for a secret meeting, the code name for which was “Aircraft Engine Power”. “But they weren’t there to discuss anything so common as jet planes. It involved a fantastic new source of power, utilizing neutronic energy in a highly advanced nature, which could be expelled from the aircraft to give it a rocket like thrust. It was hinted the secret had been learned from taking apart an interplanetary Saucer.”


Human: But there must be some among us worthy of contact?

Entity: What leads you to believe such contacts have not been made?

Human: I — uh — I just couldn’t believe it —those that I had read. Could you tell us how they go? They don’t seem to have engines like our planes or our rockets.

Entity: Your engineers would not recognize it if they saw it. It is out of the range of their thinking at present. The Disks are powered with pure energy flows which permeate all space and all planets. You know something about the results of these flows — electricity, light, heat, gravitation, and so on — but you know nothing about the source of these, the primary flows of energy in their pure form. I cannot explain it to you.

Human: Why not?

Entity: Could you explain algebra or calculus to a three year old?

Yet this is what BSRA has been trying to do since Meade Layne founded in in 1946 in San Diego


Flying Saucers emerge onto our plane of perception from a different space-frame. This is done by a conversion of energy — as was suggested by the Cavern Dweller in the above conversation. Or let us say that the UFO moves into our perception by a change of vibration, as was demonstrated to the scientists at Muroc in 1954.

There is a spectrum of tangibility, just as there is a spectrum of sound and light. At its normal rate of vibration Etheric matter passes easily through earth or physical matter, and is much more controlled by thought. The great adjustment we and our scientists have to make in our understanding is that any mental form can be brought into physical existence. This is done by mental action and controlled by mental action. In their own world, Etheric objects are as real as earth objects.



“The distinguishing characteristic of all elementary particles of matter is their localized persistence of individuality, ad this is also the distinguishing characteristic of vortex motion. Wave motion is not localized like the elementary particles of matter, nor does it have individuality within the full meaning of that term … if a vortex ring is distorted from the circular into the elliptical form, it will spontaneously revert into the original circular form. The vortex ring therefore does have persistence of individuality and memory of its original form. The resiliency of a vortex ring does not depend on the nature of its material u is an inherent characteristic of the form of the motion itself.”

“Another effect of such viscidity is to cause adjacent vortex rings to exert a coordinating effect upon each other so as to bring them into axial alignment and rolling contact whenever possible, which Kelvin’s nineteenth century vortex rings in a non-viscid ether would not do. If we assume that face-to-face rolling contact is a necessary and sufficient condition for structural stability, then with two vortex rings it will be possible to produce two different stable structures as shown in Fig. 2, with the adjacent sides of the two rings moving either inwardly or outwardly, but not in opposite directions. This immediately suggests a much-needed structural basis for protons and electron and for the electric fields associated therewith.”

“So our Ether must be turbulent, rhythmical, dynamic and not quiet or static. Somebody is doing something to matter and the medium through which it is doe is the all-pervading ethers, “a sea of energy in which the earth floats”, and in which each atom floats!”

“Flying Saucers at Edwards Air Force Base, 1954”

PERSONAL BULLETIN No. 4 April 16, 1954

Dear Associates,

The following news is authentic. It is a personal first hand report from one of our best-known Associates — whose name will be given within a few days. This Associate has spent two days at the Edwards Air Force Base.

At this Base five types of aeroform are under top-level inspection, with the permission and help of the Etherians. The process of Mat and Demat have been demonstrated. There is consternation, confusion, and collapse among scientist, technicians, and governmental authorities.

Your BSR Director has had an interview of about an hour with Controls Ramon Natalli and the Yada di Shi’ite, relative to the news here summarized.

In this connection we point out (since it’s all in the family, so to speak, and no axe to grind) that all basic information concerning the areoforms give to us by the MP Controls in 1946, has been and is now being verified — their own origin and purpose, their etheric nature, their operation by etheric or space people, much of the super-physics involved and which now is so devastating to the text book science of the experts assembled at the EF Base. The tide had been turning in our favor for some time — and it now reaches its flood stage in a great historical event. Quite seriously, the destiny of our race and planet hangs in delicate balance — but the issue is in our own hands and Mankind can and will win through into a better world

M. Layne

“Flying Saucers & Harmony with Nature”


“Now a word about the Bad Guys, the Men in Black, who are most appropriately called the Lunar Mafia because that appears to be their home base — as well as the interior of the Earth. We are told their major exit and entry point in at the South Pole, in Flying Saucers which can travel as fast as 3,000 miles per hour, we are told. They have a way of appearing to contactees and scaring the hell out of them, or anyone who has a fragment of a Flying Saucer or a good picture of one.


