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A Bipolar Theory of Living Processes

by George W. Crile

American surgeon and physician, Dr. George Washington Crile (November 11, 1864 – January 7, 1943) is recognized as the first to have succeeded in a direct blood transfusion and as developer of balanced anaesthesia, a technique to prevent shock during surgery. In his later writings, he proposed that the autonomic nervous system and the endocrine glands are regulators of energy within the body, and that many diseases are caused by an excess or imbalance of physical energy. In this text, he asks: What are the underlying causes of chronic fatigue, exhaustion and death? His conclusions, based on studies begun in 1889, are found in these pages, the initiation of his deep study into the nature of life itself.

Spiral: 420 pp
Language: English
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Price: $44.95

The Phenomena of Life – A Radio-Electric Interpretation

by George W. Crile

Follow the author’s exploration into the phenomena we call LIFE… With impeccable logic he shows how oxidation produces radiant energy. Radiant energy generates electric currents in protoplasm. The normal and pathological phenomena of life are manifestations of protoplasm. Therefore, the phenomena of life must be due to radiant and electrical energy.

Language: English
Product Code: B0062

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Use of Colloids in Health and Disease

by Alfred B. Searle

This classic work from 1919 covers everything from the nature and properties of colloids to their wide-spread uses in industry and medicine. Searle discusses the actions of various colloids in hygiene, against micro-organisms and disease, as germicides, and disinfectants. Additionally, he looks at the body’s capacity to digest colloids and the occurrence of poisoning. Preparations of colloids and typical colloidal remedies and their uses are investigated.

Stapled: 103 pp
Language: English
Product Code: B0397

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Koch Treatment for Cancer & Allied Allergies

by William Koch

Dr. William Koch’s celebrated treatment for cancer focused on blood purifying remedies. It was used with great success by other doctors, who outline the full Koch Treatment here in this compilation. Read also about the bio-electrical and electromagnetic approach to health, especially relevant in the field today!

Stapled: 68 pp
Language: English
Product Code: B0051

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