A History of Dowsing and Energy Relationships by Erwin E. Stark

Erwin E. Stark writing in Hollywood in the late 1970’s gives us one of the best modern books on dowsing and energy relationships. It is a quick moving but incredibly informative text book that is less than 50 pages. This text is a great companion to the older historical research on radiesthesia.


Rational versus Nonrational: That’s were the Conflict Is
What’s in a Name?
Historical Roots
Dowsing in Recent Times
There is Nothing like a Little Proof to Upset Theory
Dowsing– And How it Works
Energy: Good and Bad
Dowsing: Why Almost Anyone Can Do It
Energy and Healing
The Forces That Surround Us
The Elf Effect
Nodes and Noxious Energies
Deflecting Noxious Energy Fields
Positive and Negative Fields
Appendix: Energy-A Universal Phenomenon
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“This book is an effort to banish forever human superstitions and “oooh-aaah.” I mean the typical reaction of most people when they are introduced to natural forces that are unknown to them. They marvel, “Oooh!” Isn’t that wonderful!” and “Aaah! A miracle!” and, in their emotional awe, they become overwhelmed, when an objective study of these natural forces would be more instructive and fruitful – and would make clear that are not “miracles.” Anything but.”

“My desire is to see every child on earth able to  dowse so as to be abv to say to the unseeing and unaware, “You are lying to me!” Do you know know what would be the result for all humanity? We would no longer accept and believe – blindly. We would no longer lie to one another – nor to ourselves. Some of the dreams of idealists throughout the ages would at last be realized in our time. “

-Erwin E. Stark. From the Preface, Hollywood California, 1978.

The ELF Effect

The latest and most significant weapon developed by the Russians is a mind-control machine that uses ELFs – not little men in green hats, but extremely low frequency (ELF) waves – for the purpose of bionic warfare through field inductions. 

Another significant discovery is that of L. George Lawrence of Ecola Institute, who actually received biological signals which originated beyond our planet, in space. On October 29, 1971 with electronic devices he was using to conduct an experiment in California’s Mohave Desert, he accidentally picked up signals having been transmitted from the direction of Ursa Major in outer space, indicating the existence of some form of life there.

Electrical fields are detectable in and around all living organisms, and they are related to the physical, emotional, and mental processes. At the Fifth International Congress of Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine, conducted in Mainz, Germany, in 1972, Dr. Ravitz reported that electrical fields control human growth, death, as well as the maintenance and repair of the human body. 

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