“The consensus among the hundreds of persons who viewed the object, including those who saw it actually crash, was that ‘the artifact was intelligently commanded towards the base of El Taire’. The observers believed the accident was not casual but intentional … An interesting sidelight to the explosion is that long with the silvery projective a second body, noticeably smaller, closely followed the cylinder. After the crash, the smaller partner was seen to fly away from the scene!”

“Evidence of patrol activity by someone obviously. I say the Guardians of our planet. An Invader from outer space, perhaps from outside the Solar System, hunted down and forced to self-destruct against a remote mountainside. This aspect of the Flying Saucer phenomenon has always been ignored or covered over by Air Force propagandists — such as J. Allen Hynek: but this was one of the major points put forward to the Secretary General of the United Nations in the 1960’s, U Thant, by Colman Von Kevivzky: there are both Good Guys and Bad Guys I outer space, and the Bad Guys represent a threat to our civilization.”

The Cosmic Engineer

The Cosmic Pulse of Life was inspired directly by the idea that “the development of spiritual selfhood is essential if humans are to understand what is really behind UFO’s – the whole fabric of new scientific principles embodied in their technology.” Trevor J. Constable embraces Rudolf Steiner’s fundamental teaching that the ordinary human senses can be evolved, can be trained to perceive the levels of reality that he termed the Etheric.

Trevor is a practical Etheric Engineer who appeals to practical thinking people. We have a whole host of problems that we wrestle with and to this end the etheric is not just an idle curiosity. Trevor states, “The choice for man is not between finding a new way or hanging on to the old, but one of how to the way in full health and clarity of mind.”

Tactical information readily presented itself to Trevor J. Constable as he gathered evidence and a startling strategy of an invisible enemy was exposed as well:

“The most important new aspect to the development of radar-from the point of view of understanding UFOs- was that this radar energy pulsed, chopped into hundreds of short bursts each second. […] sudden widespread pulsed-wave activity that commenced with wartime radar did not take place in a vacuum, but in the ether.”

His findings were shunned by both universities and the Ufology community alike. It was clear that as he said, “Human beings seeking to find a healthy pathway to the spirit, and determined to undertake the methodical, systematic steps on that pathway are anathema to the Ahrimanic powers.”

Something alien was engineering the earth of an etheric level… something sinister that Cosmic Pulse describes in the following way:

“Inner space, and not outer space, in the invasion route chosen by the Ahrimanic powers.”

“The Ahrimanic powers aim at the enslavement of mankind and make evolution wholly Ahrimanic. That is their nature, and their function in the cosmic scheme of things. Man’s future will not be salvaged for him gaggles of golden-haired spacemen disgorging from space ships in rescue squads. Man will win or lose the battle for earth himself, for he is at once the goal of the battle and the battleground.”

The Cosmic Pulse of Life embraces Rudolf Steiner’s fundamental teaching that the ordinary human senses can be evolved, can be trained to perceive the levels of reality that he termed the Etheric. Steiner developed Goethe’s conception of the etheric earth breathing process. The major etheric force involved in the breathing of the earth as a living organism is the chemical ether.

Borderland Sciences Research Foundation was doing research on Ether Physics since the late 1940’s and provided a physical model for perceiving the invisible etheric realms. Carl F. Krafft has many volumes available on his distinctly geometric models of the atomic structure of the etheric realm: “Physicists like the late Carl F. Krafft, who saw the ether dynamically have been denied recognition.”

“Science proceeding in this way must open higher consciousness in the long run, complete with new modes of mentation. If not interfered with politically of psychically, or both, true scientific inquiry will ultimately break the Ahrimanic lock on scientific cognition. There is therefore impedance everywhere in science in areas where evidence of the ethers bursts through or is likely to do so.”

This is as true today as it was in 1975 when Cosmic Pulse of Life was first published. By the middle of the decade following the millennium the word “ether” was as little understood as it was in the 1940’s Etheric Physics, Rudolf Steiner’s Four Ethers, or even Ruth Drown or Wilhelm Reich. For us today who are building a new world and engineering the etheric it is helpful to see what exactly the obstacles might be. “Human beings must at all costs — in the eyes of the Ahrimanic powers — be prevented from re-establishing the lawful connections between themselves and the cosmos of which they are both part and product.”

It has been the advance in gadgetry that has really triumphed for the etheric engineer. From the black boxes of Radionics to Reich’s Cloud-Busters the hands on physical technology has driven the direct experience of the etheric realms.

“The instruments fashioned by his own cleverness had led him to an impasse from which only a new mode of thinking would provide release.”

“The stratagem of pigeonholing such unwelcome, unwanted and mechanistically incomprehensible evidence, has failed.”

“Devices, knowledge and thought leading to the spirit are subject to constant opposition. Ruth Drown is legally murdered. Wilhelm Reich dies in prison. Rudolf Steiner’s books strangely disappear from public libraries. U.S. Government officials cannot find any money for UFO investigation, or to investigate the energy of life, but they have at least $300 billion available for destructive devices and applications, every year. The medical profession pours millions of tons of chemicals into the national bloodstream so that half the population is almost perpetually deadened or spiritually unintegrated.”

There is no other choice than to seize control of ourselves and create a community of individuals who have forged in the ether a fundamental shift in consciousness towards the higher.

“In this battle, we are called to redeem the earth through the creation of a new humanity-a humanity that will arise only if we can restrain ourselves from shaping the new children to the patterns of the past.”

“The choice for man is not between finding a new way or hanging on to the old, but one of how to the way in full health and clarity of mind.”

“Man requires for the period of human development now opening a mode of mentation that will permit his thinking to follow, with ease and in total harmony with his cosmic origin. Transitions of substance from one level of tangibility to another.”

There is resistance to these ideas and to the formation of this community because our fellow man is not even equipped to deal psychologically with the intensity of the emergent energy. Those of us who have been able to harness this force are called on to move the entire human race forward with practical etheric engineering. Understanding the human body’s physical reactions to Orgone Energy is essential to etheric engineering because it this energy has powerful reactions that must be directed properly.

“Mankind in the mass, and the overwhelming majority of individuals, cannot at the present time tolerate the orgasmic movement of biological energy.”

“UFOs as a cosmic manifestation are already cracking up armor, and with it the mass neurosis and all its retardative social manifestations.”

“Man must therefore face himself before he can face intelligently the cosmic beings upon whose dimensions he has begun to impinge technically with ever-increasing intensity.”

“Man’s armoring against life, and against the movement of his own life energy, is responsible for the process of evasion that has characterized official science in its attitudes to UFOs.”

Confronted with Irrationalism on all sides it is a functional approach to the UFO mystery at the core of Trevor Constable’s research and his direct experience with the dynamic tensions of the etheric that have enabled him to share with us means of exploring this frontier whether in photographing the life-forms of the chemical ether or grasping the etheric to create millions of gallons of rain to pour from the atmosphere at will.

“To Wilhelm Reich we owe the elucidation of all this irrationalism. Understanding his discovery of the orgone energy brings automatic understanding that one may follow UFOs only functionally, that is, in accordance with living processes and their continual dynamic transitions.”

“Functional thinking and functional methodology are required before we can begin to understand UFOs”

“Common sense suggests a possible beginning in offbeat, borderland areas of investigation and though where human beings of a novel bent have always labored outside and usually beyond official science. The mavericks of this borderland include many qualified scientists who explore the field avocationally. These scientists tackle phenomena that do not square with mechanistic concepts and methods, or which seemingly spill over into the methodologically forbidden realm…”

The Cosmic Pulse of Life: The Revolutionary Biological Power behind UFOs

The Cosmic Pulse of Life

Awesome scientific discoveries that have been suppressed, an advanced technology for the future: radionics, etheric forces, orgone energy, and the history of spiritual science. Etheric Forces…. Cosmic Energies which regulate and shape life on earth. Discover how to tap into this universal stream. Orgone Energy…. A mass-free, all pervading energy, one aspect of the Etheric Forces. Free energy awaiting humanity’s enlightened advancements. Cosmic Electronics…. Simple geometric arrangements of materials which can detect and distribute living energies anywhere in the universe — without any physical connection!! Living UFOs…. Plasmatic inhabitants of our atmosphere… hidden from ordinary view but visible to anyone using the simple photographic techniques described in this book! A real cult classic. Includes 40 pages of illustrations!

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Paperback: 473 pp
Language: English
Product Code: B0095

Price: $16.95

Tesla & the True Wireless

B0082, Theory of Wireless Power

The following is an excerpt from “Theory of Wireless Power” by Eric Dollard, a paper containing many essential formulae and supporting data necessary to understand the Transmission of Electrical Energy Without Wires. It discusses and diagrams the Marconi Wireless station based at Bolinas, California, circa 1919. Unlike many erroneous modern theories of how Tesla achieved his goal, this paper is based on real work with a Tesla Magnifying Transmitter. Illustrated with charts & diagrams. Stapled, 69pp. $14.95 + shipping.

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